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Case Manager – Family Promise of Memphis

family promise

Title:                Case Manager
Supervisor:      Executive Director

Job Summary:

This is highly responsible professional work coordinating the various components of the Family Promise of Memphis program, including shelter, day center, support services, aftercare, and transitional housing.  The Case Manager must work with other professionals from numerous community organizations, with volunteers from the FPOM member congregations, as well as with staff from FPOM, in addition to being directly responsible for the families in shelter.   This work is performed with a high degree of independence under the supervision of the Executive Director.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Screen families for acceptance into Family Promise of Memphis shelter based upon program guidelines related to volunteer, guest, and congregation safety.
  2. Conduct intake assessments involving face-to-face evaluations with families referred for FPOM services.
  3. Together with the adults in the family, determine family problems areas, strengths, and weaknesses, and develop a family case plan, to identify services needed by guest families, activities to be conducted by guest family members, and activities to be performed by FPOM staff.
  4. Make at least weekly face-to-face contact with adult guests in the shelter and Transitional Housing, to monitor family progress on the case plan.
  5. Make contact with service providers to advocate for and link families with services and resources necessary to implement the Family Service Plan.
  6. Monitor guest works on their case plan as well as compliance with program policies and procedures, taking steps to ensure that families make progress and follow policies. Discharge guests from the shelter when necessary.
  7. Maintain contact with congregation coordinators to inform them of pertinent information about guests and to provide them with information necessary to provide congregational shelter services.
  8. Make regular contact with congregation volunteers to monitor guest comportment in the shelter.
  9. Monitor guest comportment in the Day Center, ensure guest compliance with rules, resolve conflicts among guests, etc.
  10. Record every activity performed with or on behalf of a guest family via FPOM chart notes.
  11. Maintain FPOM guest files, including completion of necessary chart documents.
  12. Make as-needed contact with families who have moved out of Family Promise of Memphis shelter as well as with service providers to advocate for the acquisition of services and resources necessary to ensure that families do not return to a state of homelessness.
  13. Develop formal training programs for guest families on financial management and budgeting, life skills, employment-related topics, and other topics as identified by self and Executive Director.
  14. Coordinate the activities of the crisis support group facilitators, financial management training facilitators, post-shelter support group, and other specialized education providers.
  15. Attend monthly meetings of FPOM congregational coordinators, to coordinate services and maintain continuity of care.
  16. Manage the day-to-day operation of the Family Promise of Memphis Day Center.
  17. Recruit, train, and supervise volunteers to staff the FPOM Day Center and to perform various other tasks.
  18. Together with the Executive Director, supervise the activities of paid Day Center Management Staff.
  19. Assist with the training of congregational volunteers.
  20. Train volunteers from the community.
  21. Coordinate the activities of FPOM volunteers relative to pick up and delivery of donated items.
  22. Speak publicly in various venues about FPOM and its mission.
  23. Share on-call duties, including twenty-four-hour-per-day, seven-day-per-week availability, with the Executive Director and other staff, responding to referrals for emergency shelter and to calls from coordinators and other congregational volunteers.
  24. Perform related work as required.

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Warehouse & Forklift Openings – LGS Staffing

lgs staffing

Accepting Applications

  • Picker/ Packer/ General Labor
  • Forklift Driver/ Light Industrial


  • Must pass E-verify and Drug Screen.
  • Bring In Two Forms of ID


Apply in Person Monday – Friday 9AM – 11AM!

6616 Kirby Center Cove Memphis, TN 38115

Call or Text 901-552-5521

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Adecco Hiring Event 9/13/18 @ Seedco

adecco seedco

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