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They Never Write, They Never Call…

If you’re searching for a job and you’re having trouble dealing with the silence that can follow applications, emails or phone calls, you might want to read this blog post from the New York Times Shifting Careers blog.  The author, Michael Melcher, offers some suggestions for how to get through the lack of response in job searches.


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Community Foundation Scholarships

Every year, the Community Foundation of Greater Memphis manages the application process for 10 of the 44 scholarship funds they administer.   This year, Memphis area students can access the scholarship guide AND the application on the Community Foundation’s website

Deadline is April 1, 2009.

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Job Loss Help

Many people are facing the possibilty of cutbacks and layoffs.  If you’ve lost your job, or fear that your company might be getting ready to make some cuts, you might want to brush up on the assistance available should you need it.  Do you know about COBRA, HIPAA or SSI?  The AARP has an overview of all that and more.

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