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City of Memphis Job Opportunities


Job Title: Associate Accountant A

  • Job Type: Civil Service 
  • Salary: $31,848.18 – $47,444.80 annually
  • Closing date: 7/23/2017
  • Location:  Memphis, TN
  • Job number: 2017-00269

Works under an assigned supervisor to perform standard accounting operation functions to ensure accurate data is inputted into the accounts payable, receivable and budget information.  Assists in monitoring and reviewing contracts and payments for proper documentation and authorization. Audits and processes various check requests including payroll deductions. Processes payments to check requests and purchase orders.  Logs, monitors, and follows-up with the appropriate parties regarding returned checks.   Processes tax exempt forms, W-9 forms, and void check authorized transactions.  Performs daily check distribution from the daily batch report.  Verifies available funds in the financial system including encumbered line, service center, account and contract balance. Monitors and tracks new contracts and changes to existing contracts.  Processes and posts releases retainage payments based on established policy and contract agreement.  Converts retainage to certificate of deposit or escrow accounts.  Researches vendor information discrepancies. Establishes and makes requested changes to petty cash accounts. Audits and posts travel journal entries and expense reports to ensure compliance with established travel policy.  Performs monthly field audits and reconciliation of petty cash funds.  Processes authorized journal entries relating to Accounts Payable.  Creates and prepares a variety of correspondence, memoranda, spreadsheets, and reports by utilizing various computer applications.  Interacts and communicates verbally and in writing with management and other staff members on a variety of issues and concerns

Job Title: Crewperson

  • Job Type: Civil Service 
  • Salary: $26,692.12 annually
  • Closing date: 7/23/2017
  • Location:  Memphis, TN
  • Job number: 2017-00241

Works under the direct supervision of an assigned supervisor performing various manual and general labor assignments. Picks up and collects trash/litter and commercial refuse.   Maintains upkeep of clean city streets, facility grounds and thoroughfares as assigned.  Loads and unloads materials and equipment, lifts and moves furniture or other material assigned. May pick up and deliver various supplies and equipment by traveling to various city facilities. May operate standard and automatic shift vehicles such as pick-up truck and lawn equipment in performing assigned task.   Notifies supervisor of repairs and maintenance work needed.  May perform routine cleaning such as mopping, sweeping and cleaning restrooms of  assigned buildings, facilities, grounds and equipment.

Job Title: Community Development Analyst

  • Job Type: Civil Service 
  • Salary: $38,701.52 – $58,448.00 annually
  • Closing date: 7/23/2017
  • Location:  Memphis, TN
  • Job number: 2017-00317

Works under the direction of the assigned manager in Housing and Community Development (HCD).  Collects and analyzes information in order to prepare various departmental reports that demonstrate Division’s compliance with regulations governing various programs.  Reviews, receives, and evaluates applications for funding for nonprofit and governmental agencies to determine completeness and eligibility according to regulations. Summarizes and assists the review committee with proposed activities and selection of projects for funding.  Negotiates terms of contracts with representatives of approved agencies including scope of services and measurable goals.  Drafts and processes contracts with agencies for programs according to applicable Federal, State and local regulations and requirements.  Processes, enters, and prepares computerized checklist to setup, revise and close contract information in the appropriate computer system.  Monitors and reviews agency activities per contract terms.  Corrects and approves check requests for eligible activities.  Verifies and monitors that check requests are paid in a timely manner.  Monitors and audits agencies to ensure compliance with regulations and contract terms.  Prepares, monitors, and compiles monthly, quarterly, and annual activity, performance, and other reports for internal and external review.

Job Title: Paralegal

  • Job Type: Civil Service 
  • Salary: $38,701.52 – $58,448.00 annually
  • Closing date: 7/23/2017
  • Location:  Memphis, TN
  • Job number: 2017-00293

Works under the direct supervision of the Neighborhood Improvement Administrator and the assigned Attorney to provide legal assistance by researching law, investigating facts and preparing documents regarding blight related prosecutions.  Researches and summarizes relevant articles in trade magazines, law reviews, published studies, financial reports, etc.  Prepares opinions, briefs and other legal documents regarding blight related endeavors.  Prepares digests of selected decisions and opinions which incorporate legal references and analysis of precedents involved in law. Interviews potential witnesses and prepares summary for attorney’s review.  Serves a liaison with clients, experts, and consultants to coordinate information, documents, procedures, and deadlines.  Creates and edits non-legal memoranda, research reports, and correspondence relating to cases. Participates in pre-trial witness conferences. Documents and records any deficiencies in case materials or additional matters requiring investigation prior to trial. Gathers and organizes trial exhibits such as statistical charts and photographs. Monitors development of new federal, state, and local ordinances and policies dealing with various blight related and environmental issues. Verifies citations and legal references on prepared legal documents.  Prepares summaries of testimony and depositions. Examines, analyzes, and evaluates information and/or data related to the Vacant Property Registry Ordinance.  Completes financial documents necessary to maintain compliance with the Vacant Property Registry. Creates and maintains a vacant property register for future sharing and dissemination within the City.  Provides assistance to Code Enforcement Investigators in efforts associated with blight removal. Updates data and provides legal assistance to Attorneys for cases prosecuted under the Neighborhood Preservation Act and other blight related prosecution. Maintains and prepares files and monthly reports utilizing various Microsoft applications.

