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Durham School Services Job Fair February 23

The Job Fair will be February 23 10:00am-7:00pm at the Agricenter, 7777 Walnut Grove, Rd., 38120 Building C

Apply on site, complete a safety assessment, and schedule an interview.  Candidates should bring a current driver’s license and social security card.

If unable to attend this job fair, call (901) 381-1288 or go online to http://www.durhamschoolservices.com to schedule an appointment.



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Shelby County Government Jobs

Apply online by going to https://jobs.shelbycountytn.gov

An online application must be submitted for all job openings
in order to be considered for a position.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact Human Resources Employment (901) 222-2327.

Job Title:  Financial Analyst
Job #:  17-16188
Department:   Finance
Job Status:  Open 
Open Until:  March 3, 2017

Job Title:  Human Resources Specialist
Job #:  17-16482
Department:   Human Resources
Job Status:  Open 
Open Until:  February 24, 2017 

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City of Memphis Jobs

Apply online by going to https://www.governmentjobs.com/careers/memphistn?

Database Analyst – 1 opening

  • Memphis, TN
  • Civil Service – $42,966.56 – $65,312.00 annually
  • Category:  Public Works

Works under the direction of an Administrator or designee to create, develop, implement, and maintain a comprehensive data management program to include a variety of databases such as: citizen service request, inventory management, maintenance request and repairs, projects, regulatory compliance records, permit records, barricade records, asset and equipment inventory, fuel reports, employee attendance reports, training records, lift station faults and error reports.  Performs various phases of database application systems development utilizing mapping software. Provides support by coordinating, designing, modifying, and documenting database programs and procedures.  Creates queries and produces custom reports from databases that are requested by management.  Conducts applications planning to recommend the appropriate information technology in order to provide complete maintenance tracking systems and to help analyze and solve operational problems.  Analyzes and corrects database program malfunctions.  Provides technical oversight and personnel training for specified service center with program and technical assistance as needed.  Utilizes appropriate computer software to perform various job functions.  Assembles, analyzes, and presents related technical reports as requested from management from the data management programs implemented. Serves as facilitator and makes presentations. Formulates specifications for database programs and provides guidance for implementing spreadsheet and database software programs to management staff. Evaluates and provides input in selection and development of current data management technologies. Attends various job related meetings and conferences as requested. Travels to various worksites to provide technical assistance to staff and assess information technology needs.  Prepares progress reports as required to accurately reflect operational efficiency and effectiveness. Interacts with public, vendors, management and other staff members on information technology issues and concerns.

Diversity & Inclusion Coordinator – 1 opening

  • Memphis, TN
  • Civil Service – $53,660.36 – $82,638.40 annually
  • Category:  Human Resources

Works under direction of the Senior Manager of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion to administer diversity and inclusion programs, EEO/Labor Compliance and Labor Relations functions for the City.  Coordinates citywide affirmative action/diversity and inclusion programs in support of attaining a level of workplace diversity and an organizational culture that is in alignment with the City’s goals including organizing and supporting affinity groups and community outreach programs.  Coordinates implementation of the City’s affirmative action/diversity and inclusion plan and represents the City to address related issues: researches best practices and implements initiatives to enhance inclusion across the City; benchmarks and assesses diversity levels within City departments; and recommends appropriate goals and monitors program performance through report preparation, documentation, policy analysis, and information gathering.  Proactively analyzes EEO employee population and hiring data to determine areas of needed emphasis.  Obtains buy-in from key stakeholders regarding diversity needs and goals and implements improvements designed to fully leverage internal and external diversity and inclusion opportunities.  Recommends methods by which the City can become a more equitable, diverse and inclusive work environment.  Develops and delivers training on the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace.  Plans, coordinates, and leads numerous multi-faceted, interagency projects to support diversity including the establishment and coordination of employee affinity groups and outreach and engagement programs to targeted populations across the community.  Coordinates citywide programs in support of charitable organizations. Serves as a liaison to community groups regarding human resource functions such as recruitment.  Supports overall service center functions including, but not limited to: administers various EEO, ADAAA, and FLMA functions for the City; researches, investigates, and responds to Title VII and other EEO and employment complaints; conducts employee misconduct investigations; prepares and conducts EEO-related training classes; administers the Memoranda of Understandings (MOUs) with labor organizations and addresses various labor relations matters; and assists in negotiations and impasse situations.  Counsels management and mediates on EEO and labor relations issues. Revises and/or drafts personnel policies and researches employment laws.

Environmental Technician – 1 opening

  • Memphis, TN
  • Civil Service – $31,848.18 – $47,444.80 annually
  • Category:  Public Works

Works under that general supervision of an assigned supervisor in the Storm Water Management Service Center of the Public Works Division.  Inspects industrial and municipal storm drainage systems and outflow areas to ensure conformance with government regulations and permit requirements. Conducts field investigations to collect data used in determining sources of water pollutants. Inspects pollution control equipment for conformance with regulations and installs, operates, and reads water monitoring equipment. Extracts water samples from storm drains and streams for laboratory tests and evaluates data to determine compliance and to assess pollution problems. Enters field data into the computer to produce required annual reports and prepares report of daily activities. Investigates complaints regarding storm water violations and reports findings in oral and written form. Interacts with members of the public to explain water quality issues and assists in performing environmental engineering analyses by examining typographical maps and drainage systems to accurately investigate pollutants and place monitoring equipment.

