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Tips to Accomplish Career Goals

Harvey Mackay writes on how to accomplish your career goals.  Here are the strategies:

  • “Tap into your mental toughness
  • Be realistic
  • Keep your day job
  • Adapt to change
  • Create your own job
  • Be prepared for sacrifice
  • Re-evaluate your goals”


Source and to read about these and other tips:  Mackay, H. (2017, January 23). There’s value in believing in yourself when no one else does. Memphis Business Journal. Retrieved from http://www.bizjournals.com/memphis/how-to/growth-strategies/2017/01/theres-value-in-believing-in-yourself-when-no-one.html


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Kroger to Add Local Jobs

Steve Watkins reports in the Memphis Business Journal that Kroger is looking to fill “600” jobs in the Memphis area.


Source and to see the full article:  Watkins, S. (2017, January, 24). Kroger adding thousands of jobs. Memphis Business Journal. Retrieved from http://www.bizjournals.com/memphis/news/2017/01/24/kroger-adding-thousands-of-jobs.html?ana=e_me_set3&s=newsletter&ed=2017-01-25&u=7AFEoj9ZpwPZB39vYu49Hw0827bd77&t=1485553970&j=77185561

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Radial Hiring Event Wednesday, February 1

Applicants:  Please bring 2 forms of ID and copy of high-school diploma or transcript.

For more information, see below


For any questions please contact Phil Dotson 901-636-7938 or Tamara Irving 901-636-6822

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Shelby County Schools to Host Job Fair February 2

The job fair will be Thursday, February 2, 2017 from 10 am to 2 pm at the Bert Ferguson Community Center located at 8505 Trinity Road, Memphis, TN 38018

For more information, please see below


For any questions please contact Phil Dotson 901-636-7938 or Mary Pennington 901-636-6827

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Staff Line Hiring Event Tuesday, January 31


Before interviewing, make sure you’ve registered on Jobs4TN.gov and have your referral prior to interviewing.  Always come to the interview ready with a copy of your resume.

For any questions please contact our TDOL partner Darrell Lewis at 901-365-3205.

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City of Memphis Job Openings


Job Postings as of 01/25/2017

Apply online at https://www.governmentjobs.com/careers/memphistn

Recreation Program Manager – 1 opening

  • Memphis, TN
  • Civil Service – $47,910.20 – $73,299.20 annually
  • Category:  Management

Works under the general direction of the Director of the Parks and Neighborhoods Division or designee to manage, plan, develop, organize and schedule a broad range of general and special recreation programs and activities in assigned community centers. Manages new program activities, equipment and materials for staff. Studies and assesses national programs to identify opportunities to expand existing programs at the community centers. Monitors staff in the performance of assigned duties to ensure that programs are appropriately implemented.  Provides training, work direction, assignment of duties, evaluation of work performance, and discipline of assigned staff.  Prepares, processes, and approves payroll for assigned staff.  Processes and facilitates personnel transactions.  Establishes and maintains cooperative working relationships with public and media through travels to various neighborhood associations, businesses, etc.  Oversees condition of facilities and equipment, and reports condition to manager.  Maintains operating budget and prepares and submits budget proposals to Director.  Prepares various activity reports for  manager.  Studies recreational facilities and evaluates neighborhood recreational needs and programs by driving to community centers throughout the City, and develops recreational plans accordingly.

Community Center Director – 1 opening

  • Memphis, TN
  • Civil Service – $38,701.52 – $58,448.00 annually
  • Category:  Management/Professional

Works under the direction of a Manager of Recreation Programs in the Park Services Division. Responsible for day-to-day operations of a community center including supervising staff, and developing, planning, organizing, and executing recreational/educational programs that meet the needs of the community; deals frequently with neighborhood associations, local businesses, and the general public to determine recreation interests and needs of all ages; provides training, work direction, assignment of duties, evaluation of work performance, and discipline for assigned personnel; monitors daily expenditures and submits budget proposals to supervisor; maintains daily attendance records and completes payroll documents for assigned employees; maintains daily activity reports; and establishes and maintains a cooperative working relationship with public, volunteers and various civic groups.  Transports participants to different sites throughout the City to participate in various recreational activities.

