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Evening Jock Opening @ Radio Now Memphis

Clear Channel Communications, Inc.

Job Announcement

Evening Jock-Radio Now Memphis
Clear Channel Communications, Inc. is the world’s largest radio and outdoor advertising company with leading market positions in each of its two business segments: Radio and Outdoor. Clear Channel is also one of the most innovative media players in the market – a leader in the converging media space, developing the best-in-class integrated media offers (e.g. Radio/Web) and building significant positions in the HD arena.
Here at Clear Channel Media + Entertainment are some of the top and finest On Air Personalities. Join the ranks of some of the most talented personalities in the entertainment business and do what you love in one of the best media companies in the world.
Vacancy Type:
Full Time
Date Posted:
Closing Date:
Required Experience:
• Three years of on-air radio experience required, excellent verbal and communication skills, outstanding ability to relate and communicate with target audience, positive attitude both on and off the air
• Familiar with NexGen, Vox Pro, and Pro Tools
• Strong knowledge of all FCC rules and regulations.
• Applicants must possess a strong work ethic, be well-read, punctual, and be a team player with a cooperative attitude
• Applicant must be engaging on the air
• Applicant must provide compelling content on the air
Required Skills:
• Adhere to all guidelines, policies and procedures of the station, Clear Channel Communications, Inc., the FCC and all other federal, state and local laws.
• Adequate preparation for an air shift with use of creativity, imagination and exercise of independent professional judgment in writing, producing, interviewing, taping or broadcasting of on-air material.
• Personality must be upbeat, informative and entertaining and be able to relate to station audience
• Ensure logged commercials, promotions and any other programming essential to the stations operation are aired
• Must be current with relevant daily material
• Adhere to all company policies and procedures regarding indecency and obscenity.
• Work an approved and previously agreed upon air shift.
• Maintain a website personality page. Must be kept up-to-date with relevant material that is appropriate for the given station.
• Search out and share all possible web content with the Program Director and Online Content Director of the given station.
• Participate in regular listening/aircheck sessions for critique with the Program Director.
• Participate in required station Programming, Promotions, and Sales staff meetings and events.
• Make regular approved appearances at paid, and non-paid, station events
• Execute only Program Director approved interviews and events on air during the regularly assigned shift.
• Be on call for possible disasters, breaking news, or acts of nature.
• Assist with the voice over and production of paid, and non- paid, spots required to run on the station.
• Be an ambassador for the radio station when out in public. Maintain a positive and approachable attitude when around listeners and clients.
To apply go to: http://www.clearcareers.com
Clear Channel is an equal opportunity employer and will not tolerate discrimination in employment on the basis of race, color, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, religion, disability, ethnicity, national origin, marital status, veteran status, genetic information, or any other legally protected classification or status.


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Rural Metro EMT/Paramedic Scholarship

From  Tri-State Defender www.tsdmemphis.com  4/29/13

Attention high school seniors with EMT or paramedic dreams

There is a national shortage of emergency medical technicians (EMT) and paramedics and an even greater shortage of minorities who choose emergency medical services as a profession. This is a statistic that Rural/Metro Ambulance wants to change.

For the last six years, Rural/Metro has offered a scholarship program for Tennessee minority high school seniors who are interested in furthering their education to become an EMT or paramedic.

Students who receive a scholarship will attend an EMT school in Shelby County. After completing the two-year program, successful students will then be ready to take the national test to receive their EMT license.

“This is a great opportunity for minority high school seniors who are interested in a field where they have an opportunity to help others and make a difference in someone’s life,” said Nikki Gast, Rural/Metro’s market general manager.

Students who want to apply for the EMT/Paramedic Scholarship must submit an essay of 500 words or less answering this question: Why I want to enter the field of Emergency Medical Services?

The essay must include the student’s name, phone number, address, school, and reference letter and mailed to the following address: Rural/Metro Ambulance, ATTN: Scholarship Panel, 100 Crescent Drive, Collierville, Tenn. 38107. The information also can be emailed to nikki.gast@rmetro.com

The deadline to submit an essay is May 8, 2013.


