Ways to Pick a Job That Won’t Overtake Your Life

The Memphis Business Journal reports four ways job seekers can keep a job from taking over their lives.

According to “Mercedes De Luca, chief operating officer of software company Basecamp,” there are four tips job seekers can use to build careers without lengthy days at work:

  1. Combine what you do with what you love. … Before you start your job hunt, think about which roles will combine the things you care about with the things you’re good at.  For example, if your background is accounting and you love to travel, a position at a hospitality company could be perfect.
  2. Sign on for the people.  In an interview, you need to show what you can do for the company, but you also want to learn how working at the company will further your career.  People are key here, and respect for employee time starts at the top.  Is the hiring manager likely to be a great coach or mentor?  Does he or she seem to work relentlessly?”
  3. Ask the right questions about culture. … [T]here are questions you can ask during the hiring process to reveal how work gets done – and that can tell you a lot about whether it can get done in a reasonable workweek.  Ask questions like: … What is a great project your team recently finished?  How many people worked on it, and how long did it take?  Which outcomes will I be accountable for, and how will my success be measured?  That final question is critical.  Keeping your work hours in check demands that you focus on the work that truly matters. …
  4. Set the right tone after you take the job. … Set your boundaries for sane work hours, and let your team know they shouldn’t call you on nights or weekends unless something is legitimately urgent.  Likewise, you’ll honor their time.  Then, use your work time wisely.  Identify the most important tasks for each day, schedule blocks on your calendar to prioritize that work, and resist distractions – that includes answering non-urgent emails or scheduling meetings where no work actually gets done.


When you make your hours on the job more meaningful, you’ll find that your work life can support both reasonable hours and success.”



Source and to read the full article:  Manciagli, D. (2017, February 9). 4 ways to choose a job that won’t take over your life. Memphis Business Journal. Retrieved from http://www.bizjournals.com/memphis/how-to/human-resources/2017/02/4-ways-to-choose-a-job-that-won-t-take-over-your.html



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