HCD Loan Analyst – 1 opening

  • Memphis, TN
  • Civil Service Grant – $38,701.52 – $58,448.00 annually
  • Category:  Professional

Works under the direction of an assigned supervisor in Housing and Community Development (HCD) to process, review, and approve loan applications and/or contracts for various programs.  Underwrites loan applications per guidelines. Calculates loan repayment with interest, escrow and recommended loan approval.  Accepts and reviews bid documents to prepare formal application and submit for approval.  Determines loan amount and computes interest and payments as required.  Interprets government regulations and ensure applications comply with funding agency guidelines.  May classify collectible and uncollectible loans through federal, state, and local sources.  Makes recommendations to management regarding uncollectible loans.  Assists loan applicants during various stages of the process and through the one year warranty period.  Conducts detailed analysis via computer of applicant’s financial statements to determine feasibility of granting the loan.  Conducts pre-qualification interviews with applicant to determine if basic qualifications are met.  Performs credit checks on applicant by contacting credit bureau as needed.  Communicates government regulations and program guidelines to applicant.  Contacts all applicants to set up repayment plans if necessary.  Reviews and monitors payments and expenditures for loan purposes.  Reviews and analyzes accounts to determine if sufficient funds are available to pay premiums and taxes if applicable.  Collects funds for various types of payment accounts.

Community Development Analyst – 1 opening

  • Memphis, TN
  • Civil Service Grant – $38,701.52 – $58,448.00 annually
  • Category:  Professional

Works under the direction of the assigned manager in Housing and Community Development (HCD).  Collects and analyzes information in order to prepare various departmental reports that demonstrate Division’s compliance with regulations governing various programs.  Reviews, receives, and evaluates applications for funding for nonprofit and governmental agencies to determine completeness and eligibility according to regulations. Summarizes and assists the review committee with proposed activities and selection of projects for funding.  Negotiates terms of contracts with representatives of approved agencies including scope of services and measurable goals.  Drafts and processes contracts with agencies for programs according to applicable Federal, State and local regulations and requirements.  Processes, enters, and prepares computerized checklist to setup, revise and close contract information in the appropriate computer system.  Monitors and reviews agency activities per contract terms.  Corrects and approves check requests for eligible activities.  Verifies and monitors that check requests are paid in a timely manner.  Monitors and audits agencies to ensure compliance with regulations and contract terms.  Prepares, monitors, and compiles monthly, quarterly, and annual activity, performance, and other reports for internal and external review.

Photo Lab Technician – 1 opening

  • Memphis, TN
  • Civil Service – $31,613.92 annually
  • Category:  Public Safety / Professional

Works under the general supervision of an assigned supervisor in the Communication Services Photo/Graphic Arts Department, Police Services Division. Takes photographs for the Division, City, and other law enforcement agencies as needed; operates 35mm and digital cameras; utilizes a video capture system in conjunction with computer based programs to produce digital image identification cards for Division personnel; takes aerial photographs from a helicopter; develops all color and black & white negatives to produce prints and enlargements for the Division, City, and other law enforcement agencies; makes copies of existing photographs where negatives are not available; processes microfilm; mixes chemicals used in color and black & white processing and printing; operates lab equipment such as negative roller transport machines, print processors, color and black & white enlargers, microfilm densitometers, copy cameras, and PCs; performs routine maintenance on cameras and lab equipment; creates photo line-ups using various computer programs; inputs sensitive data into the computer along with filing of materials.

Librarian – Customer Service – 1 opening – appointed vacancy

  • Memphis, TN
  • Appointed – $35,030.84 – $52,540.80 annually
  • Category:  Professional

Works under the direction of the Agency Manager and/or other designated personnel to provide public information services and provide reader’s advisory services at the general reference desk to the public. Performs professional duties in the area of collections development and programming.  Provides general assistance in library usage to customers using print and technology services. Maintains and develops the collection through regular assessment and weeding. Orders, maintains and develops library materials in specified collection areas.  Assists in training new staff members in agency procedures and processes. Assists the public with the use of library materials and equipment. Attends training, workshops, seminars and independent reading of professional literature and listservs. Supports the system policies, procedures, goals and objectives through positive customer service. Participates in developing the agency’s goals and objectives. Coordinates and supervises the work of volunteers as directed. Travels throughout the building and pushes fully loaded carts and shelves materials, on an as needed basis. Creates, plans, and conducts programs in the agency, region, and system as an assigned Librarian.

