City of Memphis Job Opportunities


Job Title: Equipment Operator (2 Openings)

  • Job Type: Civil Service  
  • Salary: $26,692.12 annually
  • Closing date: 7/3/2017
  • Location:  Memphis, TN
  • Job number: 2017-00205

Works under the supervision of an assigned supervisor.  Operates various types of trucks including tandem axle equipped with dump body to transport and dump loose materials such as sand, crushed pavement, or vegetation debris if assigned.  Operates barricade truck to reset inlet grates, manholes, and set up barricades in the right-of-way if assigned.  May operate various equipment including Flushers in street cleaning operations and PB Loaders.  Performs routine maintenance such as lubricating, fueling, and cleaning of equipment.  Repairs and performs maintenance of drainage structures and road-side ditches.  Loads and unloads materials, tools and equipment from trucks.  Digs, spreads, and levels material or dirt using shovel.  Uses air hammer to break out concrete.   Uses chain saw and hand saw to remove trees from drainage ditches.  Lifts, carries, and holds materials, tools, and supplies to various work sites.   Assist with traffic control by providing manual directions such as operating arrow boards and traffic flow at specified locations if assigned.

Job Title: Crafts Assistant

  • Job Type: Civil Service  
  • Salary: $27,800.50 annually
  • Closing date: 7/3/2017
  • Location:  Memphis, TN
  • Job number: 2017-00171

Works under the supervision of an assigned supervisor. Assists skilled crafts worker in preventive maintenance and inspections on all City facilities which may include assisting in making various types of plumbing, HVAC, electrical, finishing concrete, structural, and painting repairs using hand tools and power tools.  Performs preventative maintenance inspections and minor repairs as directed or required on all City owned equipment.  Maintains service records and generates work orders on all equipment.  Performs roof maintenance and assists roofers with minor repairs which may include annual inspections of roofs, recording blisters, cracks and shingle replacements, inspection and repair of gutters and other roof drainage equipment.  Performs semi-skilled manual work in assisting various crews involved in maintaining property and equipment, buildings and facilities throughout the city, removes concrete, prepares footings and flat areas for concrete placement, drives various size/type trucks hauling materials/ supplies and support personnel.  Delivers supplies of all types, removes waste and scrap from the job site.

Job Title: Automotive Technician

  • Job Type: Civil Service 
  • Salary: $36,398.70 annually
  • Closing date: 7/3/2017
  • Location:  Memphis, TN
  • Job number: 2017-00170

Works under the general supervision of assigned supervisor/foreman in performing preventive maintenance and minor repairs on vehicles and/or turf equipment powered by gasoline and diesel engines such as tire repair/ replacement and battery exchanges. Performs preventive/periodic maintenance and inspections to the drive train, suspension, fuel, ignition, electrical, braking, cooling, cranking, and other systems with automotive equipment (including tractors and golf/electric carts).  Sharpens lawn mowing implements and blades and performs maintenance to maintain the working condition of mowing equipment.  Troubleshoots, diagnoses, and repairs equipment problems and failures by conducting maintenance and inspection of equipment.   Retrieves trouble codes by using hand held code readers.  Checks, adjusts, and diagnoses operating conditions such as oil and grease levels to prevent system failures and breakdowns.  Reviews vehicles operating and procedure manuals to ensure proper preventative maintenance is performed.  Ensures maintenance and inspections are performed in a timely manner to ensure availability of vehicles and equipment.  Interacts and communicates verbally and in writing with a variety of staff and management from several divisions in order to facilitate the timely service of vehicles and equipment.  Maintains and documents job history on work orders to accurately depict the service visit and to facilitate flat rate billing process.  Inspects and documents conditions of equipment and report damages found not related to repair request.  Loads and transport vehicles or equipment to and from working area.  Cleans residual film from vehicles and equipment upon completion.  Keeps tools, equipment, and work area clean, organized, and in good working condition.

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