Job Openings – Hooks Job Corps

The Dr. Benjamin L. Hooks Job Corps Center is currently accepting applications for the following positions: Phlebotomy/EKG Technician Instructor and Security Officer. Interested applicants should apply no later than  March 11, 2015 in the Human Resources Office or your local MINACT, INC. facility Human Resources Department. Further information regarding qualifications, job description, salary, etc. is available in the Human Resources Office.  Be advised your application will not be considered if you fail to meet the required deadline.

This vacancy announcement is being advertised concurrently to all MINACT, INC. facilities as well as the TN Department of Labor and Workforce Development/Career Centers. You may apply at or Only applicants who meet the minimum qualifications will be considered for interviews.   No qualified applicant will be discriminated against due to race, color, sex, age, national origin, creed, religion, veteran status, disability, or a handicapping condition.  MINACT, INC. reserves the right to limit the interview pool based on review of requirements and number of applications submitted. Internal employees may email the letter of interest and updated resume to the attention of Sonya S. Walton, HR Manager at

An Equal Opportunity Employer


MINACT is a federal contractor and desires priority referrals of protected veterans.


Position Posting Date: March 4, 2015

Position Closing Date:  March 11, 2015


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Aldi Hiring Event

Mon. Mar. 9th, 9am-5pm
Memphis Agricenter, 7777 Walnut Grove, Memphis, TN 38120



Our Memphis area


*Manager Trainee


with an opportunity to earn $75,000-$85,000/yr. as a Store Manager
*$22/hr. (average 40 hrs/wk.)

*Store Associates

$10.85/hourShift Managers


$10.85/hr base + $4.00/hr when peforming management duties

» Higher Wages
» Major medical, vision and dental insurance
» Generous vacation time
» Paid holidays
» 401 (k)

» High school diploma/GED
» Must be available to work anytime 6a-11p
» Retail experience preferred
» Drug screening/background check




7:00 AM – 9:00 AM

7520 Winchester Road

Memphis , 38125

Tennessee , USA


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5 Little-Known Secrets About Job Searching

By Alison GreenMarch 2, 2015, 

You might think you’re an experienced job seeker who understands how hiring processes work. But behind the scenes, hiring often works differently than job seekers assume it does. Here are five hiring secrets you probably don’t know that can give you an advantage over your competition.

1. Application deadlines often don’t mean anything. Job seekers often take application deadlines as gospel, but they’re frequently interpreting them incorrectly. Many job posting sites require employers to list a deadline when submitting a job opening. That means employers are forced to pick a date even if it doesn’t reflect how they’re actually managing the search.

So candidates might see a deadline listed and figure they have until then to submit an application, when in reality, the employer might be interviewing candidates on a rolling basis and make a hire before that deadline has rolled around. Or perhaps the employer hasn’t yet made a hire, but it might be far along in the process with other candidates and using much stricter criteria to add anyone else to the mix.

2. You can fudge your answers to some of those automated application requirements.The people who set up online application systems sometimes don’t think about the requirements they program into them, and how they’ll kick out people whose applications they might actually like to see. For example, you might encounter an application system that asks if you have a bachelor’s degree in economics and gives you the option to answer “yes” or “no.” Let’s say you don’t have a bachelor’s in economics, but you do have a master’s in economics. If you answer the system’s question honestly, you might be automatically rejected, even though your master’s should get you through this screening requirement. (And if you were being screened by a human, it almost certainly would.)

Rather than answering every question literally, thereby getting yourself automatically rejected, it’s often smarter to answer the questions in the spirit in which they seem intended. It’s OK to answer in the way you think best gets your qualifications across. Then just make sure that you include clear, concise explanations of anything necessary in the notes section and make sure that your résumé is accurate.

3. Employers call references who aren’t on your official reference list. Employers know the names on your reference list were likely selected because they’re the people most likely to say glowing things about you. Because of that, smart employers won’t stick to the list you provide; they’ll ask to be put in touch with additional managers from your past or just contact them on their own. And employers don’t need your permission to call people who aren’t on your reference list, so you might not know they’re doing this. And speaking of references …

4. Policies about not providing references are frequently broken. Some employers have policies of not giving references beyond confirming your dates of employment and your title. That might lead you to think you don’t need to worry about that manager who hated you giving you a bad reference, or to worry that the boss who loved you won’t be able to tell anyone that.

