City of Memphis Job Openings 9/21-9/30


CITY OF MEMPHIS           


SEPTEMBER 21, 2011 –SEPTEMBER 30, 2011        


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WITHIN SIX (6) MONTHS FROM DATE OF EMPLOYMENT.   PROOF OF RESIDENCE WILL BE_REQUIRED AT THE                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

                 TIME OF HIRE._________________________________________________________________________________________________________________  


POSITION:   LIBRARIAN II(1 Opening)   Annual Salary: $32,754.25 – $51,521.60; Bi-weekly:

                        $1,259.78 – $1,981.60;    Public Services &Neighborhoods/Library   J.O. #11-113


ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS: Works under the direction of the Library Support Services Administrator to catalog, organize, and maintain books, serials, sound recordings, audiovisual materials, foreign materials, computer software, and other material formats. Orientates and trains staff in cataloging materials. Establishes name and subject authority records, keeping them current and resolving any conflicts such as, pseudonyms, birth/death dates, multiple names, and unverified information. Directs the workflow of library materials. Participates in special projects, such as reclassification, re-cataloging, database clean-ups, authority updates, and adding enhancements to records to assist customer/staff in finding material, as assigned.

POSITIONHEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATOR –  (1 Opening) Annual Salary: $55,532.36; Bi-weekly:

                       $2,135.86;    General Services/Property Maintenance   J.O. #11-114


ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS:  Works under the general supervision of an assigned supervisor in the General Services Division.  Performs heavy clearing work including major earth work, foundation, and large tree removal:  Operates all types of heavy equipment, including but not limited to crawler tractor, front-end loader, back-hoe, hydraulic excavator motor grader, crane truck, and street sweeper with a high degree of skill and proficiency; engages and disengages attachments to equipment using construction tools; daily inspects equipment and performs routine maintenance such as, lubricating, fueling, and cleaning equipment; assists supervisor in the plan for site clearing; cuts and fills from grade stakes; loads, transports and unloads heavy equipment via tractor truck and low-boy trailer and assists heavy equipment mechanic as needed.


POSITION:   PLUMBER(2 Openings) Annual Salary: $60,524.62; Bi-weekly: $2,327.87

                         General Services/Property Maintenance;   J.O. #11-115


ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS: Works under the general supervision of an assigned supervisor in General Services to provide Journeyman level work installing, maintaining and repairing systems, fixtures and accessories located in all buildings, and facilities under the responsibility of Property Maintenance in the General Services Division.  Installs, maintains and repairs reduced pressure devices (backflow preventors), flushometers, wash basins, showers, fountains, faucets, pools, traps, irrigation control and sprinklers, air compressors, and various types of  pipes, including copper, galvanized soil, lead and glass; installs and secures fixture supports, hangers, and fountains; joins pipes by soldering with a torch, wrapping with oakum and lead, wiping with a cloth, and flaring; threads pipe to fit connections; cuts pipe to required lengths; reams pipe to remove raw edges, and bends pipe to fit specific locations; cleans drains, traps, and pipes with plunger, auger, and snakes; cuts openings in walls, floors, and ceilings; makes estimates of time and materials; may assign work to helpers performing manual tasks; and operates two-way radio to receive assignments.


POSITIONTRUCK DRIVER(3 Openings)  SALARY: $10.73/Hr-Entry; $12.24/Hr-60 Days;

                        $15.25/Hr-5 Months;    Park Services/Park Operation   J.O. #11-116


ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS:  Works under the direct supervision of assigned supervisor in Park Operations to assist in maintaining the grounds of City Parks:  Drives various types of trucks, ½ ton and up, including stake-type dump trucks; loads and unloads materials, tools, and equipment onto trucks; operates tractor, using specific attachments, to till, cultivate, and grade turf areas, to apply prescribed amounts of lime, fertilizer, insecticide, and fungicide, and to mow grounds at designated cut; cuts grass, using hand mower and power mower; uses shovels, rakes, spades, and other tools; performs routine maintenance, such as lubricating, fueling and cleaning equipment; and performs a variety of custodial duties to maintain the grounds of the park.



POSITIONPLANNING & MAPPING ANALYST(1 Opening) Annual Salary: $36,186.41 – $57,283.20

                            Bi-weekly: $1,391.79 – $2,203.20;    Housing & Community Development-Planning/Grants 

                            J.O. #11-117


ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS:  Works under the direction of the assigned Supervisor to monitor and coordinate the neighborhood redevelopment and planning functions for the Planning andGrantsServiceCenter.  Assists in the development of plans, including the Consolidated Plan 3-year strategy and annual, agency, and neighborhood plans.  Collects data and tracks conditions and progress over time in neighborhoods and communities targeted for redevelopment.  Utilizes Geographic Information Systems (GIS) mapping software to analyze data and monitor revitalization activities for the division.  Develops charts, models, maps and other visual presentations to illustrate the results and present to staff and general public on a regular basis.  Maintains various types of supporting mapping data into applicable database formats, such as spreadsheets and shape files, for the division.  Prepares various required reports according to government regulations which may involve research, analysis and compiling a significant amount of data; creates goals and objectives and identifies and evaluates community needs from compiled data.  Monitors a variety of databases related to housing and community development including, but not limited to, demographic data, property information, social and physical conditions of neighborhoods and insures that the information is current and accurate for division use.  Conducts mapping research to ensure accurate use of data; responds to questions and concerns from other staff members.  Makes on-site visits to various properties to survey and verify computer data and attend various meetings; takes digital photographs to document project/properties survey data. Creates and prepares a variety of correspondence, proposals, memoranda, and other written documents by utilizing various computer applications.  Interacts and communicates verbally and in writing with general public, management, and staff on a variety of issues and concerns. 


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