Doing Well on Normal and Unexpected Interview Questions

The Memphis Business Journal provides tips to job seekers from a staffing company on how to answer interview questions well.

After answering the traditional question of ““Tell me about yourself””, you can expect normal questions and one to two trickier questions.  The way to prepare for these questions is:

  1. “Do your homework” on the company by finding out as much as you can about it.
  2. “Prepare to play up your strong points”.  This question is designed for you to respond with how well you do the skills you will bring to the job for which you’re interviewing.  So be sure to confidently state your technical and soft skills.
  3. “Keep workplace culture in mind”.  For this step, find out about what it’s like working for this company.  You can ask the interviewer, ““How do you deal with workplace stress? and Describe your ideal work day.”
  4. There are times when you may receive a question you don’t expect, which can be tricky to answer.  Employers ask these questions to determine “how you think on your feet.”  To answer this tricky question, staffing company president says to “[t]ake your time” in answering this question, but not too long.  He also says to, “Show your sense of humor.”  This will help you ease into answering the question and it will help “build rapport” with the interviewer.  Do not answer this tricky question by saying you don’t know or that the question is stupid.  “Be a good sport and play along.”  While you’re delivering your answer, remember that you’re still in a “professional environment”.  Therefore, be calm when you answer, “speak clearly, maintain positive eye contact, and dare to laugh at yourself.”

For the full article and the source, see:  Manciagli, D. (2017, March 7). How to ace common (and curveball) interview questions. Memphis Business Journal. Retrieved from

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