Management & Program Assistants Wanted

The Federal Jobs Digest reports that vacancies exist across the nation for Management and Program Assistants, with some federal agencies having more than one opening.

“Job listings have been posted by the Departments of the Treasury, the Interior and Transportation.

Major Duties

Employees in this series supervise or perform clerical and technical work in support of Management Analysts and Program Analysts.  Their goal is to evaluate and improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity of organizations and programs.

A general description of the occupational duties is as follows:  “Coordinates and administers the Food Service Program for the unit, ensuring maximum accountability and appropriate use of food service resources, in part by adopting the role of Quality Assurance Evaluator (QAE).  Manages the surveillance of the food contractor’s quality program.  Reviews and implements pertinent regulations and directives.  Exercises sound judgment and innovative approaches to creative problem solving in the absence of specific guidance or related directives where necessary.  Analyzes higher headquarters requirements and command needs.  Initiates and recommends action for implementing programs designed to provide optimum food service support.  Provides authoritative technical advice and supervision to subordinate personnel pertaining to food service matters.  Conducts inspections, to ensure compliance with governing policies and regulations.  Performs general administrative tasks such as record keeping, requisitioning, contracting for sanitation, food preparation, etc.  Functions as the program coordinator for food service.  Serves as the focal point for quality assurance on food service operations.  Resolves discrepancies with contract vendors and the base contracting office”

“Qualifications Required

At the GS-5 level, applicants must have experience, education or training involving administrative or clerical experience (i.e., applying guidelines, rules and regulations to assignments, composing correspondence, researching and compiling information and data, records administration), and using computer and automation systems.

How to Apply

Interested candidates should check the job listings for “Management Assistant” on page 6 of [Federal Jobs Digest] or check the website at [and enter PIN # 538795 until 1/26/2017 and password “Newspaper”].  Candidates should also check listings in their local phone directories under “U.S. Government” to learn which Agencies are located in any given area.  A phone call to the personnel office can help applicants learn about the Agency’s hiring plans.  Callers should ask to speak to the personnel specialist who handles clerical positions.  If a candidate is found to be qualified by an Agency he or she may often be hired on the spot. (emphasis added)

Candidates may also wish to visit the Agencies website:

  1. Dept of the Treasury:
  2. Dept of the Interior:
  3. Dept of Transportation:


Source:  Kim, Y.S. (2017, January 13). Management and Program Assistants wanted. Federal Jobs Digest, 44(1), pp. 1, 3, 31.

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