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City of Memphis job opportunities for Wednesday, March 22, 2017:

  • Senior Design Engineer
  • Contract Analyst
  • Planning & Mapping Analyst
  • Maintenance Mechanic
  • Emergency Technology Manager
  • USAR Grant Manager
  • Fire Material Specialist
  • Industrial Monitoring Manager
  • Alarm Data Specialist

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Senior Design Engineer – 2 openings (closing date 03/31/17 for job number 2017-00016 and closing date 04/03/17 for 2017-00017)  

  • Memphis, TN
  • Civil Service:  $76,909.82 – $107,673.80 annually
  • Category:  Professional

Works under the general direction of assigned supervisor in the assigned engineering service center.  Plans, designs and supervises the completion of a variety of engineering and major projects requiring the use of advanced techniques and modification of engineering practices, procedures and materials relating to the assigned service center.  Supervises engineers, technicians, and consultants on assigned work, reviews work, estimates personnel need, and schedules work to meet completion date.  Designs and reviews plans for CIP projects to ensure conformance with standard engineering practices, rules, and regulations of governing agencies.  Provides technical advice and assistance to plans review engineers and construction inspectors to ensure consistency and conformance to city standards.  Supervises and coordinates consultant work, determines proposal and cost estimates, negotiates fees, and defines scope of projects. Monitors engineering work to ensure adherence to project guidelines.  Evaluates current practices and researches new developments in materials and construction methods to recommend changes in procedures, design or material where necessary.  Makes site visits for inspections and attends meetings throughout the city by driving to various locations. Represents the City in meetings to answer important questions, resolve concerns, and plan and coordinate work.  Performs detailed engineering computation.  Inspects project sites to monitor progress, ensure conformance to plans and specifications, and recommend repair and replacement of structures.  Uses computer-assisted engineering, design software, and equipment to prepare documents.

Contract Analyst – 1 opening   

  • Memphis, TN
  • Civil Service:  $38,701.52 – $58,448.00 annually
  • Category:  Professional

Works under the direction of the Assistant Purchasing Agent in the Purchasing Service Center responsible for the preparation of contracts which includes the processing of contract change orders, amendments, extensions, encumbrances, and final payments in accordance with the budget, accounting procedures, and risk management insurance requirements. Utilizes strong analytical skills to review and edit specifications sets and contract language to comply with purchasing guidelines. Analyzes award recommendations and justifications from divisions for compliance with purchasing policy and procedures and local, state, and federal laws; acts as a liaison between divisions and suppliers for the procurement of goods, services, and construction projects. Monitors online bids; provides online answers to suppliers; and enters surrogate quotes and disqualifies quotes as needed. Reviews and prepares negotiated contracts, Requests for Proposal (RFP), and competitive bidding. Prepares and submits Legal Notice to Bidders competitive bid advertisements and informs and assists suppliers with procedures to utilize the Oracle system as related to the Request for Qualification (RFQ) process. Works with Vehicle Storage service centers to prepare weekly car auctions which include printing brochures for upcoming sales and data entry of items to be sold; prepares check requests for weekly ads for car auctions and legal notice to bidders; and assists in maintaining surplus storage. Conducts analysis and prepares statistical and procurement-related documents and reports on vendor spending for management review using various computer software applications. Travels across the city occasionally for onsite visits.

Planning & Mapping Analyst – 1 opening

  • Memphis, TN
  • Civil Service: $38,701.52 – $58,448.00 annually
  • Category:  Professional

Works under the direction of the assigned Supervisor to monitor and coordinate the redevelopment and planning functions for the assigned Service Center. Collects data and tracks conditions and progress over time in neighborhoods and communities targeted for redevelopment. Utilizes the service center’s Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Computer Aided Design (CAD) system to assist with the planning of various projects. Utilizes Geographic Information Systems (GIS) mapping software to analyze data and monitor revitalization activities for the division. Takes digital photographs to document and record data for projects and properties surveyed. Maintains various types of supporting mapping data into applicable database formats, such as spreadsheets and shape files, for the division. Prepares various required reports according to government regulations which may involve research, analysis and compiling a significant amount of data. Creates goals and objectives and identifies and evaluates community needs from compiled data. Makes on-site visits to various properties to survey and verify computer data. Develops charts, models, maps, sketches and other visual presentations to illustrate the results and present to staff and general public on a regular basis. Attends various public meetings related to project planning and redevelopment. Monitors a variety of databases not limited to demographic data, property information, social and physical conditions of neighborhoods and/or recreational properties and insures that the information is current and accurate for division use. May be required to assist in the development of plans, such as the Consolidated Plan 3-year strategy and annual, agency, and neighborhood plans if assigned. Creates and prepares a variety of correspondence, proposals, memoranda, and other written documents by utilizing various computer applications. Interacts and communicates verbally and in writing with general public, management, and staff on a variety of issues and concerns.

