Explore Bike Share Hiring for Operations Manager


Company: Explore Bike Share

Position: Operations Manager

Explore Bike Share is seeking an Operations Manager to guide, implement, and innovate the daily functions of Explore Bike Share. This multi-talented multi-tasker will oversee the Operations team, creating efficient processes, tracking and reporting on activities, and coordinating work schedules and tasks to ensure timely solutions. This is not a hands-off management position; the Operations Manager will have the ability to perform all the tasks handled by the Operations Team – such as evaluating bike or station errors, retrieving and returning bikes needing maintenance, and organizing workshop areas – and will do so as often as the system requires.

Memphis will be on the cutting-edge of bike share by launching the country’s first BCycle Dash system, offering the first-ever connected smart bike with forward-facing display. The Operations Manager will be in a unique role to evaluate and elevate this new system.

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