Case Manager Job Opening @ North Memphis CDC

North Memphis CDC

Job Title:                                                        Case Manager

Program:                                                        Permanent Supportive Housing Leasing Program

Reports To:                                                    Program Director

Supervisory Responsibilities:                       None

Position Type:                                                Full Time

Salary Range:                                                $28,000 – $30,000


Provides overall coordination of individualized services designed to help program participants obtain and remain in permanent housing; increase their skills and/or income; and achieve greater self-determination.



  1. Provide direct services to program participants;
  2. Aid program participants in obtaining food, clothing, other basic needs;
  3. Provide complete assessments of program participants;
  4. Assist program participants in the development and implementation of individual service plans;
  5. Assist program participants in achieving goals;
  6. Assist program participants in securing and maintaining public benefits and entitlements;
  7. Facilitate groups and activities;
  8. Teach and/or assist program participants in developing ADL skills, communication and self-advocacy skills;
  9. Assist program participants with budgeting;
  10. Facilitate access to legal/advocacy services for program participants;
  11. Facilitate program participants involvement and community activities;
  12. Make referrals to community-based services;
  13. Advocate for needed services;
  14. Link program participants to employment and/or employment programs;
  15. Assist program participants in meeting the obligations of tenancy;
  16. Collaborate with property management staff to help program participants maintain housing;
  17. Maintain confidentiality of all program participants records;
  18. Participate in regular collaborative meetings of the housing and support services teams; and
  19. Provide other services as needed.


Qualifications:  Bachelor of Social Work degree or equivalent.  Three years of related experience.


Other combinations of education and experience, if evaluated as equivalent, may qualify an applicant for consideration.


Submit Resumes to:

North Memphis CDC 88 Union Ave . Suite 1100 Memphis Tn. 38103.

For Inquiries: call 901-907-0035.

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