Point-In-Time Homeless Count – 1/24/18

We All Count! Annual Point-in-Time Homeless Count for Memphis/Shelby County

On Wednesday, January 24th, beginning at 4:00 a.m., Community Alliance for the Homeless, Inc. will lead the annual Point-in-Time Count for Memphis and Shelby County. Required by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), this annual count is a critical element for measuring our community’s efforts to end homelessness. Additionally, it helps to determine the number of people who are experiencing homelessness at a given point in time.  The Salvation Army’s Purdue Center of Hope (696 Jackson Avenue) will serve as the command center for this year’s event.

Teams (which consist of community volunteers, service providers, and formerly homeless individuals) will go out to various areas between dusk and dawn when individuals who are experiencing homelessness are either in sheltered or unsheltered locations for the night. In addition to participating in a brief survey, unsheltered individuals will also receive a care package with items to keep them warm and nourished during the cold winter months that lie ahead. Donations of hand warmers, gloves, and winter caps are also needed to support this effort.

To obtain additional information or to register as a volunteer for this life-impacting service opportunity, please visit http://www.cafth.org/point-in-time. To assist in this process, the public is invited to report knowledge of the whereabouts of any individual who appears to be sleeping in a place that is not meant for human habitation using the Homeless Outreach Tool (on the website) or by connecting with the organization on Facebook.

Community Alliance for the Homeless is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization whose mission is to lead effective community practices to end homelessness in Memphis and Shelby County, Tennessee.

For more information, please contact Herman L. Dickey, Continuum of Care Coordinator at (901) 527-1302, or via e-mail at herman@cafth.org.

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