Using Your Network to Find a Job

The majority of jobs are found through networking, not online.

Here are some networking tips to help when you’re looking for work:

  1. Create the right mindset – speak highly of your skills and abilities to your networking contacts
  2. Make sure your social media profiles are clean, meaning there are no offensive words or pictures on them.  Also, make your profiles private so that potential employers cannot see them.  Enter your name into a search engine to see if there is any surprising information about you online.
  3. Start networking with people you already know, which are family members, friends, and existing business contacts.  You can do this in person and also through LinkedIn and other social media sites.  Tell these people the exact position you’re looking for and request these people to notify you of suitable openings they may find.
  4. Talk to other connections including neighbors, professional associations, customers from past jobs, and community organizations such as churches or non-profits.  They may be able to give you referrals for jobs.
  5. There are three ways to get in touch with contacts.  The first way is by calling networking contacts and asking for their assistance; this way helps build a relationship and these people are likely to help you.  The second way is to set up an appointment to reconnect to people; preferably, you want to have this appointment in person.  The third way is to reconnect on social media or email; build a relationship using this method before asking for job-hunting help and referrals.
  6. Go to companies for which you’d like to work.  Go to your professional associations to get referrals from them.  Ask your networking contacts if they know any employees at companies you’d like to work for and if the networking contacts will refer you to those employees.
  7. Research prospective employers through the library.  Library staff are equipped to refer you to valuable information about companies, both in print and online.

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