Administrative Manager – ITN Memphis

General Administration and Governance

1. Recruit, engage, orient and develop the Board of Directors and Advisory Committee.

2. Schedule and staff all meetings of the Board of Directors.

3. File or renew all annual reports or licenses with the State of Tennessee and any other responsibilities as described in the ITNMemphis by-laws.

4. Serve as Ex-officio member on the ITNMemphis Board of Directors.

5. Carry out all policies set by the Board of Directors pertaining to the ITNMemphis operation, including human resources policies, employee training, and compliance with all relevant local, state and federal workplace policies.

6. Adhere to all of ITNMemphis and ITNAmerica™ policies and procedures as presented in the ITN Affiliation Agreement.

7. Accept and complete other tasks as assigned by the Board of Directors.

8. Support ITNAmerica™ research efforts.

Volunteer Management

1. In conjunction with ITNMemphis staff manage all aspects of the volunteer program, including recruitment, training, rewarding and scheduling.

2. In conjunction with ITNMemphis staff recruit volunteers on an on-going basis through public speaking, public service announcements or other similar forms of community outreach.