City of Memphis Job Opportunities


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Job Title: Equipment Operator (2 openings)

  • Job Type: Civil Service  
  • Salary: $26,692.12 – $35,097.92 annually
  • Closing date: 9/11/2017 
  • Location:  Memphis, TN
  • Job number: 2017-00321

Works under the supervision of an assigned supervisor.  Operates various types of trucks including tandem axle equipped with dump body to transport and dump loose materials such as sand, crushed pavement, or vegetation debris if assigned.  Operates barricade truck to reset inlet grates, manholes, and set up barricades in the right-of-way if assigned.  May operate various equipment including Flushers in street cleaning operations and PB Loaders.  Performs routine maintenance such as lubricating, fueling, and cleaning of equipment.  Repairs and performs maintenance of drainage structures and road-side ditches.  Loads and unloads materials, tools and equipment from trucks.  Digs, spreads, and levels material or dirt using shovel.  Uses air hammer to break out concrete.   Uses chain saw and hand saw to remove trees from drainage ditches.  Lifts, carries, and holds materials, tools, and supplies to various work sites.   Assist with traffic control by providing manual directions such as operating arrow boards and traffic flow at specified locations if assigned.

Job Title: Environmental Designer Engineer A (Promotional)

  • Job Type: Civil Service 
  • Salary: $47,910.20 – $73,299.20 annually
  • Closing date: 9/11/2017
  • Location:  Memphis, TN
  • Job number: 2017-00427

Works under the general direction of the Plant Manager of the Wastewater Treatment Plants.  Reviews sewer plans and related data.  Applies engineering principles to locate and recommend action to be taken to correct problems in the sewer system and at the Treatment Plant that may be detrimental to the Treatment Plant and Collection System. Analyzes and evaluates operation and maintenance procedures and recommends new or improved practices.  Reviews, interprets and maintains documentation, operating records, and reports in order to ensure compliance with Federal Wastewater Treatment requirements and stays abreast on updated regulations.  Prepares reports including but is not limited to Departmental, Division, and Compliance reports for Federal and State agencies.  Drives City vehicle while inspecting the plant to ensure the building and grounds are in compliance with EPA and State guidelines.  Inspects plant equipment for defects or malfunctions.  Performs administrative duties such as: procurement procedures for materials and equipment, enforcement of personnel policies, and budget calculations.  Communicates and trains employees, as well as the general public, regarding Wastewater Treatment and environmental issues.  Drives to various areas within the Wastewater Treatment Plant or to other Plants within the City to inspecting the plant, equipment or collecting data.



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