Federal Agencies in Need of Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians

There are over 150 vacancies for “Pharmacy and Pharmacy Technicians”.



GS-2 positions applicants:  “high school diploma or equivalent; or at least 3 months of experience.

Certification by the National Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) is required at grades GS-6 and above.”

“…GS-7 level” candidates “must have completed a four-year course in pharmacy and have a Bachelor’s or higher degree from an approved pharmacy school.  Applicants also need to be licensed.”

“…GS-9 level” candidates “must have completed the requirements for the GS-7 level plus have at least one year of post-licensure professional pharmacy experience.”

“…GS-11 level and above” candidates “must meet the requirements for the GS-9 level and have 2 years of graduate study at an approved pharmacy college.”

To Apply

Applicants can “contact VA medical centers in the areas where they wish to work and request information about job openings.  A list of VA medical center locations appears on page 4 of [the Federal Jobs Digest].”

Applicants can “also contact Department of Defense installations in their area to obtain vacancy information.  Addresses and phone numbers for these installations may be found in the local phone directory under “U.S. Government.”  Candidates should scan the Federal Jobs Nationwide section for current vacancies or look on-line at www.jobsfed.com [use PIN # 538795 until 1/26/17 and PWD “Newspaper”].

Candidates may also visit the following:

Dept of Veterans Affairs http://www.va.gov/jobs

Dept of Defense http://www.defense.gov/About-DoD

Dept of Health & Human Services http://www.hhs.gov/about/careers/index.html 

Tennessee VA locations are:  “Memphis…38104, Mountain Home…37601, Murfreesboro …37130, Nashville…37203, Nashville…37212”


Source: Kim, Y.S. (2017, January 13). Several agencies hiring pharmacists and pharmacy techs. Federal Jobs Digest, 44(1), pp. 1, 3, 4, 31.


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