speak Hiring for SEO/PPC Strategist


Company: speak

Position: SEO/PPC Strategist

We are seeking a passionate search engine optimization and pay-per-click strategist for our digital agency. The position will work with our digital marketing team on local and national accounts, managing daily SEO tasks including technical, on-page, a/b testing, pay per click and conversion activities.

This position is ideal for a candidate looking to grow their knowledge of SEO while working in an agency environment with a team. Candidates should have working knowledge of Google and it’s components including Search Console, AdWords, Tag Manager, etc. as well as knowledge of Bing and Yahoo search engines and their components.

You’ll need:

  • A working knowledge of Google and its components, including Search Console, Webmaster Tools, TagManager, etc.

  • An ability to monitor campaigns, diagnose account and create strategies around improvement or continued growth

  • Ability to develop, optimize and scale PPC campaigns on AdWords and Bing

  • A personality fit for a team environment.

  • The knowhow to execute search engine optimization (SEO) projects

  • Knowledge on how to conduct research to identify opportunities and areas needing improvement

  • Capability to report on the performance of marketing campaigns and ability to draw actionable conclusions from Google Analytics data

 Things we’re looking for:

  • A passion for digital marketing that is conveyed through your ability to create movement for our clients online

  • A personality that fits with our team; we are interested in someone who is intelligent, works hard, values teammates and makes our team better.

  • Someone who understands our core services as a digital agency and has a marketing mindset to help our clients create movement for their digital presence.

  • A personality that is self-motivated; you’ll be asked to work through multiple priorities. We expect you to be able to put together a plan and execute it.

  • Someone who seeks out information and is teachable. The nature of our business lends itself to frequent changes in and progressions of technology. This means we’re looking for someone who loves to learn.

 To apply,click here.

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