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Insulators Apprentice Training Program

Insulators Apprentice Training Program

International Association of Heat and Frost Insulators and Allied Workers accepting applications for an

Insulators Apprenticeship Training Program

June 1-5, 2009


• Measure and cut insulation for covering surfaces, using tape measures, handsaws, knives, and scissors.

• Fit insulation around obstructions, and shape insulating materials and protective coverings as required.

• Determine the amounts and types of insulation needed, and methods of installation, based on factors such as location, surface shape, and equipment use.

• Install sheet metal around insulated pipes with screws in order to protect the insulation from weather conditions or physical damage.

• Apply, remove, and repair insulation on industrial equipment, pipes, ductwork, or other mechanical systems such as heat exchangers, tanks, and vessels, to help control noise and maintain temperatures.

• Select appropriate insulation such as fiberglass, Styrofoam, or cork, based on the heat retaining or excluding characteristics of the material.

• Read blueprints and specifications to determine job requirements.

• Cover, seal, or finish insulated surfaces or access holes with plastic covers, canvas strips, sealants, tape, cement or asphalt mastic.

• Prepare surfaces for insulation application by brushing or spreading on adhesives, cement, or asphalt, or by attaching metal pins to surfaces.

MUST HAVE (no exceptions)

1. Valid driver’s license 2. GED or high school diploma 3. Ability to pass drug tests 4. Must pass assessment test (math and reading)

Starts at $11.00 per hour.

Call (901) 386-7045,     8-4 for additional information.

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