In reality, however, these corporate policies are broken all the time. Human resources offices are generally sticklers about adhering to the rules themselves, but individual managers are often willing to give detailed references no matter what their company policy is. That’s especially true when a manager thinks you’re a great worker and wants to help you get your next job.

5. No one will be outraged if you apply for a job you’re not perfectly qualified for.Conscientious job seekers often worry about whether they have precisely the right qualifications to apply for a particular opening, but they might be worrying about this too much. If you have most, but not all, of the qualifications an employer is looking for, it’s often worth applying anyway. Many times, job qualifications are more like wish lists, and the employer will end up hiring someone who doesn’t perfectly match the job posting.

If you’re worried you’re wasting the employers’ time or that they’ll roll their eyes at your application, know that loads of unqualified people apply for most openings. There are almost certainly people in the candidate pool for the job you’re considering who are less qualified than you are!

Besides, the worst that can happen is that they’ll reject you. But you might end up with an interview.

Article found at

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Transit Planner – MATA

Job Title:                    Transit Planner

Salary Range:            $40,000 to $50,000 

Closing Date for Accepting Applications:      Date: March 17, 2015

                                                                               Time: 4:00 p.m.  


JOB FUNCTION:      Performs a variety of transit planning duties at varying levels of responsibility and complexity. The positions are all responsible for performing technical, professional and analytical work as well as day-to-day activities related to transit service planning and scheduling including using a scheduling software system such as Trapeze, developing  plans for bus routes, conducting community outreach, database upkeep, and grant writing and reporting.


  1. Assists with development of MATA’s transit planning initiatives for immediate, short-range planning of bus and rail service as well as corridor and transit system planning for future system expansion.
  2. Assists in the monitoring and analysis of operations data and prepares performance-related reports (e.g., schedule adherence, ridership patterns, proper transfer connections, overloading) using software such as Trapeze FX, Trapeze Blockbuster, & Ridecheck Plus.
  3. Assists with maintaining planning data and applications using software such as TransCAD, ESRI ArcView 9, and other GIS-related information.
  4. Assists with performing mapping and scheduling updates.
  5. Assists Scheduling Department with preparing analyses of new service requests, route schedule changes, run-cuts, sign-ups, and maintenance of timetable database using Trapeze software applications.
  6. Conducts statistical analysis of ridership, performance measures, and geographic data to assess performance and/or productivity of MATA’s transit services.
  7. Assists in the coordination of MATA’s planning activities with the Memphis Metropolitan Planning Organization and other state and federal agencies. Specific functions include, assisting with the development of the Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP), Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) and Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP).


  1. Assists with preparation of public timetables and maps and other informational materials.
  2. Assists with oversight and preparation of procurement documents for third party contracts.
  3. Assists other departments with coordination and administration functions as time permits.
  4. Assumes additional responsibilities as required.


 Education:    Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience in transit planning or related field, and 1 year of professional experience. In addition to the skills listed above, familiarity with bus stop design principles, understanding of scheduling and run cutting, and database management is desired. Additional qualifications that would be beneficial, but not required, include experience in grant reporting, data analysis, data visualization, report writing and developing route plans as well as knowledge of project management and/or management principles.


Other:    Experience and/or interest in transportation planning, scheduling and/or public  administration.  Knowledge of computer software applications for public transportation such as ESRI ArcGIS, or experience in ESRI ArcGIS Desktop, and GIS Workflows or Analysis is preferred.  Preferred knowledge or experience with TransCAD travel demand modeling software or database management using relational databases or Crystal Reports. Knowledge of applicable federal policies, laws and regulations.  Preferred proficiency in computer software applications such as Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access).  Must possess strong organizational, analytical, and communication skills. Requires ability to handle numerous tasks.  Must have a valid driver’s license.

Environment:               Extensive sitting, standing and walking are required in the course of a normal work day.  May be required to lift or push 40 lbs.  Requires ability to hear telephone and directions given; visually perform essential functions for satisfactory job performance.  Ability to view computer screen.  Requires flexibility of fingers for keyboard use.



American Way Transit Center                William Hudson Transit Center

3921 American Way                                                    444 North Main at Auction


MATA’S website is

The above description is intended to describe the general content, identify the essential functions, and set forth the requirements for the performance of this job.  It is not to be construed as an exhaustive statement of duties, responsibilities or requirements.



