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Seven Traits of Better Networkers

Ivan Misner, the visionary of “the world’s largest business networking organization” (Misner, 2017), provides seven traits for people to become better networkers.  These tips can be used by job-seekers in the local or national job markets.

Here are the 7 traits:

  1. “Good listener.”  Here, Misner stresses that, “… success in networking depends on how well we can listen and learn” (Misner, 2017).  Listening is the first step to understanding what the person with whom you’re speaking needs from you.  If you can fulfill an employer’s needs, then tell that person you will be able to fulfill those needs.  Provide an example on how you will provide solutions to those needs.
  2. “Positive attitude.  The first thing that people see from you is your attitude…. Positive business professionals are like magnets.  Others want to be around them and will send their friends and family to them” (Misner, 2017).  Relative to the job search, while you may not feel 100% confident in yourself while you are job searching, smiling to a networking contact, even if you do not know her or him, and speaking confidently about your skills will show to that person that you have a positive attitude.
  3. “Helps others/collaborative… A willingness to collaborate and help others is essential as it builds trust and helps establish a strong relationship” (Misner, 2017).  Think about that for a moment.  At the foundation of any working relationship is trust.  Without trust, people will be suspicious of your work products and whether you want to actually help people.  So for the job-seeker, if you have a skill you know you can provide, state it, and along with that statement tell the employer that you can collaborate and help that person by providing your skill.  This step lays the foundation for a strong relationship.
  4. “Sincere/authentic” (Misner, 2017).  While in a networking event with potential employers, it will help the job-seeker to be interested in the employers and believe that he or she can make a difference for those employers.  This belief will help the job-seeker project sincerity and authenticity to the employer and establish a connection.
  5. “Follows up” (Misner, 2017).  If you are a job-seeker, it is absolutely critical that you follow up with a potential employer after a networking event.  Saying you will get back to the employer, when in reality you do not, is equivalent to a broken working relationship.  The employer is not likely to talk with you again because you let her or him down the first time after the two of you met.  Instead, believe in yourself that following up matters, that it will help your networking skills, and potentially land that job you want.
  6. “Trustworthy …. When you refer someone, you are putting your reputation on the line.  You have to be able to trust your referral partner and be trusted in return” (Misner, 2017).  Here, it will help the job-seeker to trust the networking contact and believe that any referral that the networking contact provides is legitimate.  In reverse, the networking contact needs to trust that the job-seeker will contact the people that the networking contact has given the job-seeker.
  7. “Approachable …. people “will forget what you said and what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel”” (Misner, 2017).  When a job-seeker attends a networking event, he or she needs to be open to meeting a variety of people.  Even if a person you meet is not in the line of work you are looking for, she or he may know someone else who can help you find that line of work.  Since you never know about that person until you start talking with her or him, it is best to be approachable so the person feels at ease when talking with you.

“Each one of the characteristics above ties into the notion of “farming,” not “hunting.”  It’s about building mutually-beneficial business relationships.  Only then will you succeed in creating a powerful personal network” (Misner, 2017).


Source and to read the full article: Misner, I. (2017). 7 characteristics of better networkers. Memphis Business Journal. Retrieved from http://www.bizjournals.com/memphis/how-to/marketing/2017/03/7-characteristics-of-better-networkers.html



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Twenty-Five-In-Demand Jobs

The Memphis Business Journal released a list of 25 in-demand jobs with high salaries.

“”As every business morphs into the digital version of itself, the demand for workers with highly technical abilities is increasing far faster than supply,” said Indeed Senior Vice President Paul D’Arcy …. This demand, in turn, leads to the explosion in listings for tech roles.”

Here is the full list, “with average annual base salary as cited by Indeed” [note figures will likely be different for the metropolitan Memphis area]:

  1. Full stack developer, $110,770
  2. Data scientist, $129,938
  3. Development operations engineer, $123,165
  4. Salesforce administrator, $89,702
  5. IT engineer, $85,563
  6. Salesforce developer, $108,089
  7. Quality engineer, $71,111
  8. Digital project manager, $73,169
  9. Cloud engineer, $118,878
  10. Management consulting analytics manager, $90,944
  11. Project architect, $75,666
  12. Penetration tester, $115,557
  13. Senior audit manager, $118,692
  14. Civil engineer, $74,994
  15. Infrastructure engineer, $103,963
  16. Oracle HCM manager, $113,107
  17. Machine learning engineer, $134,306
  18. Patient experience manager, $99,198
  19. Commercial project manager, $80,155
  20. Registered nurse, $71,317
  21. Computer vision engineer, $127,849
  22. Revenue manager, $82,611
  23. Operations lead, $72,396
  24. Construction superintendent, $81,055
  25. Continuous improvement manager, $85,786


Source:  Arnott, D.A. (2017, March 22). Everyone wants full stack developers — and these other 24 in-demand jobs. In Memphis Business Journal. Retrieved from http://www.bizjournals.com/memphis/news/news-wire/2017/03/22/everyone-wants-full-stack-developers-and-these.html?ana=e_ae_set6&s=article_du&ed=2017-03-22&u=7AFEoj9ZpwPZB39vYu49Hw0827bd77&t=1490284997&j=77721111

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Custom Protection Security Officer – G4S


Custom Protection Security Officer

Job Reference: G4S/TP/2746326/86369
Number of Positions: 10
Job Category: Security/Protective Services
Contract Type: Full Time
Salary: Competitive
Location: Memphis, Tennessee
G4S Region: North America
Country:United States
G4S Business Unit:US Secure Solutions
Closing Date: April 7, 2017

Apply: http://usajobs.g4s.com/

Job Introduction:

The world’s leading private security organization, G4S, has an immediate job opportunity for a Custom Protection Officer. G4S is a security provider for the United States government, fortune 500 companies, nuclear power plants, oil and gas companies, airport, ports, banks, hospitals, factories, warehouses, commercial facilities, residential communities and much more.

G4S offers job security, excellent pay and benefits, and career opportunities. We offer entry level careers, management careers, sales careers and executive careers across the United States and internationally.

Role Responsibility:

Specific Duties and Essential Functions

  • Perform security patrols of designated areas on foot or in vehicle
  • Watch for irregular or unusual conditions that may create security concerns or safety hazards
  • Sound alarms or call police or fire department in case of fire or presence of unauthorized persons
  • Warn violators of rule infractions, such as loitering, smoking or carrying forbidden articles
  • Permit authorized persons to enter property and monitors entrances and exits
  • Observe departing personnel to protect against theft of company property and ensure that authorized removal of property is conducted within appropriate client requirements
  • Investigate and prepare reports on accidents, incidents, and suspicious activities
  • Provide assistance to customers, employees and visitors in a courteous and professional manner

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