Maintenance Mechanic – 1 opening

  • Memphis, TN
  • Civil Service: $26,692.12 – $35,391.72 annually
  • Category:  Maintenance

Works under the general supervision of an assigned supervisor. Performs repairs and maintenance on various types of machinery, equipment and property such as garbage carts, recycle bins, and park property. Delivers and/or picks up new, used, or defective carts from various locations and work areas if assigned.  May clean cart tools and parts with appropriate cleaning solvents and equipment including steam cleaner.  Loads and unload carts and part shipments by hand and by using fork lift if assigned to Solid Waste Management.  Repairs and maintains machinery and mechanical equipment used in an asphalt plant such as pneumatic tools and conveyor belts.  Operates lathe, grinder, and other tools to repair parts if assigned to Street Maintenance.  Installs, repairs, and performs general maintenance on playground, exercise, and athletic field equipment, basketball goals, and fences if assigned to Park Services property.  Repairs or replaces defective parts using hand and power tools.  Performs routine maintenance at numerous facilities using mechanical equipment and tools such as air-powered hand tools and air compressors.  May keep and maintain daily maintenance records.  May drive various motor vehicles such as a packer truck, bob truck, and pick-up truck with utility trailer to dispose or replace old parts and carts. Retrieves and enters work orders and service request data using various computer devices and applications if assigned.  Operates two-way radio to communicate with supervisor and other workers.

Emergency Technology Manager – 1 opening

  • Memphis, TN
  • Civil Service: $68,061.86 – $100,391.25 annually
  • Category:  Public Safety / Management

Works under the general direction of the Emergency Communications Administrator to manage the strategies and implementation plans to improve and standardize all aspects of the Emergency Dispatch Call Center’s technology operations. Serves as the Administrator for various software, server, and communication systems. Assesses the technical software and hardware needs for the Police Department, including researching and developing specifications regarding technology. Preserves assets by implementing disaster recovery and back-up procedures. Performs critical systems backups and monthly failover tests of database servers. Reviews and analyzes a variety of analytical and statistical data for management. Monitors and coordinates the CityWatch Neighborhood notification system. Serves as desktop support for the Communication Center and point of contact for all IS and interface related projects that affect the Communication Center. Manages GIS data, personnel and layers to ensure mapping data utilized by the Communications Center is current and up to date. Maintains professional and technical knowledge by attending educational workshops and seminars. Maintains awareness of new trends and developments by reviewing professional publications, establishing personal networks, bench marking state-of-the-art practices, and participating in professional associations. Manages and develops assigned staff and schedules. Creates and presents reports and presentations for City Council, Management, and various other organizations. Develops and ensures that the operational processes stay within budgetary constraints and meets operational timelines. Develops, prepares, and submits budget needs and justifications to Memphis Police Department (MPD) Finance. Plans budget for IT and Infrastructure related projects and upgrades. Reviews annual contracts to ensure renewals. Testifies in court proceedings. Attends meetings by driving to various locations.

USAR Grant Manager – 1 opening

  • Memphis, TN
  • Civil Service Grant: $35,030.84 – $52,540.80 annually
  • Category:  Professional

Works under the direction of the Memphis Fire Department (MFD) Fire Administrator with responsibility for the overall administration of the Federal Emergency Management Agency Grant and Cooperative Agreement (CA) for Tennessee Task Force One (TNTF-1). Manages, coordinates, and monitors related budget, accounting, compliance, and requirements related to the activity and status of the FEMA USAR grant and CA. Forecasts budget expenditures and analyzes trends in allocation of funds. Liaises with the Fire Administrator and FEMA to ensure reimbursements are accounted properly and assists in the preparation of Task Force post-deployment reimbursements. Maintains grant awards and project numbers filing systems to track grant and CA expenditures and provides quarterly financial reports to the USAR Program Manager. Interprets grant and CA requirements, policies, procedures, and guidelines; conducts periodic reviews of administration procedures; and recommends improvements. Communicates updated compliance goals and objectives of the grant and CA to the Fire Administrator and Program Manager. Aids Fire Administrator to ensure quarterly, semi-annual, and closeout of grant and CA expenditure reports to FEMA are delivered properly. Reviews and assists Fire Administrator with submission of federal forms and related reports to ensure completeness and accuracy of the USAR grant and CA. Performs administrative support functions to ensure grant and CA are administered according to FEMA specifications. Prepares documents, spreadsheets, and other written materials using various computer software applications.

