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Latest City of Memphis Job Postings – Closing Date: 3/14/14

For a complete listing of job openings please visit web site at www.memphistn.gov.

CLOSING DATE:  March 14, 2014


NOTE:  Before applying, please update your profile through your “My Account” screen (address, employment history, education, etc.) to ensure the most current and accurate information will be considered.  Please note that incomplete applications may not be considered.  You may be contacted via email regarding your application.


POSITION:    REVENUE MANAGER – (1 Opening)  ANNUAL SALARY:  $59,176.00 – $91,728.00  BI-WEEKLY:  $2,776.00 – $3,528.00     Finance/Financial & Strategic Planning     J.O. #14-410-R1

ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS:  Works under the direction of the Deputy Director of Finance with responsibility for maximizing the collection of current and delinquent revenues due to all departments and divisions of the City of Memphis (City). Develops and oversees strategic initiatives for short- and long-term improvements to the City’s current revenue structure and its existing revenue collection procedures; identifies opportunities to improve the cash management process, control, and accountability in revenue accounting. Documents, informs, disseminates, and regularly updates City policies and procedures related to revenue collection and ensures compliance. Collaborates with the Finance Director, Budget Manager, City Attorney’s Office, and Chief Administrative Officer to monitor, analyze, and advise of the cost of recovery of fees, strategic rate setting, and potential new revenue sources. Ensures all employees receiving revenue on behalf of the City are trained adequately and have access to any and all resources that are necessary to perform their duties properly, efficiently, and effectively. Monitors collection trends, amounts, and timing of revenue receipts as documented and recorded by individuals with the responsibility for collections and recording of revenue. Prepares a variety of documents and reports using various computer software applications.


  1. Participates in the coordination, preparation, and presentation of the City’s annual operating and capital    improvement budgets
  2. Performs additional functions (essential or otherwise) which may be assigned

TYPICAL PHYSICAL DEMANDS:  Must be able to communicate clearly both verbally and in writing with external agencies, City and County officials, and staff members at all levels. Ability to operate general office equipment such as a computer, calculator, and telephone required.

TYPICAL WORKING CONDITIONS:   Work is performed in an office environment. Travel to meetings across the City of Memphis and occasional out-of-town travel may be required.

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Finance, or Business Administration or a related field and eight (8) years of increasingly responsible professional experience in finance and/or accounting with four (4) of the eight (8) years leading financial processes; or any combination of experience and training which enables one to perform the essential job functions. Master’s degree in Finance, Accounting, or Public Administration preferred. Knowledge of various software applications, including MS Office and Oracle, preferred. Experience in local government or private sector strategic/financial planning, project budgeting/accounting, and federally or state-funded projects. Experience with computer-based data collection, planning, and reporting preferred.


POSITION:     MAINTENANCE ELECTRICIAN– (1 Opening)  ANNUAL SALARY:  $59,967.70  BI-WEEKLY:  $2,306.45     General Services/Property Maintenance          J.O. #14-038 

ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS:  Works under the general supervision of an assigned supervisor in General Services to provide Master/Journeyman level work for the installation, maintenance, repair of electrical systems and equipment and fixtures of City owned buildings and facilities.  Plans layout of wiring and installs wiring conduit, fixtures, generators, switches, circuit breaker fuse boxes, and electrical apparatus in buildings using hand tools, voltage testers and other testing devices; inspects wiring and fixtures for conformance to local electrical codes.  Drives various types of trucks with the required license to and from work site to haul equipment. Makes estimates of time, money and materials needed.


1.         Performs additional functions (essential or otherwise) which may be assigned.

TYPICAL WORKING CONDITIONS:  Requires the use of equipment such as hand tools, drills, hydraulic bender, etc.  Requires the ability to operate an automobile.  Requires ability to lift 50 lbs.  Requires ability to work from ladders, scaffolding, light towers, aerial equipment and bucket trucks in the performance of some job duties. Drives vehicle to and from various work sites throughout city.

TYPICAL WORKING CONDITIONS:  Work is performed inside buildings exposed to dust and outside exposed to changing weather conditions and temperatures.

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS:  Valid Journeyman Electrician License and four (4) years of electrical maintenance experience, or any combination of experience or training which enables one to perform the essential job functions.  Must possess and maintain a valid driver’s license as a condition of continued employment.