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Job Search Day @ Parkway Village Library 5/21/13


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Advice from HR recruiters

Didn’t get the job? Here’s some advice from HR recruiters

By JIM PAWLAK Career Moves

I sat and observed as HR recruiters from six firms held an open forum with more than 50 job seekers at a church-sponsored job club. Here’s some of the dialog:

Answering an ad

• If the ad lists “x” number of qualifications and you don’t match all of them, don’t bother applying. The recruiters said that most ads generate more than 100 responses. Over three-quarters of the responses don’t meet all the job qualifications and are discarded. It’s frustrating to HR because sorting through large numbers of unqualified applicants is unproductive. They also said that when they find eight to 10 candidates, they don’t read the remaining résumés.

• One of the job seekers asked about not including salary history information when the ad asked for it, but didn’t say it was mandatory. The HR managers were divided on this one. Four said that salary history was a “good to know”, but not a job qualification; two said they used salary history to screen out candidates that didn’t fit their pay range, and would disqualify applicants who didn’t include it.

Cover letters and résumés

• Please proofread; every HR manager said misspellings disqualified applicants. They believed that candidates who didn’t pay attention to detail in personal marketing material wouldn’t be detail-oriented on the job. All indicated that e-mail cover letters contained far more misspellings than snail mail. Poor grammar fared a bit better; most managers were willing to let minor grammatical errors slide, unless the job required substantial written communication.

• Cover letters should have bullet points, not paragraphs. If it takes more than two minutes to read it, it’s too long. Résumés should be two pages max; a 12 point font is easiest to read. Most have “Objectives” stating what the applicant wants; employers prefer a “Skill Summary” that shows what an applicant offers. If you’ve been in the workforce for more than five years, focus on your accomplishments during the last five years. Why? Employers consider that period the indicator of your current skills. Use bullet points (no more than two sentences) to describe accomplishments. Don’t list anything personal (e.g. hobbies, marital status, health, non-work-related activities, etc).

• Chronological résumés are preferred to functional formats because they show work history. If there are gaps that can be easily explained (e.g. raising a family, taking care of family member, going to school full time, etc.), these should be put in the résumé.

• Refresh online résumés every week because employers search by posting date. They want “new” job seekers. When responding online, use a text format (.txt) résumé because it can be opened universally.

The interview

• Dress business-professional no matter what job you are applying for, or what dress code the employer has. One recruiter’s workforce is about 70 percent non-union, production workers; she said: “Production workers that come dressed like they’re going to work, rather than dressed-to-impress for the interview, don’t get hired. Being well-dressed sends a message that you’re serious about wanting the job. We may be oddballs about this, but our turnover is less than 5 percent.”

• While skills are important, the deciding factors in the hiring decision are attitude and energy. Interviewers gauge attitude and energy during an interview by body language, how much an applicant smiles, tone of voice (i.e. enthusiastic versus monotone) when discussing accomplishments and the questions they ask the company and the job (the more the better) – just don’t ask questions about compensation, benefits, travel or hours worked unless the interviewer brings it up.

• Four of the six firms have applicants take personality assessment tests before making a job offer. All include job peers in the interview process to get a feel for “team” fit. Interviewers also focus on open-ended behavioral, “How would you… ?” questions.

• At the end of the interview, ask about the decision timeline and protocol for follow-up. Sending a hand-written thank you to each interviewer makes a good second


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Possible Employment Agency Scam Information

WMCTV’s Ask Andy Employment Agency Scams

Hints and resources to assist job seekers.


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Upcoming EnergySmart Workshops @ Your Library


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Methodist Hospital Olive Branch Job Fair 5/4/13

Methodist Hosp

Methodist Hospital Olive Branch To Hold Job Fair

Published On  04/29/2013

Methodist Olive Branch Hospital will hold a job fair on Saturday, May 4 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Whispering Woods in the Grand Ballroom, 7300 Hacks Cross Road in Olive Branch. The hospital is set to open in August seeks applicants for clinical and non-clinical support positions, including, but not limited to: Registered Nurses, certified nurse assistants, physical therapists, respiratory therapists, surgical technicians, radiology technicians, pharmacists and housekeeping.

“We pride ourselves on hiring the best and can live our values of service, quality, integrity, teamwork and innovation,” said Tina Sims, director of human resources at the new hospital. “We look to set the standard for compassionate patient- and family-centered care.”

Those interested should go to www.methodisthealth.org/careers for more posted positions.

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