Memphis Burial Vault Co. is looking for a Burial Vault Service Technician

We are looking for PART TIME-SATURDAY ONLY Burial Vault Service Techs. You are required to pass a DOT physical, drug screen, have a current driver’s license and willing to work EVERY Saturday.


Problem solving skills, willingness to work outdoors in all weather conditions, strong enough to carry 80lbs for 100 ft, available to work EVERY Saturday, ability to drive a truck with a manual transmission, valid driver’s license, ability to pass a drug screen and physical.

Locating the cemetery and driving safely with the vault secured. Working outdoors in all types of weather conditions, some extreme heat or cold, rain and snow. Lifting and carrying equipment weighing up to eighty pounds across the cemetery grounds to the gravesite. There is some strenuous work consisting of lifting, balancing, carrying, and kneeling.


Employee secures paperwork for the work assignment. Pre-trips the truck and moves it to the loading area. Loads the vault onto the truck using the plant hoist. Secures the vault for transportation to the cemetery. Drives safely to the cemetery, finds the gravesite, and finds a safe location to unload. Carries all necessary equipment to the gravesite to prepare for the vault. Unloads the vault with the powered cart and moves the vault to its position at the gravesite. Carries all additional equipment and accessories to the gravesite necessary for the graveside service. Sets up the tent at the gravesite, places artificial grass and chairs with covers. Insures all equipment is cleaned and made presentable before the funeral participants arrive. After the service, lowers the casket into the vault and puts the cover onto the base of the vault. Lowers the entire unit into the bottom of the grave and removes cables. Carries all equipment and accessories back to the proper storage areas of the truck. This process at the cemetery may be completed twice a day.

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Phone: 901-396-8505


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