Improving Your Skills for Better Job Opportunities

A job seeker can gain new skills in his or her industry.  Even for career changers, it is possible for job seekers to learn new skills that are marketable  You can achieve the results you want if you’re willing to put forth the time and effort.

Job seekers should try to build new soft skills and technical skills.  Soft skills include leadership, collaboration, and teamwork.  Technical skills should be in areas relevant to a job seekers industry.  For example, if your industry is telecommunications, you would want to learn about software programs by Oracle since it is heavily involved in telecommunications.

One way to understand what your industry requires in terms of soft and technical skills is to read job descriptions at the level at which you hope to work.  You can read these job descriptions on a range of employer websites.  These job descriptions usually state the technical knowledge required to do the job.  After reading these job descriptions, you can figure out ways to learn and work with software on your own.  And in terms of soft skills required by the job description, you can practice leadership, collaboration, and teamwork at your current workplace, or if you are not currently in the workforce, you can practice them with friends and family.  And when you get that job interview, you can tell the interviewer that you have been learning and practicing these skills.  This will show to the interviewer that you enjoy learning and that you take initiative.

Another way to learn of the required soft and technical skills in order to land a job is to network with people in your industry who are working for companies that use these skills.  These people usually have up-to-date knowledge about cutting edge skills they can share with you.

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