POSITION:     TRUCK DRIVER – (4 Openings)  SALARY:  $11.87/Hr-Entry; $13.24/Hr-60 Days; $15.99/Hr-5 Months      General Services/Park Operations      J.O. #14-040 

ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS:  Works under the direct supervision of assigned supervisor in Park Operations to assist in maintaining the grounds of City Parks:  Drives various types of trucks, ½ ton and up, including stake-type dump trucks; loads and unloads materials, tools, and equipment onto trucks; operates tractor, using specific attachments, to till, cultivate, and grade turf areas, to apply prescribed amounts of lime, fertilizer, insecticide, and fungicide, and to mow grounds at designated cut; cuts grass, using hand mower and power mower; uses shovels, rakes, spades, and other tools; performs routine maintenance, such as lubricating, fueling and cleaning equipment; and performs a variety of custodial duties to maintain the grounds of the park.


1.       Performs additional functions (essential or otherwise) which may be assigned.

TYPICAL PHYSICAL DEMANDS:  Requires ability to operate assigned equipment and to engage and disengage attachments.  Requires ability to climb onto equipment.  Must be able to handle various hand tools.  Requires bending, stooping, kneeling, reaching, standing, pushing, pulling, and lifting (approx. 50 lbs.).  Must be able to traverse on various surfaces.

TYPICAL WORKING CONDITIONS:  Majority of work is performed outdoors exposed to odors, dust, chemicals, and inclement weather.

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS:  Ability to understand written and verbal instructions; and experience driving variety of trucks, agricultural tractors, and front-mounted mowers; or any combination of experience and training which enables one to perform the essential job functions.  Must pass tests designated by Human Resources on related equipment, such as 2-ton dump truck with trailer, agricultural tractor, and zero-turn mower, etc.  Must possess and maintain a valid Class “B” Tennessee Commercial Driver’s license; and must comply with Federal Department of Transportation (DOT) Alcohol and Drug testing rules as a condition of continued employment.  Must be available to work weekends.


POSITION:     ASSISTANT DIRECTOR– (1 Opening)  ANNUAL SALARY:  $31,220.80  – $46,508.80  BI-WEEKLY:  $1,200.80 – $1,788.80     Parks & Neighborhoods/Katie Sexton Community Center          J.O. #14-037

 ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS:  Works under the general supervision of the Community Center Director in the Recreation area of the Parks and Neighborhoods.  Provides daily supervision to staff which includes custodians, recreation leaders, etc. Assists in the planning recreational programs. Leads recreational activities at a community center.  Enforces center rules and regulations. Works with neighborhood associations, local businesses, and the general public to determine recreation interests and needs for all ages. Teaches classes in specialized recreational activities.  Supervises the issuance and maintenance of recreation supplies and equipment. Maintains daily activity reports and records.


1.      May transport participants to different sites throughout the City to participate in various recreational activities.

2.      Performs additional functions (essential or otherwise) which may be assigned.

TYPICAL PHYSICAL DEMANDS:  Must be able to communicate with staff, management, and the general public.  Must be able to travel throughout the City for special events, programs and training seminars.

TYPICAL WORKING CONDITIONS:  Work is performed primarily in a community center environment with some outdoor work required when monitoring recreation activities and programs.

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS:  B.S. Degree in Recreation or a closely related field and one (1) year related experience; or any combination of experience and training which enables one to perform the essential job functions.  Must possess and maintain a valid driver’s license as a condition of continued employment.


POSITION:     MECHANIC HELPER– (8 Openings)  ANNUAL SALARY:  $37,995.36 – $44,438.94  BI-WEEKLY:  $1,461.36 – $1,709.19     General Services/Fleet Management          J.O. #14-039 

ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS:  Works under the supervision of an assigned supervisor in the Fleet Management Service Center.  Responsible for preventive maintenance inspections, repairs and lubrications on City owned vehicles.  Changes oil filters; lubricates wear points; replaces minor components; checks fluid levels; inspects various components and systems for safety, premature wear and other deficiencies; maintains vehicle related reports; performs tire repairs; changes tires.


