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City of Memphis Job Opportunities


Job Title: Pipelayer     

  • Job Type: Civil Service  
  • Salary: $26,692.12 annually  
  • Closing date: 6/20/2017
  • Location:  Memphis, TN
  • Job number: 2017-00157

Works under the supervision of a maintenance foreman to perform skilled manual work in repair and maintenance which may include the City’s storm drain system and sanitary sewer system.  Installs pipe of various sizes and configurations. Makes tie-in to structure, outfall lines or interceptor lines. Applies cement or mortar to pipe to reconstruct pipe or seal cracks, sometimes from inside the underground pipe. Clears around pipe to make repairs. Signals equipment operators to facilitate alignment to remove pipe.  Arranges concrete bags to construct drainage facility walls.  Operates various types of trucks including tandem axle equipped with dump body, mower, and P.T.O sprayer, etc.  Transports and dumps various materials such as sand, crushed pavement, asphalt, and rocks.


Job Title: Human Resources Operations Manager

  • Job Type: Civil Service 
  • Salary: $76,909.90 – $107,673.87 annually
  • Closing date: 06/22/17 
  • Location:  Memphis, TN
  • Job number: 2017-00142

Works under the direction of the Employee Services Officer to manage, develop, implement and maintain all information systems supporting human resources services in collaboration with the Information Services Division.  Directs and coordinates work of subordinate personnel responsible for Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS), Data Management, and Business Partner functions.  Provides work direction, assigns duties, evaluates work performance, and disciplines assigned personnel. Keeps abreast with federal, state, and local regulations and best practices for communications changes.   Monitors the effectiveness of HR information systems to receive, review, and resolve requests or complaints regarding system/data errors and/or deficiencies.  Improves productivity and enhances effectiveness of processes to meet HR business needs. Ensures the staff members make accurate and timely updates and troubleshoots issues as they arise. Collaborates with Information Services to coordinate the resolution of high-level technical/programming issues.  Manages on-going audits and the validation of personnel data maintained in the HRMS system. Prioritizes HRIS projects and the use of resources based on overall divisional data and the information management needs for Business Partner functions, Data Management, and  HRIS.  Manages the reporting specifications process in support of HR operational needs for the Division. Coordinates with Information Services to ensure HR data and reports are maintained.  Oversees the implementation and administration regarding major  HRIS or systems projects.  Ensures the HR division hardware inventory is reconciled with Information Services.  Recommends updates and upgrades to address software needs and maintain desktop/ equipment standards.  Creates and prepares a variety of correspondence  memoranda and reports by utilizing various computer applications. Interacts and communicates verbally and in writing with management, and other staff members on a variety of HRIS, Data Management, or Business Partner issues and concerns.

Job Title: Right of Way Maintenance Foreman

  • Job Type: Civil Service
  • Salary: $29,090.10 – $43,056.00 annually
  • Closing date: 06/22/17 
  • Location:  Memphis, TN
  • Job number: 2017-00147

Works under the direct supervision of a Zone Supervisor in the Public Works Division and is responsible for the daily planning, assigning, inspecting, and supervising the work of several crews of workers engaged in public and city right-of-ways maintenance activities such as vegetation management, cutting grass, picking up litter, cutting trees, trimming shrubs, herbicide applications, and cleaning and edging streets and sidewalks.  Inspects the daily working activities to ensure proper procedures are followed.  Keeps daily attendance records for assigned staff members. Works with other departments in various beautification and blight mitigation efforts. Instructs assigned crew on proper use, operation, and maintenance of various vehicles and equipment. Provides disciplinary actions and evaluates work performance.  Creates and prepares reports using various methods and computer applications. Travels to various facilities to conduct on-site inspections. Assists subordinates with the performance of tasks to achieve completion, when necessary.

Job Title: Heavy Equipment Mechanic

  • Job Type: Civil Service 
  • Salary: $60,726.64 annually
  • Closing date: 6/22/2017
  • Location:  Memphis, TN
  • Job number: 2017-00091

Works under the general supervision of an assigned foreman/supervisor.  Analyzes malfunctions, repairs and maintains heavy equipment, such as but not limited to front end loaders, backhoes, excavators, bulldozers, etc.   Operates, examines, and repairs equipment including sweepers, compressors, generators, and small engines such as chain saws, etc. Dismantles and reassembles equipment, using hoists and hand tools. Examines parts for damage or excessive wear. Repairs or replaces defective parts, such as transmission and pumps. Fabricates parts by operating machines, such as shears, cutoff saw, welders, and drill press to cut and shape components to specified dimensions. Tests over-hauled equipment to insure operating efficiency. Directs workers engaged in cleaning parts and assisting with assembly and disassembly of equipment. Interprets blueprints and operation manuals to determine location, size and type of parts.

Job Title: Resource Dispatch Operator

  • Job Type: Part-Time 
  • Salary: $12.00 Hourly
  • Closing date: 6/22/2017
  • Location: Memphis, TN
  • Job number: 2017-00178

Works under the general supervision of a Watch Commander or other assigned supervisor in the Communications Service Center of Fire Services. Operates a telephone switchboard system, Telecommunications Device for the Deaf (TTY/TDD) system, computer-aided dispatch (CAD) system, paging system, video monitor and receiver, and radio console to provide fire dispatcher services and information to the public. Assists Registered Nurse Operator with calls that have been triaged as non-emergent by Emergency Medical Dispatchers. Calls local resources to arrange for alternate care and set up appointments and transportation for non-emergent callers. Assists field providers with finding resources for patients that have called 911 but do not require treatment at an emergency room. Provides important information to Fire Services personnel and members of the public and maintains/updates various lists and electronic files to disseminate accurate and timely information as required upon request. Perform multiple, routine and complex dispatch task simultaneously. Responds calmly and effectively in emergency and stressful situations. Develops speed and accuracy in performing job duties and responsibilities, including operating radio consoles computer terminals and associate communication equipment. Promotes communication and coordinates work in a team environment with co-workers, other agencies department and the public, exercising strong customer service and group dynamic skills.


Apply online by going to https://www.governmentjobs.com/careers/memphistn


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