IT Support Manager – 1 opening – appointed vacancy

  • Memphis, TN
  • Appointed – $38,701.52 – $58,448.00 annually
  • Category:  Management

Works under the direction of the Library Director and manages the processes for the installation, operation, maintenance, and repair of library information technology equipment and systems. Reports issues with the operations of the library’s computer center, local and wide area computer networks, printers, software, telephone help desk, telephone systems, security systems, A/V equipment, and other information technology equipment and systems to the City’s Information System department. Meets regularly with Library Director regarding policies, procedures, and operations. Provides support for management and staff as needed. Trains and educates Library Division of technical initiatives and advances.  Provides knowledge of standards and procedures of information technology as it pertains to the automation of business process analysis. Guides personnel in the identification and evaluation of alternative technological solutions including business justification and cost analysis. Develops schedules and creates performance reports to monitor Library project objectives and project status. Maintains contact with external entities, including equipment manufacturers and vendors. Ensures work complies with City and Library policies and procedures.  Coordinates installation, maintenance, and repair of information technology equipment and systems.  Provides basic operational instructions of information technology equipment for end users. Manages and delegates service requests to the City’s desktop support technicians. Ensures quality resolutions for all service requests. Coordinates contracts with vendors to out-source the installation, maintenance, and repair of information technology equipment and systems as needed.  Prepares information technology RFI and RFP.  Develops and manages a budget for information technology support function. Travels to various locations throughout the City for meetings and to provide information technology support.

Procurement IT Analyst – 2 openings

  • Memphis, TN
  • Civil Service – $42,966.56 – $65,312.00 annually
  • Category:  Professional

Works under the direction of the Contract/Budget Manager. Prepares requests for quotes (RFQs) and requests for proposals (RFPs) for information technology products and services. Prepares qualification requests for professional information technology resources. Prepares and submits bids and contract documents to Purchasing. Processes purchase requisitions through the Oracle Financial system. Authorizes contracted providers to procure information technology services. Coordinates purchases and activities associated with formal RFQs and RFPs. Documents, prioritizes, and manages multiple requests and projects simultaneously. Provides status updates on technology and equipment purchases. Tracks and monitors budgets and costs associated with assigned projects and operational requests. Ensures funds are available for invoice payments. Prepares check requests. Maintains current knowledge of the City’s purchasing policies, procedures, and requirements, as well as contract vendor procedures. Engages vendors to obtain or provide information. Creates and updates documents, spreadsheets, charts, graphs, and presentations using various computer software applications.

Antineglect Supervisor – 1 opening

  • Memphis, TN
  • Civil Service – $47,910.20 – $73,299.20  annually
  • Category:  Management

Works under the general supervision of the Neighborhood Improvement Administrator in the Code Enforcement Service Center to enforce the City of Memphis Code of Ordinances related to anti-neglect and/or dangerous, derelict, or abandoned structures in multi-family housing, commercial, and industrial areas.  Supervises assigned staff and administrative matters relating to the anti-neglect section/ordinance.  Inspects buildings quarterly to ensure owners are in compliance with applicable codes. Reviews owners’ rehabilitation plans that have been prepared by a licensed and registered architect and approved by Shelby County Code Enforcement. Reviews quarterly registration fees (fee required for registration of an abandoned, dangerous or derelict building) through the City Treasury Division.  Issues summons and/or citations on matters relating to the enforcement of the Anti-Neglect/Derelict Ordinance. Represents the division in court on matters relating to the enforcement of the Anti-Neglect/Derelict Ordinance, as necessary. Coordinates with outside consultants, as needed, to assist on special projects that may be mandated by the City. Ensures proper record keeping of fees collected and checks accounting records on a daily basis. Performs inspections by driving to various worksites throughout the city.