1.   Performs additional functions (essential or otherwise) which may be assigned.

TYPICAL PHYSICAL DEMANDSRequires the use of equipment, such as hand tools and power tools.  Requires lifting (approx. 50 lbs), stooping, bending, and reaching.  Involves contact with staff and City employees.

TYPICAL WORKING CONDITIONS: Work is performed in an automotive shop environment; exposed to noise, dust, grease, and fumes.  May be exposed to various weather conditions.

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: Ability to read, write and understand written instructions; knowledge of techniques involved in use of small tools and understanding of basic principles of mechanical trade; six (6) months automotive maintenance experience, or any combination of experience or training which enables one to perform the essential job functions.  Must possess and maintain a valid Class “B” Tennessee Commercial Driver’s License or obtain within six (6) months of employment as a condition of continued employment.  Must comply with Federal Department of Transportation (DOT) Alcohol and Drug Testing rules.


POSITION:    CUSTODIAN – (1 Opening)  SALARY:  $11.87/Hr-Entry; $13.04/Hr-60 Days; $15.37/Hr-5 Months      Parks & Neighborhoods/McFarland Community Center      J.O. #14-036 

ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS:  Works under the direct supervision of a Community Center Assistant Director. Performs routine cleaning of buildings, facilities, and equipment:  Performs light cleaning duties such as sweeping, mopping, emptying trash cans, changing light bulbs, washing walls and glass, and cleaning bathrooms; applies treatment to various floor surfaces by mopping, scrubbing, stripping, polishing or shampooing; moves furniture and equipment; operates motor driven cleaning equipment such as vacuum cleaner, buffer, and carpet shampooer; cleans snow and debris from sidewalk; and notifies supervisor of repairs and maintenance work needed for building and equipment.


1.       Performs additional functions (essential or otherwise) which may be assigned.

TYPICAL PHYSICAL DEMANDS:  Work requires regular physical exertion such as recurring standing, walking, bending, stooping, stretching, reaching, and pulling.  Requires ability to climb ladders.

TYPICAL WORKING CONDITIONS:  Majority of work is performed indoors.  May be exposed to dust and odors from cleaning solvents.  Occasional outside work may be required to remove debris from sidewalks.

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS:  Requires ability to read, write and understand simple verbal and written instructions or any combination of experience and training which enables one to perform the essential job functions; knowledge of proper use of materials such as waxes, detergents and floor finishes desirable.

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How to Handle Being a New Hire

By Caroline Levchuck

Starting a new job can be exciting — and a bit nerve-racking. In addition to having to master new tasks and understand new procedures, you’ll have to navigate an often complex social network that exists at the company.

Use these five dos and five don’ts to make your transition from new hire to trusted colleague.

The Dos:

1. Act friendly at all times, even if you’re feeling frazzled from all the new information you’re trying to process.

2. Be inquisitive with your coworkers. Make small talk about popular television shows (“Did anyone watch ‘The Office’ last night?”) or sporting events to spark conversations that are cordial without being too personal.

3. Ask your new coworkers to recommend good places to grab a cup of coffee, buy breakfast, eat lunch and shop. This will help you gain common social ground with colleagues and may also spark an invitation to one of the venues.

4. Give colleagues time to warm up to you gradually.

5. Bring in a tasty treat from home to leave in the lunchroom for all to enjoy. Cupcakes, cookies or fresh fruit are always crowd-pleasers.


The Don’ts:

1. Don’t insinuate yourself into other people’s personal conversations. If you’re perceived as invasive, it will be hard to win your coworkers’ trust.

2. Don’t expect to immediately hear all the strange-but-true tales that involve your colleagues. You’ll learn all about the infamous holiday party of 2007 soon enough.

3. Don’t constantly reference your former place of employment. (“At my last job, we did things this way.”) You’ll cause coworkers to wonder why you don’t go back to work there.

4. Don’t start inviting people to come see your band play or watch your off-off-off-Broadway debut. Wait for others to express an interest in your extracurricular pursuits before assuming they want to be in the audience.

5. Don’t immediately ask people to join your online network (BeKnown, Facebook, Plaxo). Your network should consist of people with whom you have a relationship rather than just someone who happens to have the same employer as you.

Article found at http://career-advice.monster.com/in-the-office/starting-a-new-job/how-to-handle-being-a-new-hire-hot-jobs/article.aspx.

