Using Action Verbs and Numbers on a Resume

When writing your resume to apply for a new job, using action verbs to start each bullet point of your accomplishments under each job will show to the prospective employer that you made strides in your past jobs.  Also, using numbers in your resume will show to the prospective employer how well you did your job.

When looking at the job description for the job to which you are applying, use the same keywords from the duties in the job description as you do in your resume, but in the form of action verbs.  For example, if the job description asks for coordination skills, you may write something along the lines of, “Coordinated 5 team members to successfully meet project goals of serving 250 customers.”

It is helpful to add numbers to any accomplishments you had in past jobs.  This is especially important in sales jobs, where dollar figures play a strong role.  If the job to which you’re applying is in sales and one its duties in the job description is to, ‘Manage an account of $1,000,000’, then you’ll want to write in your resume that you ‘Managed an account of $2,000,000″ if you indeed did manage such a large account.  That dollar amount shows that you exceed the needs of the potential employer.

Overall, writing your accomplishments with action verbs and using numbers in those accomplishments to emphasize to what degree you were successful in your past positions is likely to make you a candidate who receives a call for an interview.


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