Goodwill Memphis – Director, Loss Prevention


Job Title: Director, Loss Prevention

 Classification:  Exempt


Reporting to the Vice President, Donated Goods develops and implements the strategic plans and initiatives for the MGI Loss Prevention program and security controls.  Responsible for establishing and providing the ongoing training of loss prevention policies and procedures and security controls that eliminate risk and loss.  Establishes strong partnerships with management and the local law enforcement community. Provides leadership and management dealing with Security, Loss Prevention and Auditing needs for Goodwill Industries and represents Goodwill Industries in a professional manner that reflects the values and standards of the organizations mission and goals.


Awareness & Prevention:

  1. Develops, directs and educates team members on the MGI loss prevention programs and strategies. Makes necessary adjustments when applicable to the needs of the business.
  2. Create and assess loss prevention merchandise protection strategies to determine effectiveness and make necessary changes when applicable to the needs of the business.
  3. Assists with administration and maintenance of loss prevention based system for MGI including but not limited to alarm, fire, LP software and Loss Prevention Software System (LPMS), and Compliance Audit Management System (CAMS), Keyless entry systems,  access control, and Digital Video Recorders & Cameras.
  4. Analyze and review of Point of Sales, cashier transaction report theft trends, WESA, training materials and delivery, overnight donor theft report, Over/Short reports for suspicious activity and conduct investigations to determine potential loss or exposure to loss.
  5. Prepare findings and recommendations to mitigate internal and external theft through monthly Loss Prevention Department report.

Audits & Inspection:

  1. Conduct site visits to ensure loss prevention strategies and training are adhered to and based on audit findings and recommendations.  Communicates findings to respective leadership.
  2. Partners with operational leadership and reviews audit/inspection tools to identify failure points and devise a process to minimize future risks.
  3. Conducts monthly audit of Fleet Vehicle Travel utilizing GPS tracking records. Identifies opportunities and partners with leadership to address issues.
  4. Conducts monthly audit of departments with high purchasing accessibility/exposure to verify compliance and communicate findings to respective leadership.
  5. Assist in designing and implementing efficient and effective inventory shrink process.

Facility Protection:

  1. Investigates disturbances such as alarm calls, unlawful intrusion, fires, and property damage.
  2. Coordinates activities with Regional Directors, police and fire departments during alarms or emergencies.
  3. Assists with maintaining current detail key log of all facility keys, fobs (access control) as assigned based on territory.

Investigations & Case Management:

  1. Effectively utilize Loss Prevention systems to support efficiency
  2. Conducts or assists in  investigations of theft, detains, and interviews individuals apprehended for shoplifting and internal theft in accordance with MGI guidelines and SOPs
  3. Prepares investigative reports in a timely fashion for review and distribution.
  4. Participates in preparation of cases for presentation at hearings or in court, testifies as a witness at hearings and court proceedings, and present evidence of violations relating but not limited to federal, state, local law violations or internal policy violations.
  5. Utilize all reports available to identify trends in internal and external theft.
  6. Conducts interviews involving internal and external theft incidents in compliance with our Core Values and company procedures.
  7. Maintains confidentiality of and uses discretion in dealing with sensitive or controversial issues and information.
  8. Overnight donor door theft monitoring is being completed and all cases accounted for.


  1. Partners with stake holders/ different appropriate department leaders and manages process to ensure that all open cases are closed timely.
  2. Monitors Digital Video Recording at designated facilities and communicates operational/placement/quality issues.
  3. Respond and assist to all critical incidents and emergency response situations including communication, problem solving, and remediation.
  4. Partners with operational leadership and reviews loss prevention case trends to identify failure points and devise a process to minimize future risks.
  5. Partners with Safety Champions on a monthly basis to identify, design, and implement proper shrink reducing solutions.


  1. Ensures 100% customer satisfaction and buy-in while delivering training.
  2. Present Loss Prevention Awareness training at new hire orientation.
  3. Supports Leadership by providing feedback and coaching while on the field.
  4. Leads in developing and delivery of LP related training courses or content.
  5. Review and support in training of any LP related SOPs and tools as assigned.
  6. Performs other duties as assigned.


  1. Able to perform training that require repetitive motion of demonstration i.e. lifting, bending, reaching and standing for extensive periods of time.
  2. Must be able to work occasional after-hours and weekends. Also, be available for on call support as needed.
  3. Participates in mandatory training as assigned


  1. Indoor/Outdoor
  2. Site visits


  1. Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice or related field required.
  2. 2-5 years retail or logistics loss prevention management experience in a multi-unit capacity preferred.
  3. LPC and/or LPQ certification and 2 years CCTV, burglar, fire alarm maintenance/monitoring technical skills preferred.
  4. Access Control (Key & Lock Systems / Electronic systems) required

Qualified applicants are encouraged to apply online at the Memphis Goodwill Website at:  -> Careers -> Retail Opportunities ->Director of Loss Prevention


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