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Baby-Palooza this Friday, March 17 at Central Library


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Motivation Related to Your Job Search

The Memphis Business Journal reports that a Stanford professor looks at motivation as a “wave with peaks and valleys, and the goal isn’t to stay at a constant peak, but rather, to recognize the valleys and adjust your effort accordingly.”

According to the professor, “it’s not realistic to expect focused attention from yourself at all times.  Instead, the key is to become more aware of your daily (or even hourly) fluctuations in motivation – and do the hardest things in your day when you’re feeling the best.”  (DiPiazza, 2017).

A person can use that information in his or her job search.  Do not be concerned if you feel your motivation slipping during the day.  Instead, recognize that slippage as a normal phenomenon.  Your motivation will rise again during the day.  As the professor suggests, doing the hardest job search activities, such as making cold calls or networking by phone call or email, would best be done when you’re feeling “the best” about yourself.  It may suit you better to do the easier tasks when your motivation is lower, such as making notes or filing job search items.

If you already know what times of the day your motivation is at peak levels, schedule those times to do the more difficult tasks, and use the other times for simpler tasks.


Reference:  DiPiazza, D. (2017, March 13). How to ride the motivation wave and overcome distraction. Memphis Business Journal. Retrieved from http://www.bizjournals.com/memphis/how-to/funding/2017/03/how-to-ride-the-motivation-wave-and-overcome.html


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FedEx Job Fair March 25





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Security Officer & Residential Advisor – BLH Job Corps/MINACT

MINACT resident advisorMINACT Security

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