Fire Material Specialist – 1 0pening

  • Memphis, TN
  • Civil Service: $30,906.98 – $40,284.14 annually
  • Category:  Maintenance

Works under the general supervision of the Supervisor, Logistical Services in Fire Services Division. Repairs hoses and other equipment. Receives, issues, and stores supplies, firefighting clothing, and hoses. Picks up and delivers furniture, furnishings, and firefighting accessories to and from various locations. Performs stocking, inventorying, general cleaning, and maintenance of inventory records.  Reports duties for reserve units without direct supervision in remote locations, including the Unit Room at Apparatus Maintenance. Trains and guides new personnel in the proper procedures to receive, issue, store, inventory, and deliver equipment and supplies. Travels to various work sites to audit inventory levels and deliver equipment and supplies. Creates and prepares a variety of correspondence, proposals, memoranda, and other written documents by utilizing various computer applications.

Industrial Monitoring Manager – 1 opening

  • Memphis, TN
  • Civil Service: $76,909.82 – $107,673.80 annually
  • Category:  Management / Maintenance

Works under the general direction of the Administrator of Wastewater Facilities in providing managerial oversight of the Industrial Pretreatment Programs to include National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit program, Hauled Waste Disposal program, and City Enforcement Response plan in accordance with federal, state, and local regulations. Submits professional engineering documentation to management for review and approval for accuracy and conformance with applicable codes and standards as directed.  Provides responses to any inspection, audit reports, enforcement actions, and information requests.   Directs and coordinates work of subordinate personnel responsible for the collection of industrial effluent, influent, and other samples.  Provides work direction, assigns duties, evaluates work performance, and disciplines assigned personnel.   Reviews, modifies, and approves discharge permits and applications in accordance with regulations, ordinances, and NPDES permit program for consistency and uniformity. Identifies, modifies, and reviews existing sewer use ordinances, federal pretreatment and discharge standards, permit procedures, sewer collection and sampling procedures to ensure compliance.  Implements the City Enforcement Response Plan in ensuring non-compliance issues are addressed with appropriate enforcement response with internal and external groups to include the collection of data, fines, civil penalties, monetary damage and/or testifying and presenting in court. Keeps abreast with federal, state, and local regulations and communicates changes to management and appropriate parties.  Monitors the sewer system and treatment plants to ensure compliance with regulations and discharge permits. Acts as point of contact regarding the Pretreatment programs.  Investigates and resolves pass through and interference issues and coordinates with the appropriate departments for resolution.  Travels to various work sites throughout the City to evaluate and investigate activities, issues, and work requirements.    Performs technical review of analytical and/or other data for evaluation for accuracy and completeness and receives management approval regarding technical review. Creates and prepares various reports and correspondences to include statistics and metrics utilizing various computer applications. Interacts and communicates verbally and in writing with general public, management, and other staff members on a variety of pretreatment program issues and concerns.

Alarm Data Specialist – 1 opening

  • Memphis, TN
  • Civil Service: $31,848.18 – $47,444.80 annually
  • Category:  Administration / Clerical & Data Entry

Works under the direct supervision of the Metro Alarm Administrator. Maintains and updates database by keying names, users/owners personal information, permit and parcel numbers, false alarms, alarm registrations, alarm renewals and delinquencies for commercial and residential alarm sites.  Receives faxes, emails or other designated documentation from alarm companies concerning alarm installations, updates database, and sends notification to alarm users/owners to register. Receives and keys payments from customers and updates the database, debit and credit spreadsheets and ledgers. Responds to questions posed by citizens, including walk-ins and telephone calls, related to all alarm matters. Retrieves and reviews false alarm data from database and sends appropriate notifications, based on the City’s metro alarm ordinance, to citizens of Memphis and Shelby County. Receives citations and reviews historic documentation related to false alarms.  Prepares reports related to false alarms and good alarms utilizing data received from MPD (Memphis Police Department).  Provides data to management for presentation to the court. Prepares commercial and residential alarm bills and generates alarm violations fees and notifications. Identifies semi-annually alarm and delinquent alarm accounts to be billed and provides count to Metro Alarm Administrator.  Maintains list of exclusions and works with Application Analyst semi-annually to generate invoices.  Identifies accounts satisfying delinquencies and/or credit transactions. Queries and identifies bad checks received for payment, reverses the original transactions, and provides a reconciliation statement to the accounting and treasury departments. Maintains archived legal documents pertaining to court summons. Facilitates False Alarm Reduction Class designed to inform citizens, users and owners of alarm usage and violations.



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