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2Unique Community Salvation Foundation

Community Cares/ 2Unique Market & Communication Coordinator

Community Cares/ 2Unique Office

2Unique Community Salvation Foundation provides social enriching unique educational opportunities to participants through career skills development, organizational leadership, and entrepreneurship to enhance professional development for youth and young adults by connecting people, purpose and programs.
2Unique CSF has grown to serve the local community in multiple capacities with varying programs geared for community and youth enrichment. 

In addition to its innovative outlets and projects, 2Unique Closet Boutique, 2Unique Magazine, 2Unique Footwear Fundraising Campaign and the “Find Your Design” Career Track & Leadership program, 2Unique CSF has created a platform for participants to Fast-Track their way to success resulting in hands-on job skills training, community service, experiential learning and entrepreneurial coaching and consulting.
2Unique CSF partner agencies include AmeriCorps VISTA, Shelby County Schools, University of Memphis Social Work Class, Family Safety Center, Meritan, Inc. and Heal the Hood Foundation of Memphis. 
Since its founding in 2005, 2Unique serves to address the vast disconnect between personal talent and employment opportunities.  Through extensive research, 2Unique found that students on many academic levels graduate unprepared to immediately obtain employment due to a lack of work experience, but primarily because of poor preparation in professional business acumen and effective work practices. 
2Unique understands that in order to find your “true” legacy you must first “Find Your Design”. 

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