This site was created by the JobLINC staff of the Memphis Public Libraries, for use by anyone interested in finding a job, locating a scholarship, learning more about educational opportunities, and much more.  Use the categories in the right-hand column to find information on particular topics.
For more information about JobLINC and Career Readiness tools, please visit www.memphislibrary.org/JobLINC .

For Employers
Please submit any job postings and hiring events to joblinc@memphistn.gov for inclusion on this blog.
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3 responses to “About

  1. Xeria

    Suggestion: It would be great if job fairs did have tags of “job fairs” on them so when a person looks for job fairs in the search bar it will show the results. The newer posts do not have tags on them.

  2. My Name Barry Thomas interested In The Solid Waste Job Think I will be a Asset To The Company I Have F Endowment ON DRIVER License Follow Order Well Hard Worker Please Look Upon Me

  3. Brijesh

    I have background in CCNA, other ITcertifications, Bachelor in business administration, Auditor certificate, Lean six sigma yellow belt. Is any of your employer have opening in this field? I’m very hard working and dedicated person. You can email me.
    Thank you

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