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Veterans and Disability Job Fair


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by | March 3, 2015 · 10:17 AM

Office Manager – Memphis Center for Independent Living

mcil memphis center for independent livingMemphis Center For Independent Living

1633 Madison Avenue Memphis, TN  38104 (901)726-6404 (901)726-6521[fax]

Salary Range:  $25,000 (Min.) 30,000(Mid.) 40,000(Max) as funding supports

Job Title: OFFICE MANAGER=Bookkeeping, Human Resources, Building oversight

This position reports directly to the Assistant Director.

Job Description Summary:

The Office Manager provides supervision to clerical staff, acts as Bookkeeper and Human Resource officer. The Office Manager assists the Directors with office building upkeep and vendor negotiation for maintenance. Additionally this position acts as Human resources management for employment records, benefits and all records security and policy updates. In the bookkeeping portion of position this individual is responsible for the security, maintenance and provision of all financial practices of MCIL including; payroll, accounts payable and receivables.

Job Duties:

            Bookkeeping             60 points

  • With the use of QuickBooks and appropriate MCIL budget, maintains, executes, and documents all MCIL financial transactions including but not limited to; bills, deposits, petty cash, payrolls
  • Using appropriate procedures and accounting guidelines, maintains deposits and Federal drawdowns.
  • Reconciles all banking accounts and credit cards monthly and with accountant prepare financial reports for MCIL Board and Assistant Director.
  • Prepares necessary documentation for reimbursable funds as required under grant contracts
  • Assists with the preparation and completion of annual fiscal audit, working with the Assistant Director, auditor and accountant
  • Calculate and prepare checks or direct deposit of MCIL semi-monthly payroll, bi-weekly PAS payroll and payment of corresponding liabilities: taxes, insurances, etc.

Human Resources      25 points

  • Maintains, updates and reports on needed changes in any of the employee benefit packages.
  • Serves as the State Preparer for the staff medical benefits: Responsible for staff medical files, reports any change in premiums or coverage. Attends mandated benefit coordinator trainings, teleconferences, etc.
  • Responsible for collecting employee time sheets, absence reports and maintaining employee leave records. Works with staff to prevent any loss of annually accrued leave.
  • Prepares, updates and maintains all personnel files and records including but not limited to: I9, Ws, data sheets, emergency information, insurance, resume’, employment application, confidentiality statements
  • Submits and updates employee status with State of Tennessee
  • Prepares and submits all required payroll information for annual payroll audit, unemployment insurance needs as well as workers compensation

Other Office Management                       15 points

  • Works with Administrative team to; maintain minutes (Board meetings, Staff trainings, and committees), review and update policies, procedures, and their manuals or handbooks, job descriptions, evaluation process, training needs or budget changes.
  • Assists Directors in maintaining all appropriate business licenses, tax exempt status, operational insurance and general business needs ie; security team – mandates
  • Is responsible for the supervision of the clerical staff : keep front desk covered during all business hours
  • Assist in the management or oversight of office maintenance; building, supplies and equipment
  • Other duties as needed to support the mission of MCIL and assigned by Assistant Director and/or Executive Director.


H.S. diploma or GED plus a minimum of four years’ experience in a responsible bookkeeping or HR position.

Job Requirements:

Individual must be able to effectively manage office activities and have excellent PC skills. Must be knowledgeable of QuickBooks, Microsoft Word, Excel (spreadsheets), and database entry skills a plus. Must have a high degree of accuracy and be keyboard proficient, must be able to communicate well orally and in writing. Must be familiar with Human Resource laws and regulations

Special Requirements:

Good people skills necessary, knowledge of the Independent Living philosophy a plus.

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Account Resolution Specialists – Regional Adjustment Bureau

About the Company

As a nationally recognized leader in receivables management, Regional Adjustment Bureau, Inc. provides superior recovery solutions for major national credit grantors in all types of markets. Our Account Resolution Specialists maintain a high standard of professionalism, client and industry compliance, and customer service while utilizing the current leading edge technology to locate and effectively negotiate debt resolutions with consumers.  The tenure of our management staff epitomizes our commitment to continuously foster a career oriented environment.   Regional Adjustment Bureau, Inc. is dedicated to offering an excellent opportunity to launch your rewarding career.

