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Graduate Certificate in Local Government Management

Announcing the new Local Government Management Graduate Certificate program from The University of Memphis’ Division of Public and Nonprofit Administration!

The Local Government Management Certificate Program is designed to help working professionals build their skills in public management and enhance their abilities to succeed as effective and ethical leaders in local government administration.


Source: The University of Memphis School of Urban Affairs & Public Policy – Division of Public & Nonprofit Administration



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Searching for a School?

Having trouble deciding where to apply to college?  UCAN is a site that can help!  Check out each school’s profile for an easy-to-understand overview.  Or, if you’re looking for a specific type of school, and you need help narrowing it all down, try the College Navigator.  It lets you search for schools that fit your specific needs!

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For the Psych Students…

The AllPsych website is a virtual psychology classroom.  Anyone interested in psychology will enjoy the site, but students in particular might like the online textbooks, practice tests, and career information that they provide. 

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This site is new to me, but it seems that InterviewUp is a place to pose, answer and search interview questions.  If you are preparing to interview for an advertising job, for example, type “advertising” in the search blank and see what questions others have answered.  Even if you don’t like the answer given, it might get your brain thinking in the right direction!

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How To Create a Killer Resume

Lots of sites offer information on resumes, but I like this one because it has a step-by-step guide to the process.  More specifically, it details exactly how to put together the best content, or details, to fill your resume and present yourself in the best possible manner.  Don’t forget to read the comments at the end of the post, because there are some good ideas mentioned there, too.

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5 Reasons to Turn Down a Job Offer

Are you feeling a little hesitant about a job offer?  Yahoo! Hot Jobs offers these reasons why you should turn down a job offer.

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Memphis Job Opportunity

The Incredible Pizza Company is looking for a few good people.  A few?  Try over 200!  They will be opening a new location at Germantown Parkway and Cordova Road next month and have the following positions available:  Pizza Cooks, Game Room Technicians, Cashiers & Greeters, Go-Kart Mechanics, Salad Prep Workers, Supervisors, Party Planners & Entertainers, Bakers and Janitors/Maintenance Workers.  For more information, visit their website.  Hiring should be completed by November 25th.

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Social Networking Sites for Career Advancement?

In June, BusinessWeek published this article about social networking sites and their potential for jobseekers and employers.  So, if you’re looking for a job or just want to make more professional connections, you might try joining sites like LinkedIn, Facebook or MySpace.

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Seasonal Employment

It seems that the end of the year Holiday decorations have been up since Labor Day.  This is to get you in the shopping spirit. You need money to shop right?  This is  a great time to get a part-time job.  Companies are hiring for seasonal positions now.  The companies range from retail to restaurants to distribution.  Check this link out for Tips on Finding Seasonal Employment

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Top 100 Terms Marketing Recruiters Search For

Want to get a job in the marketing sector? Here are the top 100 terms marketing recruiters search for when looking for candidates online.  Might be a great place to find words to use in your resume…

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