Library Delivery Clerk – 1 opening – appointed vacancy

  • Memphis, TN
  • Appointed – $26,692.12 – $39,228.80 annually
  • Category:  Clerical & Data Entry / Trades

Works under the direction of the Delivery and Distribution Manager to drive library vehicles to assigned sites to distribute, pick-up, and sort mail or materials. Loads and unloads the vehicle and sorts materials into bins by destination. Enters data into computer terminal to show location and status of materials routed and to prepare materials for circulation. Processes outgoing mail and affixes postage or consigns to outside agent. Makes delivers to the United States Post Office. Sorts incoming inter-office mail, outside deliveries into mailboxes, and materials belonging to all branch locations such as: books, AV material, inter-departmental and regular mail, Friends donations and discards, newspapers, magazines, bus schedules and many other type hand-outs. Accepts deliveries to the dock area, when needed and places in the appropriate holding areas on the dock. Completes various forms, such as: Friends donation forms, trip reports, statistical logs, etc.  Tracks summer reading materials, bus schedules, tax forms, boxes, etc., and logs new materials received for Acquisitions Department. Serves as back-up for other clerical staff in performing on-line functions, such as discharging materials, routing materials, sorting, etc.

Building Maintenance Supervisor – City Hall – 1 opening

  • Memphis, TN
  • Civil Service – $47,910.20 – $73,299.20 annually
  • Category:  Management / Maintenance

Works under the general direction of the Operation  City Hall Administrator and is responsible for first line supervision of maintenance on buildings, equipment, environmental and support equipment systems, and structures of an assigned facility.  Prepares material lists, assists in drafting bid contracts, compiles bid lists, and estimates cost for operation; assists in annual budget process.  Coordinates security services and maintenance for major repairs to mechanical and electrical equipment and determines when to recommend contractors for repairs.  Develops and maintains preventative maintenance repair schedules and records for building mechanical systems, work order maintenance and other miscellaneous systems.  Maintains proper operation of all electronic alarm and monitoring systems; performs safety and fire inspections on all buildings and equipment; Inspects building for maintenance needs and disability access requirements.  Assists in updating security and parking procedures; assists in revising the emergency/disaster plan.  Administers and maintains the master key control program to include access control procedures and systems.    Provides work direction, assignment of duties, evaluation of work performance, and discipline of assigned staff.  Attends various meetings and work sites across the City.  Creates and compiles various reports by utilizing various Microsoft applications.  Interacts and communicates verbally and in writing with vendors, management, and staff on a variety of issues and concerns.

Diversity / Contract Analyst – 1 opening

  • Memphis, TN
  • Civil Service – $47,910.20 – $73,299.20 annually
  • Category:  Professional

Works under the direction of the assigned manager to promote diversity and compliance for all bid proposals and contracts for the division.  Works with the Office of Business Diversity & Compliance to identify diverse suppliers for increased participation.  Facilitates all aspects of the contracts process, including the procurement, administration, and contracting for goods or services for the division in accordance with City’s purchasing policies and procedures.  Prepares and distributes solicitations for Request for Proposals (RFP) and/or Request for Quotations (RFQ), contracts and related documents.  Reviews bid proposals and recommends approval or non-approval based on their compliance with bid specifications. Prepares change orders, amendments, extensions, encumbrances, and final payments in accordance with the budget, accounting procedures, and risk management insurance requirements. Monitors long-term contracts to assist with maximizing the most competitive pricing for the division.  Verifies fund availability in the financial system including encumbered line, service center, account, and contracts.  Conducts pre-qualification, re-bid, pre-award, and contract compliance review conferences with contractors. Assess all awarded contracts on an annual basis and prepares a compliance monitoring schedule.  Tracks and monitors contracts and projects for Minority and Woman Business Enterprise (MWBE) participation.  Reports information monthly regarding diversity programs to management as directed. Maintains, coordinates, and updates contracts scoring and ranking process, selection decisions and tracking system to ensure contract files are complete and fully documented.   Receives and responds to inquiries regarding contracting opportunities.   Develops timetables to ensure all work activities stay on projected implementation schedules.  Acts as the division liaison to ensure compliance with the city’s MWBE goals, strategies and standards. Conducts training for division’s staff members at various locations regarding MWBE opportunities, programs requirement, and related legal statutes.   Analyzes and prepares statistical and procurement–related documents of vendor spending for review, contract compliance, and evaluation of minority business participation.  Provides technical assistance and interprets contract provisions.  Closes out contracts in accordance with applicable policies and procedures.  Prepares and creates variety of reports and correspondences for management, vendor contact disputes, and other contact related issues and concerns.   May assist in supporting the division’s budget staff in managing contractual spending and preparing the annual budget.



