Tips for Career Changers

An article in the Memphis Business Journal points to three steps career changers can take to reinvent their careers.

Here are three steps:

See what you want.  I call this the creation stage. Most of us think in images. There’s no question that even if you are not a visual person, and perhaps more a feeling, or hearing type, you can use the power of visualization to reinvent your business, career and life.

Top-performing athletes, entertainers and high achievers all understand the power of visualization. This is one of the primary ways we can, “fake it til we make it.

Feel what you want.  I call this the commitment stage. Once you see something and you begin visualizing it, the next step is to feel what it will be like seeing the new you. Again, even though most of us are visual, we also feel things, unless you’re a psychopath. Feeling things makes seeing them more real.

Like with visualization, you have to practice feeling your way into the new you. Never stop practicing! Another element of this is being able to quiet your mind and listen to your heart. Meditation and mindfulness practices can be a great way to achieve this.

Trust you will get what you want.  I call this the execution phase because this is where you’ll be trusting your plan of action to get where you’re going next. This is where the work really begins; doing.

Life is a game of confidence. Everyone has fear. One of the primary differences for people who get what they want is they have an inordinate level of confidence, even if they have to fake this, too, for a while.

Trusting is knowing that what you see and feel for the new you is going to happen, even if what you want next doesn’t happen exactly on the timeline you originally intended. Trusting is knowing that if you maintain your vision and keep feeling the new you, doing the work, you will be successful.

While these three steps may seem simplistic, my experience is people come up with all sorts of reasons to not do the work. Or people tell me they can’t meditate. Baloney! If you learned what you know now, you can learn to quiet your mind without becoming a monk.

Also, you can’t reinvent yourself just by visualizing and feeling something you want. You have to trust that you will get there if you follow people who have been where you want to go. I call these people pathfinders. We can take you where you want to go safely, because we’ve been where you want to go.”

Source and to see full article: Jones, C. (2017, May 2). How to reinvent your business, career and life in 3 simple steps. In Memphis Business Journal. Retrieved from


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