Job Requirements

    • Excellent organizational and time management skills
    • Exceptional interpersonal written and oral communication proficiency
    • Minimum of 3 years experience in a relevant field (call center, sales, finance, collections)
    • Minimum of 2 years college  (degree preferred)
    •  Attention to details
    • High level of verbal reasoning and problem solving
    • Ability to work in a team oriented environment
    • Ability to be flexible
  • Bilingual communication a plus

Job Description

  • Properly handle inbound and outbound calls
  • Effectively  communicate with consumers the status of their delinquent accounts
  • Maintain accurate account documentation
  • Negotiate  optimum arrangements based on assessing  the consumers financial situation
  • Adhere to all applicable laws (FDCPA, State, Federal and Local)
  • Achieve assigned goals
  • Perform standard skip-tracing techniques to maximize consumer contact
  • Adhere to standard call benchmarks


  • Paid training
  • Competitive salary plus unlimited bonus
  • Advancement opportunities
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Employee Stock Ownership Plan
  • Flexible Spending Plan
  • 401K Savings Plan
  • Health, Dental and Vision


Interested candidates contact 901-382-0250 select option #4 and follow the instructions or submit resume to

Must pass a pre-employment drug screening and background check


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SIMOS Job Fair @ Goodwill Job Center 3-16-15

SIMOS Job Fair 3-16-15

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Veterans & Disability Job Fair 3-19-15

Veterans and Disability Job Fair 3-19-15

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Angelica Job Openings


Empleo Flyer – Memphis plant Spanish

Employment flyer- Memphis plant English

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HBCU College Fair – 3/5/15 5:30-8:00 – Oak Court Mall

HBCU College Fair Tour Mar 3-6HBCU College Fair Tour Mar 3-6 2

Read more about this event

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SRVS Career Fair – 3/2/15

Looking for Employment Opportunities in the Health Care Field?


Hiring Full-Time, Part-Time, and PRN Direct Support Professional Positions

Date:           Monday, March 2, 2015

Location:    SRVS, 3971 Knight Arnold Road, Memphis, TN  38118 (901-312-9914)

Time:           10:00a.m. – 2:00p.m.

SRVS will be conducting on the spot interviews for the position of Direct Support Professional.  We are looking for energetic applicants who can provide supports to people with disabilities. Applicants must have community connections and a caring and compassionate personality.  Applicants must be able to pass a criminal background, drug test, and have a valid TN, AR, or MS driver’s license with an endorsement to transport.

Transport endorsement information :  TN – F-Endorsement =    AR – P-Endorsement =  MS – D-Endorsement =

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Manpower Job Fair @ Goodwill Job Center — 3-6-15


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by | February 27, 2015 · 2:28 PM

Job Fair – Durham School Services 3/20/15

Durham Job Fair – March 20, 2015 Durham Job Fair - March 20, 2015_1

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Volunteer Consultant – Outreach Housing & Community, Inc.

Outreach Housing and Community

Job Description for Volunteer Consultant

for Community Foundation Grant 2015

Purpose: To advise OHC staff on recruiting, orienting, training and retaining volunteers so as to develop an effective volunteer program that strives to end homelessness.

Compensation: Depends upon level of expertise in volunteer services.

Reports to: Executive Director

Hours:  Determined by contract

Essential Functions:

Importance Major Action & Support Actions % of time
1 Work with and train OHC staff in successful methods of recruiting quality volunteers. 50%
2 Demonstrate to OHC staff how to successfully orient and train new volunteers, editing the current volunteer orientation manual while doing so. 25%
3 Review and revised as needed current system of documentation 10%
4 Put in place a replicable volunteer appreciation program and event 15%


Job Requirements

  • At least five years of relevant work experience in volunteer management or human resources.
  • Must be able to integrate into the agency, forming good working relationships with the clients and the staff.

 Preferred Skills:

  • Social Perceptiveness — Being aware of others’ reactions and understanding why they react as they do.
  • Speaking — Talking to others to convey information effectively
  • Writing — Communicating effectively in writing as appropriate for the needs of the audience.
  • Monitoring — Monitoring/Assessing performance of self, other individuals, or organizations to make improvements or take corrective action
  • Complex Problem Solving — Identifying complex problems and reviewing related information to develop and evaluate options and implement solutions Coordination — Adjusting actions in relation to others’ actions.
  • Critical Thinking — Using logic and reasoning to identify the strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions, conclusions or approaches to problems.
  • Training – Teaching staff to develop and implement curriculum which also allows volunteers to experience, identify, and analysis potential situations and tasks.
  • Support – Coaching staff in their inactions with volunteers.

Location of job is 135 N. Cleveland

The closing date is March 10, 2015

Please submit cover letter and resume to June Averyt at


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