Grounds Maintenance Foreman – 1 opening

  • Memphis, TN
  • Civil Service – $29,090.10 – $43,056.00 annually
  • Category:  Parks and Neighborhoods

Works under the general supervision of an assigned supervisor.  Supervises, trains, and coordinates activities of assigned staff  including volunteers, prisoners, and other workers responsible for grounds maintenance duties such as trash and debris removal, privet and kudzu removal, pond monitoring, recycling activities, and maintenance of meadow, lawn, trails, and parking lot areas.  Instructs assigned crew on work procedures and use of equipment to ensure work is performed properly in a safe environment.  Operates and maintains vehicles and equipment such as a bobcat and a front end loader tractor with bush hog including adding fluids and fuel as needed.  Reports work progress and requests supplies and equipment as needed.  Prepares reports for on-the-job injuries and property damage.  Reviews and keeps employee time records.  Assists and leads workers in performing maintenance duties as needed.  Provides work direction and maintains records of daily work activities.

Public Works Maintenance Foreman – 1 opening

  • Memphis, TN
  • Civil Service – $31,848.18 – $47,444.80 annually      
  • Category:  Public Works

Works under the general supervision of a field supervisor in the Public Works Division.  Directs small crews responsible for various assigned duties such as repairing and maintaining storm drains, inlets, and other structures relating to drain maintenance, street repair and maintenance including ditches and roadside relating to street maintenance, and maintaining sewer lines from obstruction and stoppage in environmental maintenance.  May inspect manhole to locate stoppage, operate levers on truck to advance cleaning tools to encounter obstruction and to rotate cable or rods until obstacle is broken, retreat rod to drag out obstructions and administer chemicals to remove obstruction if assigned.  Operates sewer cleaning equipment including power rodder, high velocity water jet, and sewer flusher and cleans and disinfects domestic basements and other areas flooded as a result of sewer stoppage when assignment requires.  Instructs crew on how to complete assignments and what equipment and materials to use.  Drives truck to haul crew, materials and equipment.   Performs routine check of equipment, checks fluid, and fuels truck.  Maintains and keeps payroll time sheets as required.  Reviews work performance and recommends disciplinary action.  Communicates with residents regarding work being performed.  Uses mobile radio to communicate with supervisor and other workers.  Travels to various facilities to conduct on-site inspections.

Taxpayer Services Specialist – 1 opening

  • Memphis, TN
  • Civil Service – $29,090.10 – $43,056.00 annually
  • Category:  Finance and Administration

Works under the general direction of the Taxpayer Services Supervisor in the Treasury Department of the Division of Finance. Processes payments, overpayment refunds, and endorses checks for taxpayers and issues receipts and change due to customers. Provides refund data to Comptroller for verification purposes. Prepares documents for check processing, journal entries, daily cash reports, daily vault reports and monthly reports resolving reconciliation items. Handles returned checks and misapplied payments; verifies overpayments and corrects errors. Files and retrieves tax bills, vault reports, and other necessary documents.  Provides general information and assistance to customers. Contacts taxpayers and mortgage companies to code parcel and coordinate payment of taxes owed. Assist elderly taxpayers with tax relief, tax freeze and quarterly programs and reviews tax relief and tax freeze applications for completeness. Posts payments and balances daily transactions, refunds transactions and advance accounts to the general ledger. From counter, receives payments from property owners for current and delinquent taxes; figures penalties, interest, court costs and other fees on delinquent taxes. In the vault, receives monies from internal City Departments and provides a receipt, bags monies for bank deposits, and stores all monies for courier pickup.

WTP Control Technician – 1 opening

  • Memphis, TN
  • Civil Service –  $42,617.12 – $60,880.04 annually
  • Category:  Public Works

 Works under the general direction of a Maintenance Foreman to inspect, repair, calibrate, and install electrical instrumentation.  Inspects and tests electronic components and circuits to detect defects.  Tests faulty equipment to diagnose the cause of the malfunction using oscilloscopes, signal generators, ammeters, and voltmeters.  Repairs electrical equipment such as computers, CRTs, PLCs, control consoles, electrical monitors, and meters according to blueprints and manufacturer’s specifications.  Replaces defective electrical components and electrical wiring and adjusts mechanical parts.  Aligns, adjusts, and calibrates electrical equipment according to specifications to assure that electrical equipment functions properly.  Enters records of repairs, calibrations, and tests in maintenance files.

WTP Maintenance Electrician – 1 opening

  • Memphis, TN
  • Civil Service – $61,475.70 annually
  • Category:  Public Works

Works under the general supervision of an assigned supervisor in the wastewater treatment plant to provide Master/Journeyman level work for the installation, repair, and maintenance of electrical equipment used in high voltage transmission systems, motors, switch gears, and transformers.  Provides both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance in high voltage transmission systems, including switchgear, motor control centers, motors, transformers, controls, programmable logic controls, and other electrical systems.  Plans layout of wiring and installs wiring conduit, fixtures, generators, switches, circuit breaker fuse boxes, and electrical apparatus in buildings using hand tools, voltage testers and other testing devices; inspects wiring and fixtures for conformance to local electrical codes.  Makes estimates of time, money and materials needed.



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