ERP Analyst Position

“ERP Analyst (PeopleSoft Architect)

“Advise on PeopleSoft services with ability to assist in the entire systems dvlpmt lifecycle for a PoepleSoft Dvlpmnt, Implmtn, Upgrade & Support.  Integrate the latest version of PeopleSoft 9.2 into current business environment.  Advise on any impact on the HCM processes/modules such as PeopleSoft Core HR, Time & Labor, Payroll for North America, Benefits Administration Absence Management, NA Payroll as a result of the implmtn or upgrade.  Apply knowl of PeopleSoft applications/process in People Tools version 8.XX such as Application Designer, Workflow, SQR, Application Engine, PeopleCode, Integration tools, & Component Interface.  Apply knowl of SQL Server, Oracle, & SQL skills.

“Reqmts are: Bach’s Deg in Comp Sci, IT, Comp Sci & Engg or closely related + 60 months of exp in job offered, or as ERP Analyst, ERP Architect, PeopleSoft HCM Analyst/Architect or closely related.

“Roving employee must be willing to travel &/or relocate to unanticipated client sites across the US.  Mail resume to: Selmer IT Firm, LLC, Attn: L. Ganapathy, Member-Sole, 211 East Court Ave, Selmer, TN 38375”


Source:  The Commercial Appeal. (2017, November 19). Localfieds. The Commercial Appeal, 176(323), p. 5C.

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