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Job Postings as of 12/16/2016

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  • Firefighter Paramedic Probationary – Fire Services
  • Administrative Assistant – Public Works
  • Fire Maintenance Mechanic (2 openings) – Fire Services
  • Associate Accountant A – Police Services
  • Vehicle Storage Service Representative (2 openings) – Police Services
  • Talent Management Learning Supervisor – Human Resources
  1.  Firefighter Paramedic Probationary
    • Memphis, TN
    • Fire Services – $50,600.16 annually
    • Category – Public Safety
    • Closing Date – Continuous 

Works under an assigned fire station Lieutenant and on-duty Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Lieutenant.  Questions patient or other bystanders to gather medical information.  Checks pulse and respiration of patient.  Administers medical treatment in response to patient’s medical condition.  Determines whether to transport patient using ambulance or wing based on medical situation and according to orders and protocols.  Communicates with medical personnel at hospital regarding medical treatment and/or condition of patient.  Loads/unloads patients into/from ambulance.  Drives emergency ambulance on an emergency call in a safe manner and transports patients to hospitals or medical facilities.  Listens for alarm and details of radio message received from alarm office.  Puts on protective equipment such as air pack, turnouts, gloves.  Searches for victims in smoky areas and determines safest evacuation routes for self/victim.  Pries open vehicles, equipment, or structures using specialized equipment such as the jaws-of-life.  Drags or carries an unconscious victim down ladders or stairs.  Connects hoses and couplings to water sources, pumps, nozzles, etc. and  advances charged hose lines to fight fire.  Identifies flammable or hazardous materials.  Lifts and maneuvers hand-held and hand-raised ladders.  Extinguishes fires in areas where there is no visibility and extreme heat.  Opens holes in structures using axes, pike poles, or other equipment.  Preserves evidence of arson for use by an arson investigator.  Develops and maintains current knowledge of well-established firefighting procedures.  Maintains paramedic license. Cleans equipment and inspects or tests equipment on apparatus.

2.  Administrative Assistant

  • Memphis, TN
  • Public Works – $35,030.84 – $52,540.80 annually
  • Category – Clerical & Data Entry
  • Closing Date – 12/28/2016

Works under the direction of a deputy director or other member of upper management in a city division to perform diverse administrative and secretarial duties, often of confidential nature.  May perform duties including, but not limited to, the following: independently proofread, edit, and/or prepare advanced written correspondence, presentations, charts, etc; create and edit complex reports; maintain manager’s schedule; monitor and organize vital correspondence of manager and respond when appropriate; greet and respond to phone calls and guests; and maintain various records and files.

3.  Fire Maintenance Mechanic (2 openings)

  • Memphis, TN
  • Fire Services – $60,037.38 – $60,037.38 annually 
  • Category – Maintenance
  • Closing Date – 12/28/2016

Works under the supervision of the Apparatus Maintenance supervisor to repair and maintain all types of fire apparatus equipment such as trucks, pumps, etc. Inspects mechanical defective equipment and diagnoses malfunctions. Disassembles and overhauls engines, transmissions, rear differentials, hydraulic devices, pumps, compressors, and other equipment. Performs preventive maintenance on equipment, fire trucks, and air rescue apparatus, i.e. brakes, air conditioners, electrical systems, engine repair, pumps, aerial ladder devices, suspensions, fuel systems, apparatus computer systems, etc. Test drives vehicles to determine satisfactory repair. Maintains and updates information and data using various computer software programs.

4.  Associate Accountant A

  • Memphis, TN
  • Police Services – $31,848.18 – $47,444.80 annually
  • Category – Professional / Paraprofessional
  • Closing Date – 12/28/2016

Works under an assigned supervisor to perform standard accounting operation functions to ensure accurate data is inputted into the accounts payable, receivable and budget information.  Assists in monitoring and reviewing contracts and payments for proper documentation and authorization. Audits and processes various check requests including payroll deductions. Processes payments to check requests and purchase orders.  Logs, monitors, and follows-up with the appropriate parties regarding returned checks.   Processes tax exempt forms, W-9 forms, and void check authorized transactions.  Performs daily check distribution from the daily batch report.  Verifies available funds in the financial system including encumbered line, service center, account and contract balance. Monitors and tracks new contracts and changes to existing contracts.  Processes and posts releases retainage payments based on established policy and contract agreement.  Converts retainage to certificate of deposit or escrow accounts.  Researches vendor information discrepancies. Establishes and makes requested changes to petty cash accounts. Audits and posts travel journal entries and expense reports to ensure compliance with established travel policy.  Performs monthly field audits and reconciliation of petty cash funds.  Processes authorized journal entries relating to Accounts Payable.  Creates and prepares a variety of correspondence, memoranda, spreadsheets, and reports by utilizing various computer applications.  Interacts and communicates verbally and in writing with management and other staff members on a variety of issues and concerns

5.  Vehicle Storage Service Representative (2 openings)

  • Memphis, TN
  • Police Services – $26,692.12 – $36,735.92 Annually
  • Category – Trades / Maintenance
  • Closing Date – 12/28/2016

Works under the direct supervision of the assigned supervisor in receiving, processing, documenting, photographing, and storing vehicles in the storage lot.  Escorts wrecker operators to drop or pickup vehicles to/from a holding stall.  Escorts owners to vehicles to retrieve important documentation stored in vehicle that could assist in the processing of paperwork.  Transports and moves vehicles throughout the property by utilizing a forklift or other authorized equipment.  Verifies accuracy of information on tow-in-tickets by inputting and receiving registration information utilizing the computer system which includes the VIN number.  Files and maintains records of incoming vehicles using various computer applications.  Collects and processes payments for wrecker bills, storage and administrative fees.  Operates standard and automatic shift vehicles.  Performs mass inventory of impound lot stored vehicles periodically.  Assists customers in starting their vehicles by using a battery booster pack.  Maintains physical appearance, upkeep and cleaning of impound lot grounds.

6.  Talent Management Learning Supervisor ***Closing Date 12/16/2016 11:59 PM CST***

  • Memphis, TN
  • Human Resources – $60,365.24 – $93,558.40 Annually
  • Category – Management / Professional

Works under the general direction of the Manager of Talent Management to supervise, monitor/document, and ensure progress on employee recruitment and selection in accordance with Human Resources policies/procedures.  Supervises and directly performs Employment functions to execute, maintain, monitor and oversee the hiring process.



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