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What does the dreaded ‘you’re overqualified’ really mean?

Career Moves 


You thought the interview went well.  Then you got a call from a human resources staffer.  “You’re overqualified” was the message.  Just what does overqualified mean?  After all, you weren’t overqualified before the interview.  An employer wouldn’t waste time interviewing people who were overqualified.

If you hear those dreaded words, it means you flunked the interview.  You talked your way out of a job not into one.  How?  Probably by talking too much about your total work experience rather than focusing on those experiences that apply directly to the position for which you’re interviewing.

In an effort to impress, you may have told the interviewer about tasks on your last job that aren’t part of the new position.  That waves a red flag that you may become bored, and you’re not a good fit.  Oops.  That isn’t what a prospective employer wants to hear.

How can you avoid foot-in-mouth disease?  By remembering that the key to a winning interview is the same as that of a successful sales call.  Sales are made because the product satisfies a customer’s needs.  The bells and whistles don’t matter.

A savvy salesperson finds out what their prospect needs before starting his/her presentation.  Uncover the customer’s hot buttons by asking questions and taking cues from the target’s answers.

How can you find out what an interviewer needs?  Start by asking questions instead of answering them.  As soon as you can, get the interviewer to go over the job description to pinpoint what the job entails and how it relates to other areas of the firm.  Ask questions like:  “What are the key job functions?”, “What are the top priorities?”, “What are your ninety-day, six-month and one-year expectations for the person who fills the job?”, “What traits are needed to be successful in the job?” and “Who are the key people and departments the job holder will interact with?”

These probe the interviewer in a positive, non-threatening manner and show your interest in the job, the department and the firm.  Their answers will show you how to tailor a discussion of your experience to the job’s qualifications and the interviewer’s needs.  You’ll also have a good idea of what types of questions other interviewers are apt to ask.

In addition to talking too much about experience that is meaningless to interviewers, there is another subject that often ends up tagging a job hunter as overqualified.  That subject is compensation.  All too frequently, overqualified really means: “We can’t pay you what you were making.”

Usually, job hunters that strike out on the compensation issue name their price before finding out what the company is willing to pay.

How do you work around the issue?  Three ways: 1. Do some research on the going price for the position.  There are all sorts of local, state and federal salary surveys available at the library and online; salary.com offers free and premium services. Contact professional associations for salary information, too.  Unless a firm’s salary structure is completely out of whack with the reality of the labor market, your survey results should put you in the ballpark.

Armed with this knowledge, you can respond to a question about compensation one of three ways:  1. “Some recent surveys from (insert sources) indicate pay for similar positions ranges from $X to $Y.  That’s workable for me.”

2. Taking a page from Successful Selling 101, a salesperson will ask about a customer’s budget before quoting a price.  Job hunters can apply that same technique by asking about the pay range for the position.  Just don’t be the first to bring up the compensation issue.

3. Respond with a non-specific answer like:  “Compensation isn’t what drives me.  I’m looking for a job that challenges me to do my best every day.  I’m sure your firm would fairly compensate me for the work I would do.”

Article found at http://jobs.palmbeachpost.com/stories/jobs_wisdom2_main.html.

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Upcoming Job Fairs

Conn’s Home Plus

Hiring for Professional Sales Associates

Location:     Holiday Inn

7784 Wolf Trail Cove, Germantown, TN

Date & Time:      Monday – Thursday, March 3rd – 6th    10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Sears Job Fair
Date & Time : March 6, 2014, 12 p.m.

Location:  Tennessee Career Center at Hickory Hill
4240 Hickory Hill, Memphis, TN 38141
Telephone: (901) 365-3205

Tennessee Career Center at Poplar Avenue

1295 Poplar Avenue, Memphis, TN 38174-0859
Telephone: (901) 543-7535

Interested applicants must complete the online application AND online assessment for the positions they are interested in at http://www.sears.com/careers


Valero Refinery

Total Safety Hiring for Holewatch/Firewatch

Location:  Staybridge Suites

1670 Ridge Lake Blvd. , Memphis, TN 38120

Date & Time: 

Monday, March 10,  8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Wednesday, March 12, 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Thursday, March 13, 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Friday, March 14, 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

NOTE:  Must have TWIC Card, Valid ID and SS Card

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