U.S. Department of Labor Reports About Jobs That Make a Difference and Pay Above the Midpoint

There are 10 careers in the fields of science and engineering that, according to the U.S. Department of Labor, impact a person’s “health and well-being,” and “also pay well above [the midpoint wage] “for all occupations”.  Therefore, your impact in these jobs can improve the lives of other people and provide a solid income for you.

“…the work of scientists and engineers makes a tremendous difference in our health and well-being….Here are some of the science and engineering occupations impacting health care. All pay median wages above the median wage for all occupations ($36,200) and are projected to have job openings through 2024. All of these jobs need at least a bachelor’s degree for entry.”

Here are the 10 careers:

  1. “Biochemists and Biophysicists
  2. Biomedical Engineers
  3. Chemists
  4. Chemical Engineers
  5. Epidemiologists
  6. Materials Engineers
  7. Medical Scientists
  8. Microbiologists
  9. Nuclear Engineers
  10. Materials Scientists”

For information about these careers and salary information, read the full article here.


Source:  Morisi, T. (2017, January 31). Make your mark in health care with a science or engineering job. U.S. Department of Labor Blog.  Retrieved from https://blog.dol.gov/2017/01/31/make-your-mark-health-care-science-or-engineering-job


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