Job Opening @ NCC-Scott Street

 Job Opening at Neighborhood Christian Center

Site Location-Scott St.

Property Manager 

Job Summary:  Manage all operational facets/concerns of the NCC under the leadership of the Director of Operations.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Maintain open communication about his duties to the Director of Operations.
  2. Carry out projects and tasks instructed by Director of Operations.
  3. Deliver food to sites.
  4. Relief truck driver with CDL.
  5. Seasonal tasks at multiple sites or events.
  6. Manage and assist with grounds @ North Center & Scott Street on a daily basis.
  7. Keep the building in good repair at all times.
  8. Maintain house cleaning as a priority in the daily operations.
  9. Turn in weekly status reports to Director of Operations.

Please send resume to or come to 785 Jackson Ave. and fill out an application.

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