Job Corps Orientation

JOB CORPS ADMISSIONS is in search of some great young people ages 16-24!

Job Corps is operated through the U.S. Department of Labor and has been a viable (no cost) option for young people for 45 years! The premise of this residential program is to make a young person employable by encouraging self development and providing an environment conducive to creating a more marketable and independent youth. To us, employability includes the following: 1. Hands on training (over 100 competitive trades are offered at various centers across the country including CNA, LPN, Medical Office Support, Culinary Arts, Carpentry, Heavy Equipment Operator, Heavy Equipment Mechanics, Welding, Urban Forestry and much more!) 2. A completed education (earn a high school diploma or GED if a person does not have one already) 3. Mobility (students have an opportunity to earn a driver’s license while in the program)

Job Corps is a drug free environment and drug tests are mandatory upon entry; there are also other “zero tolerance” policies in place to ensure the safety of students and staff, and create an environment similar to work/school.

To Find Out More Information: Contact Honoria Middough, Outreach & Retention Specialist at 901-525-4491 or email to find out about the current orientation schedule.

No appointment is necessary for orientations however. Once the person attends orientation, they will be scheduled for an interview- at that time, it will be determined if they are suitable and eligible for the Job Corps opportunity.

(All applicants are subject to a background check and cannot be mandated to enroll in this program by any court.)

Current Orientation Schedule is:

Every Monday at 10am and Every Wednesday at 2pm for those 18-24.

 Orientation is once per month for those 16-17 year olds: the next one is January 11th at 2pm 100 N. Main Street, Suite 906- Memphis, TN 38103/901-525-4491 x 11

*please note, no jeans or tennis shoes should be worn to orientation; a collard shirt should be worn by males as well*

Honoria Middough, Outreach & Retention Specialist

CHP International- Job Corps Admissions

100 N. Main Street, Suite 906 Memphis, TN 38103



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