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All interested applicants must submit resume to ksccdc@att.net by July 18, 2018.

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Facilitation Specialist – Bridges


POSITION TITLE:   Facilitation Specialist – Team BRIDGES
REPORTS TO:          Director of Team BRIDGES

Team BRIDGES is a dynamic, high energy work environment that requires flexibility, great communication skills, and tight-knit working relationships.  The Facilitation Specialist’s primary responsibilities are managing clients, creating and facilitating customized agendas and curriculums, and leading participants through low and high challenge course elements.

Full Time, Regular, Exempt


  1.  Lead and facilitate adventure-based, experiential programs and curriculums.
  2. Create individualized curriculums and agendas to meet the specific goals of clients and organizations.
  3. Manage a client throughout the entire process including all paperwork (invoices, work agreements, waivers, surveys, etc.), leading meetings, quoting prices, arranging catering, creating agendas, and serving as the lead facilitator during the event.
  4. Balance and maximize work hours to manage several clients, while also assisting in other Team BRIDGES events.
  5. Work with diverse client groups including corporate, non-profit, faith-based groups, schools, adults and youth.
  6. Ensure effective communication and rapport amongst staff and clients by promptly responding to emails and voicemails, and keeping calendars and data spreadsheets up to date.
  7. Assist in the maintenance of Team BRIDGES’ gear and supplies for the AutoZone High Adventure Challenge Course, The Grizzlies Climbing Wall and ground level initiatives.
  8. Make sure that all program materials, handouts, agendas, etc. are prepared for staff and are available for all meetings, events, trainings, etc.
  9. Assist in maintaining an aesthetically pleasing work environment for staff and clients.
  10. Facilitation of low elements, rock wall and high ropes course activities, on and off-site.
  11. Occasionally work outside in the elements throughout the year.
  12. Demonstrate consistent proficiency of technical skills with participants and staff on the high ropes course, rock wall, and low elements.
  13. Participate in continuing education of facilitation skills and challenge course certifications.
  14. Ensure with Challenge Course Manager that risk management procedures are implemented and followed.
  15. Must be flexible and able to work evenings, weekends and/or over-night as required.
  16. Reliable transportation as facilitation often takes place off-site.
  17. Represent Team BRIDGES at events, conferences, meetings, public forums etc.; often requires speaking in front of large groups.
  18. Perform other reasonably related duties as assigned by the Team BRIDGES’ Director and Challenge Course Manager.

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