Ways to Be More Visible On LinkedIn

If you’re using LinkedIn for your job search, there are two ways you can increase the chances of employers viewing your profile and hiring you.

An article by John Nemo in the Memphis Business Journal states that LinkedIn users can figure out which audiences they want to reach by targeting a few of those audiences.  Translation to job-seekers:  your audiences are employers.  Know what you have to offer in terms of skills, knowledge, and abilities, and then pursue some key employers who want those skills, knowledge, and abilities.

A second way to get noticed on LinkedIn, reports Nemo, is to “become … an expert on a certain type of service or product that appeals to clients in numerous industries.

A great example of how this can be done successfully is taking a look at high-level business coach and consultant John Hawkins.

Rather than targeting a few industries or audience types, he decided to dominate the “leadership” niche and appeal to a wide variety of audiences — from casinos to churches to companies and individuals — looking for leadership consulting and coaching.

“When you provide a service and you help people where they’re at, with what they need, versus what you think they need, all kinds of doors get opened and all kinds of people become interested,” Hawkins told me during a recent podcast conversation. “I’ve worked with casinos, auto manufacturers, schools, hospitals, churches and more.”

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Source: Nemo, J. (2017, January 17). 1 simple strategy to make you stand out on LinkedIn. The Memphis Business Journal. Retrieved from http://www.bizjournals.com/memphis/how-to/marketing/2017/01/1-strategy-to-make-you-stand-out-on-linkedin.html

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