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Referrals Help Land Jobs. Industries That Are Competitive & Less Competitive

Getting a referral for a job in a company helps job seekers land jobs.  Therefore, if you know somebody who works in a company for which you would like to work, contact that person.  If you know person A who knows person B who works in a company you want to work in, contact person A to try to get a referral to person B.

The Memphis Business Journal reports, “The best way to stand out is to get a referral.  Jobvite [a California-based recruiting firm] data found that referred applicants are 5 times more likely than average to be hired and 15 times more likely to be hired than applicants from a job board.”

The Memphis Business Journal also reports applicants should be enthusiastic, since enthusiasm helps in getting hired.  “About 78 percent of recruiters cite a positive attitude as a major factor in a hiring decision, followed by a good command of the job requirements (76 percent) and conversation skills (73 percent).”

If you want to try to find a job in the executive levels of a company, be prepared to wait about one month and have an average of 5 interviews, the Memphis Business Journal states.

Some industries are hotter than others.  “Since 2014, the number of jobs created with “data science” in the title has risen 64 percent.  In that same period, jobs created with phrases like “artificial intelligence,” “machine learning” or “deep learning” have grown 140 percent.”

Industries that are competitive, meaning it is hard to get an interview are, “[m]edia and consumer internet…” and “education”.

Easier industries to enter are “real estate and insurance….” In those industries, about 1 in 3 applicants land a job.

Booming industries are “energy and real estate….”  Energy jobs have tripled, while real estate jobs have doubled “between 2014 and 2016….”

Lastly, the fields of engineering and finance grew “more than 40 percent” from 2014 to 2016.


Source and to see the full article:  Hall, G. (2017, January 25). The industries that recruiters say are most competitive (and how you can stand out). Memphis Business Journal. Retrieved from http://www.bizjournals.com/memphis/news/news-wire/2017/01/25/the-industries-that-recruiters-say-are-most.html?ana=e_ae_set4&s=article_du&ed=2017-01-25&u=7AFEoj9ZpwPZB39vYu49Hw0827bd77&t=1485536986&j=77190601

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Southern Security Federal Credit Union Signed Lease in Southaven

Jobs may be possible to find in the future at Southern Security’s Federal Credit Union when it will be built at 6717 Airways Blvd, Southaven, MS.

The Memphis Business Journal reported that the credit union “signed a 13-year lease for 2,700 square feet of space….  Southern Security FCU is ranked No. 5 on Memphis Business Journal’s Book of Lists for Memphis-based credit unions.”


Source and to see the full article:  Nichols, M. (2017, January 25). Done deal: Trio of done deals span from North Mississippi to East Memphis. Memphis Business Journal. Retrieved from http://www.bizjournals.com/memphis/news/2017/01/25/done-deal-trio-of-done-deals-span-from-north.html?ana=e_ae_set1&s=article_du&ed=2017-01-25&u=7AFEoj9ZpwPZB39vYu49Hw0827bd77&t=1485535834&j=77190601 

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Shelby County Government Jobs


Apply online by going to https://jobs.shelbycountytn.gov

An online application must be submitted for all job openings
in order to be considered for a position.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact Human Resources Employment (901) 222-2327.

Job Title:  Clerical Specialist
Job #: 17-15842
Department: Community Services
Job Status: Grant
Open Until: 02/03/17

Job Title: Clerical Specialist  
Job #: 17-15782
Department: Health Services
Job Status: Grant
Open Until: 02/03/17

Job Title: Law Enforcement Advocate   
Job #: 17-15837
Department: Crime Victims Center
Job Status: Grant
Open Until: 02/03/17

Job Title: Lead Registered Dietician
Job #: 17-15795
Department: Health Services
Job Status: Grant
Open Until: 02/24/17

Job Title: Budget Analyst
Job #: 17-15908
Department: Finance
Job Status: Open
Open Until: 02/03/17

Job Title: Clerical Specialist
Job #: 17-15847
Department: Juvenile Court
Job Status: Open
Open Until: 02/03/17

Job Title: Clerical Specialist (PCI)
Job #: 17-15780
Department: Health Services 
Job Status: Open
Open Until: 02/03/17

Job Title: Compensation Advisor
Job #: 17-15904
Department: Human Resources 
Job Status: Open
Open Until: 02/03/17

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PTS Looking for Floor Techs & Floater


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