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Job#: 4357

Job Title: CASHIER

Job Summary

Performs a variety of duties involving the receipt, disbursement, verification, deposit, and processing of cash items.

Duties and Responsibilities

Performs all or a combination of the following:

– Receives, counts and verifies monies received. Collects and issues money bags, cash funds, and sub-custody receipts.

Maintains log/record of movement of money bags and cash funds issued.

– Prepares the bank deposits of cash receipts for pickup and delivery to designated locations. Makes change funds for

cash registers.

– Maintains current list of bad checks following established procedures.

– Counts and fills change machine cartridges and distributes to vending attendants for insertion in Dollar Bill Changer.

Receives money and processes bills through bill counting machine; changes bills for coins, as required, following

established procedures. Maintains appropriate logs.

– Operates package machines in connection with the counting and wrapping of coins and currency for change machines.

– May be required to lift up to 25 lbs in connection with processing coins.

– Performs other related duties as assigned.


Job #: 7365


Job Summary

Performs tasks involved in the upkeep of buildings, grounds, fixtures, equipment, Navy Lodge guest rooms, etc. Typical

assignments include simple painting, plumbing, carpentry and electrical repairs.

Duties and Responsibilities

– Receives assignments orally or in the form of work orders. Responsible for selecting the proper tools, methods and

techniques to complete assignment. Receives advice/guidance in connection with unusual problems. Work is subject to

review both during progress and upon completion for compliance with job requirement.

Performs or assists in performing all or a combination of the following:

– Performs minor carpentry tasks to items such as doors, windows, furniture, cabinets, platforms, bins, pallets, etc. Uses

tools such as hammers, hand-saws, planes, screwdrivers and power tools.

– Inspects and ensures the proper working condition of equipment, machinery and facilities by regularly performing property

walk-throughs and inspections.

– Prepares surfaces and paints a variety of interior items such as shelves, counters and similar items. Uses premixed

paints; paints surfaces according to directions; cleans and maintains brushes and other painting equipment.

– May assist in the installation and repair of broken pipes, leaky faucets, clogged drains, etc. Uses such tools as wrenches,

hacksaw, pipe cutters, etc.

– Performs electrical repairs to appliances, light fixtures, and/or light switches by replacing or insulating defective wiring,

etc. Visually inspects repairs to ensure that damaged or broken equipment is repaired/replaced properly. Utilizes a variety

of tools such as test lamps, ammeter, etc.

– Performs preventive maintenance on equipment such as fans, air conditioners, water coolers, grills, broilers, heat lamps

and other appliances. Cleans/changes filters, cleans condenser, lubricates various machinery parts and makes minor

adjustments to belt tensions. Cleans out dust from coolers, ventilation ducts and cooling vents.

– May perform preventive maintenance on forklifts, hydraulic pallets, jacks and conveyors; checking for leaks, proper water

levels and that making sure that brake and clutch pedals are operating properly. Tightens bleed-off valve, cleans filter, oil

reservoir and breather, etc.

– Maintains compliance with local safety regulations. Informs supervisor of hazardous conditions and unserviceable items.

– Takes periodic inventory of maintenance stock and equipment, as required.

– May respond to customer questions regarding the operation of Navy Lodge room appliance and fixtures, as applicable.

– Carries out policy of courtesy and customer service.

– Performs other related duties as assigned.


Is required to stand, stoop, bend, kneel, climb and work in tiring and uncomfortable positions. Frequently lifts and carries

material weighing up to 50 pounds.


Works inside and outside; is exposed to dust and spray fumes in connection with painting responsibilities. Is also exposed

to cuts and bruises.



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