MIFA Hiring for Meals Driver


Job Announcement:  Meals Driver

Job title: Meals Driver
Reports To: Meals Driver Supervisor  

Compensation level: Service B                                         Part-time: 25 hrs. wk. Non-Exempt  Opening date: October 6, 2017, Closing date:  October 20, 2017

Position Summary

The Meals Driver will deliver meals to all sites and clients in a safe and efficient manner. The Meals Driver will maintain all MIFA policies and procedures.


  1. High School Diploma or GED equivalent
  2. Six months’ experience in a driver related capacity
  3. Valid Driver’s License with F Endorsement

 Major Responsibility and Related Tasks

  1. Deliver Meals on Time & Efficiently
    • Load supplies and food containers into van in a timely manner
    • Maintain time schedule within routes so the meals arrive in a timely fashion and at required temperature stated by funding source
    • Run route within rated time (five-hour route within five hours, six-hour route within six hours)
    • Return empty containers and used utensils to the kitchen daily when returning from your route. Put equipment in proper area
    • Maintain accurate fuel and mileage records by completing the fuel mpg form every time you fuel the van and the odometer reading form
    • Correctly complete and turn in daily route sheets noting meal count delivered, time delivered, explanation for non-meal delivery and your signature on last page
    • Communicate effectively with supervisor on route changes needed, problems, etc
    • Drive/deliver at congregate or HDM sites. Cross-train on various routes
    • Promote and conduct an attitude conducive to teamwork
    • Display effective customer service ability among co-workers, clients and other drivers on the roadway
  2. Maintain safe driving habits on the road, and around the facility
    • Perform a daily pre-trip and post trip inspection of your van (check for inflated tires, broken windshields, mirrors, lights and brakes) and complete the inspection form
    • Responsible for the cleanliness of your van, picking up any trash or debris inside
    • Communicate with supervisor any maintenance needed
    • Attend meetings (safety, training, company updates, new procedures)
    • Drive defensively: be aware of vehicles around you, maintain speed within legal limits, do not use cell phone while driving, use your seat belt
    • Report any traffic violations or incidents immediately
    • While loading supplies and food containers into van do so safely, using proper lifting techniques (bending knees, using two hands, feet firmly planted)
  3. Record keeping/compliance
    • Maintain accurate time sheet
    • Sign in and out daily, with accurate times. Dispatch starts at 8 a.m., sign in and begin work no earlier than 7:50am and no later than 8:10am. Sign out at your actual return time
    • Complete route sheets as required, marking number of meals delivered or not delivered, and time of delivery or attempted delivery, reason for non-delivery daily
    • If deliver one meal mark one on route sheet, if two meals delivered mark two on route sheet, etc. if no meals delivered mark zero and note reason why, such as no one home, doctor appointment, in hospital, etc. Sign and date last page of route sheet. Do this daily
    • Call into the office when trying to deliver a meal and no one answers, office personnel will call client to see if home, this is required to get a second verification
    • Keep accurate mileage logs using the “odometer reading” form; this is to be done daily
    • Keep accurate fuel logs whenever you go to the gas station to fill up your van
    • Complete the fuel report form
    • Secure any donations and log them when returning from trip, get office personnel to verify donation amounts, once done put donations in proper company safe
    • Congregate routes – make sure all food is accounted for (hot meals, milk, bread, desserts and frozen meals) Check each site by verifying each cooler/Cambros for hot meals, desserts, milk and bread and verify before signing off on Bateman meal forms. Every congregate site has serving times for clients, must deliver meals before the particular serving time for each congregate site.  (This is directly related to funding source requirements.)
    • On HDM routes verify that actual meals count matches with route sheet, count hot meals in cooler to make sure they match the number of meals on the route sheet. (This is directly related to funding source requirements.)
    • Sign in and out daily on the HDM time log

Other Responsibilities

  • Promotes and displays professional conduct and attitude that is conducive to team work and the meeting of organizational and departmental goals. Be willing to drive either congregate or HDM routes as the need arises. Other duties assigned to meet goals of the department.
  • Ability to welcome and respect people of diverse ages, races, with sensitivity to civic & cultural issues.
  • Ability to read a map book, schedule and to follow directions
  • Ability to communicate effectively with staff and clients
  • Ability to keep accurate records such as Mileage Logs, Timesheets, Schedule, etc.

Supervisory Responsibilities



Reports to

Transportation Manager; Part-time (25 hours per week)/ Non-Exempt Starting Rate $10.30 per hour     

To apply

Mail or forward resume or application to MIFA Human Resources, 910 Vance Ave, Memphis, TN  38126 or email to hrcoordinator@mifa.org. prior to the closing date.  No phone calls, please.

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