Job Title: Industrial Pre-treatment Technician

  • Job Type: Civil Service 
  • Salary: $35,030.84 – $52,540.80 annually
  • Closing date: 7/23/2017 
  • Location:  Memphis, TN
  • Job number: 2017-00265

Works under the general supervision of an assigned supervisor at the waste water treatment plant in the Public Works Division.  Inspects industrial waste disposal facilities to ensure conformance with government regulations and ordinance and permit requirements:  Visits establishments to inspect waste treatment facilities, such as floor drains, settling and neutralizing tanks, and grease removal equipment for conformance with regulations; observes work environment and asks appropriate questions to detect unacceptable or questionable conditions; advises facility manager concerning findings and governing regulations; sets up and operates automatic samplers and flow meters, and takes readings of industrial water meters, flow meters for final effluent, and pH meters; enters into the computer lab data and data received from local industries; evaluates data to determine compliance and that all requirements are being met; computes volumes and masses of pollutants in waste water; prepares report of daily activities; maintains files of industry data; and compiles various data to assists in preparing the semi-annual state report concerning pretreatment program.

Job Title: Inventory Control Clerk

  • Job Type: Civil Service 
  • Salary: $27,431.30 annually
  • Closing date: 7/23/2017 
  • Location:  Memphis, TN
  • Job number: 2017-00214

Works under supervision of assigned supervisor to order, store, and document issues regarding commonly used parts, tools, materials, and supplies for department.  Quantities purchased are generally small amounts, usually available through local sources.  May perform functions that require safe handling of firearms to include pistols and shotguns.  Makes purchasing recommendation to management for new and innovative equipment.  Solicits telephone and written price quotation from vendors. Orders or initiates paper work to purchase supplies necessary for the operation and support of work activities in department.   Keeps and maintains automated records of materials and equipment received and issued.  May perform duties in maintaining mileage for vehicles and maintains department fleet vehicles.  Monitors inventory levels and maintains prescribed quantities.  Compares information on requisitions and invoices to materials received to verify accuracy of order.  Examines incoming stock for defects and to verify conformance to specifications.  Returns defective parts or supplies to vendors as needed and documents information in system in accordance with policies and procedures.  Labels or marks identifying codes on incoming stock.  Stores articles in bins, on floor, or on shelves, according to identifying information, such as style, size, or type of material. Determines methods of storage, identification, and stock location.  Verifies shop manuals, vendor catalogs, and/or price lists to determine the type and price of materials are correct.  Communicates with vendors, management, and users regarding substitution or modification of parts when replacement is not available. Follows up on and expedites orders as needed.  Delivers or picks-up supplies or equipment as needed by driving a light truck to various locations.  Uses material handling equipment to move materials within the facility such as a forklift if assigned.  Maintains physical appearance of supply room.  Interacts and communicates verbally and in writing with vendors, management and staff on a variety of issues concerning parts and supplies.  Generates and prepares various reports regarding inventory and equipment to management. Travels to outlying satellite facilities periodically to assist with inventory, special projects, and to audit for inventory parts and supplies.

Job Title: Heavy Equipment Operator

  • Job Type: Civil Service 
  • Salary: $60,283.60 annually
  • Closing date: 7/23/2017
  • Location:  Memphis, TN
  • Job number: 2017-00208

Works under the general supervision of an assigned supervisor.  Performs heavy construction work including but not limited to major earth work, sewer construction and repair. Operates all types of heavy equipment, including but not limited to, front-end loader, back-hoe loader, track-hoe excavator, and bulldozer (crawler tractor), with a high degree of skill and proficiency.  Engages and disengages attachments to equipment using construction tools.  Moves construction materials from path of equipment.  Inspects equipment and performs routine maintenance such as, lubricating, fueling and cleaning equipment. May assist supervisor in the layout of new construction sites, cuts and fills from grade stakes.  Loads and unloads heavy equipment and assists Heavy Equipment Mechanic as needed. Transports equipment.

