Warehouse Material Handler – CAF



To Apply : Email resume to jobs@mycaf.com by 5/25/18

Warehouse – Material Handler

Job description:
CAF offers a fast-paced, dynamic team work environment and the opportunity to grow with an environmentally friendly company revolutionizing the outdoor cleaning industry. The material handler is responsible for order processing and warehouse management. This includes, but is not limited to, preparing orders for shipment, receiving product, operating a forklift, repacking product, and maintaining a clean and safe workplace. The position requires outstanding organizational skills and the ability to work with little supervision. Must be willing to work in an environment with a high degree of multi-tasking and low allowance for failure. A majority (up to 90-95%) of employee’s time will be spent in the warehouse and the remainder will be in administrative work. CAF is the leading manufacturer of outdoor cleaning products and is looking for a highly motivated, team-player to join our operations team.

The material handler reports directly to CAF’s Product and Operations Manager, Riley Tubbs, who’s strong sense of dedication is not only to his company but to every member of his team. Riley’s management style is to build relationships with each member of his team, encourage each team member to problem solve without fear of failure, improve through goal setting and coaching and expect excellence from self and each other. Keys to Success in this position: strong desire to improve operational excellence on a daily basis, adapt quickly to constantly changing situations, team player with a leader mentality, decisiveness and a strong work ethic.

CompensationWage:   $12-14 per hour DOE
Part time 25-29 Hours/Week (potential for up to 40 hours/week)
Other Comp: Paid CAF Holidays, CAF Bonus Program


  • High School Diploma or GED
  • Problem solving abilities
  • Capable of lifting 60 LBS
  • Organization skills & self starter
  • Ability to follow complex instructions
  • High attention to detail
  • Valid driver’s license
  • OSHA Compliant Forklift Training & Certification (not required)
  • Pass drug and background screening

1. Order Fulfillment
a. Freight/Pallet Shipments
i. Order assembly with customer-specific labelling
ii. Freight line appointment logistics (scheduling, abiding by pick-up windows)
iii. Forklift operation – loading, unloading freight shipments

b. FedEx Ground/Express Shipments
i. Packaging requested items with customer-specific literature; product stickers
ii. Creating shipping labels with FedEx Ship Manager
iii. Completion and signing of Picking Tickets
iv. FedEx Express appointment logistics

2. Production
a. “Check-ins”
i. Rebranding of finished goods received from suppliers (CAF Sprayers, Broom Applicators, etc.)
ii. Final preparation of nearly finished goods (RADO, 8oz. Pumps, etc.)

b. Builds
i. Packaging, labelling of raw components into finished CAF products
ii. Safe, diligent use of production equipment
iii. Final yields recorded on Inventory Build Tickets

3. Inventory
a. Quarterly Inventory
i. Counting all items within the warehouse, cross-checking with inventory database

b. Gathering of shipping receipts/packing slips

c. Fulfilment of returned/damaged goods paperwork

d. Reorder of depleted items
i. Communication with Operations Manager
ii. Use of Excel spreadsheets for boxes, shipping supply orders

4. Cleaning/Organizing
a. Basic daily upkeep

b. Weekly sweeping – mopping, as needed

c. Biweekly garbage and recycling disposald. Storage of received shipments in proper locationse. Maintaining an intuitive layout for product storage in warehouse
i. Leaving frequently used pallets accessible
ii. Keeping all pallets out of aisles

5. Quality Control
a. Visual inspection of received shipments

b. Fulfilment of quality control analysis specific to each product
i. Use of Excel spreadsheets, pH tests, net density calculations, etc.

c. Final visual evaluation of outgoing goods
i. Checking for dents, tears, leaks, imperfections

CAF is a rapid growth company that sells outdoor cleaning products B2B direct. Year over year, our sales exceeds 20% growth. CAF takes pride in our unique, down to earth culture with enthusiastic, tireless, tenacious, grounded, yet super fun employees that are diverse in background and talent. Our culture is customer oriented and sales is key to the growth of our fast-paced company. We believe that customers come first. We have a strong work ethic and are engaged and committed to ongoing success. If you get excited about driving change, and being a part of a growing organization, then CAF is where you should be!

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