Job Title: Solid Waste Collection Manager

  • Job Type: Civil Service 
  • Salary: $72,549.62 annually
  • Closing date: 7/23/2017 
  • Location:  Memphis, TN
  • Job number: 2017-00267

Works under the general direction of the Solid Waste Operations Administrator in planning, developing and managing solid waste services, procedures, processes, and activities in the collection and disposal of refuse.  Manages assigned employees in supervising the collection, transfer, disposal and diversion of municipal solid waste; including but not limited to, household and commercial garbage, trash, bulky items, curbside recyclables and yard debris within the defined sector.  Schedules and adjusts crew staffing levels as needed to ensure adequate collections services are being met.  Monitors collections activities and makes recommendations to management for improvements and adjustments to the existing routes.  Ensures compliance with and provides guidance regarding state, federal and local laws pertaining to municipal solid waste management. Hires personnel, assigns duties, develops training programs, evaluates performance and takes disciplinary action as needed.   Monitors leave utilization to develop and review staffing requirements to ensure efficient and effective operations. Prepares check requests, bid specifications, requisitions and contract related information for the purchase of equipment, goods, services, and repairs.  Establishes and enforces polices governing the service center activities. Attends and conducts meetings to make presentations regarding collection activities.  Conducts inspections of accidents, collections routes, and customers complaints by driving to various locations.  Evaluates and prepares various collection reports and metrics by analyzing results to recommend improvements.  Creates and compiles various reports by utilizing various Microsoft applications for management to review and analyze.  Interacts and communicates verbally and in writing with general public, management, and other staff members regarding collection objectives, projects, issues, and concerns.

Job Title: Lead Database Analyst

  • Job Type: Civil Service 
  • Salary: $47,910.20 – $73,299.20 annually
  • Closing date: 7/23/2017
  • Location:  Memphis, TN
  • Job number: 2017-00283

Works under the direction of an Administrator or assigned supervisor to analyze and coordinate division wide data management and technical needs. Serves as liaison between the Division and Information Systems. Researches various information management solutions to determine best practices and technology to improve productivity.  Enhances effectiveness of processes to meet overall divisional needs by supporting Database Analysts and end users in providing data management and technical solutions for best methods to ensure efficiency of processes. Coordinates with Information Systems to provide recommendations for updates and upgrades to address software and technology needs for Division. Provides training and technical assistance to Database Analysts, and division personnel as needed. Handles procurement requests for Division, i.e. required work orders, requisitions for software, computer and phone equipment, etc. Develops standardization processes to create, develop, implement, and maintain a comprehensive data management program to include a variety of databases applications and required reports for divisional operations. Ensures Division’s hardware inventory and monthly billing charges are reconciled with Information Services for accuracy. Conducts applications planning to recommend the appropriate technology needed to provide a complete maintenance tracking system to reduce operational problems. Formulates specifications for database programs, and creates queries and produces custom reports from databases. Assembles and analyzes data to provide guidance and presents related technical reports as requested from data management programs implemented. Serves as facilitator, makes presentations, attends various job related meetings and conferences as requested. Interacts with internal and external customers on information technology issues and concerns. Travels to various locations throughout the City for inventory inspections by driving a city vehicle.

Apply online by going to: https://www.governmentjobs.com/careers/memphistn


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Maintenance Mechanic Job & Pipe Welder Job

“Mechanical Contractor Seeks: Maintenance mechanic with hospital experience min. of 4 years.  Also seeking experienced pipe welder that can weld stainless carbon, stick and tig welding.

“Please respond with resume to: William@qmc-midsouth.com”


Source:  The Commercial Appeal. (2017, July 16). Localfieds. The Commercial Appeal, 176(197), p. 4C.

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Security One Security Officer Jobs

“Armed & Unarmed


  • Great Health Benefits
  • Paid Vacations
  • FREE Uniforms
  • Free state Training

“APPLY TO: 5685 Quince Rd, Memphis, TN 38119″


Source:  The Commercial Appeal. (2017, July 16). Localfieds. The Commercial Appeal, 176(197), p. 4C.

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Quality Assurance Supervisor

“Responsible for ensuring all production meets or exceeds Company requirements and customer expectations.  Supervises QA department and assists with training efforts.  Some education and training in Quality methods preferred for this important team member.  Continuing education opportunities will be made available.  Some overtime/weekend work is required.  We offer excellent growth opportunities and company benefits for career-minded team members.  Wages commensurate with experience.  Interested individuals send resumes to: employment@netpcc.com or Plastic Container Corporation at: 540 Lasco St. Brownsville, TN 38012″


Source:  The Commercial Appeal. (2017, July 16). Localfieds. The Commercial Appeal, 176(197), p. 4C.

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Senior Revenue Science Analyst

“Senior Revenue Science Analyst with FedEx Corporate Services, Inc. in Memphis, TN.  Key contributor to analyze business problems of up to medium complexity.  25% travel required.  Go to www.fedex.com/careers, enter Job ID 1804832BR under Keywords and follow prompts to apply.  EOE/M/F/D/V.”


Source:  The Commercial Appeal. (2017, July 16). Localfieds. The Commercial Appeal, 176(197), p. 4C.


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Certified Lawn Spray Technician Job

“Well established lawn care services in Memphis is looking for a full time technician to join our team.  Please email resume to Info@hunterlawnservice.com or fax to (901) 323-4204.  We will call you for a phone interview.”


Source:  The Commercial Appeal. (2017, July 16). Localfieds. The Commercial Appeal, 176(197), p. 4C.

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Sr. R&D Engineer – Biologics

“Sr. R&D Engineer – Biologics for Medtronic, Inc. at its facilities located in Memphis, TN.

“Duties: Design, develop, analyze, troubleshoot and provide technical skills during research and product development of the Mastergraft product line and new bone void filler materials and other bio-surgical technologies.

“Requires Masters’ degree or foreign equivalent in Mechanical or Biomedical engineering.

“Experiences must include three (3) years post-bachelors progressive experience in all of the following: Biomaterials engineering for medical device products; Working with polymer, ceramic, metallic and composite materials for the design of implantable spine devices; Design control using a phase-gated product development process; dFMEA, uFMEA, Root Cause Analysis, Design V/V, Risk Management and documentation of new product development in a design history file; Spine device manufacturing within a ISO 13485 Quality Management System and experience with IQ/OQ/PQ; Preparing engineering prints, product specifications and manufacturing SOPs and experience with DSC, TGA, SEM, XRD, DOE, and statistical analysis tools; Preparing journal articles, patents, white papers, literature reviews and technology assessments in support of marketing and technical files; Navigating FDA and OUS regulatory processes; Mechanical and in vitro testing following ASTM and ISO standards; Designing and coordinating non-clinical animal study models including ISO 10993 biocompatibility testing and evaluation of explanted devices (histology, µ-CT, mechanical testing); Surgeon collaboration on new product designs.

“10-20% travel required

“Apply at www.medtronic.com/careers, Req. 17000DB0.  Medtronic is an equal opportunity employer committed to cultural diversity in the workplace.  All individuals are encouraged to apply.”


Source:  The Commercial Appeal. (2017, July 16). Localfieds. The Commercial Appeal, 176(197), p. 4C.

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Maintenance Position

“Must have exp. in plumbing, electrical & appliance repair.  No HVAC required.  Must have own tools & transportation.

“Benefits package incl. Major medical insurance.  401K plan.  Rental discount & uniforms.


“Apply in person: Tuesday-Friday 10:00 am til 12 noon & 1 pm til 3 pm.  Woodchase Apartments, 1946 Williamswood Rd.  Riverdale Apartments, 3295 Riverdale Rd.”


Source:  The Commercial Appeal. (2017, July 16). Localfieds. The Commercial Appeal, 176(197), p. 4C.

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Dancor Transit Driver Jobs

“Class A CDL Drivers

“Olive Branch, MS

  • Yard Driver needed 8am-6pm
  • Local Driver – Home Most Nights
  • We offer Affordable Benefits
  • Must have 2 Years OTR

“Call Us Today @ 866-677-4333



Source:  The Commercial Appeal. (2017, July 16). Localfieds. The Commercial Appeal, 176(197), p. 4C.

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Software Developer Position

“Produce MVVM, VB.NET, Web Services & other MS based apps.  Jobsite: Olive Branch, MS.  Resume to: View, Inc., 195 S. Milpitas Blvd., Milpitas, CA 95035″


Source:  The Commercial Appeal. (2017, July 16). Localfieds. The Commercial Appeal, 176(197), p. 4C.

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Business Intelligence Analyst Position

“Memphis, Tennessee: Limited domestic travel and or occasional relocation to client locations to convert ERD to logical database using conversion rules; check for normalization.  Create sample real time data.  Work with Tableau, JMP in Oracle database environment.  Reply to: SVS Technologies Limited, 8700 Trail Lake Drive, #228, Memphis, TN 38125”


Source:  The Commercial Appeal. (2017, July 16). Localfieds. The Commercial Appeal, 176(197), p. 4C.

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Application Development Position

“Application Development Srs-IT in Memphis, TN area: Design, develop &  implement apps to support bus reqs; creates design docs, performs coding & testing; resolve tech issues, prepare program specs; recommend solutions.  Send res to: Inventory Locator Service, LLC, 8001 Centerview Parkway, Suite 400, Memphis, TN 38018.  Attention: Eva Cummins”


Source:  The Commercial Appeal. (2017, July 16). Localfieds. The Commercial Appeal, 176(197), p. 4C.

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