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Expungement Event – 4/21/18


If something is on your personal background you need to attend this event to learn how or if it can be removed.
We can only service the first 50 people … last chance to pre-register is Wednesday, April 18th
We are also enrolling individual’s into Seedco’s Turning Point which is a youth re-entry program and all services are free.
If you don’t have a background issue, please forward to anyone this event might help …
YOU MUST PRE-REGISTER FOR THIS EVENT ….  print the attached forms to bring with you OR complete the paperwork onsite Wednesday, April 18th at the below locations.
10am – 1pm at the Neighborhood Christian Center located at 785 Jackson Ave Memphis,TN. 38107
2pm  – 5pm at the Seedco Office located at 5100 Poplar Ave. Ste #502 Memphis, TN. 38137
  1.  4.21.Expungement and Pre Register
  2. Seedco Expungement Form

For Questions: (901) 901-730-8651



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Teen Resume Workshop @ Pop White Library 4/28


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C.L.I.M.B. Job Fair 5/4 & College Fair 5/5

C.L.I.M.B. Forward 2018, 2-Day Workforce Development Event Set For May 4 & 5.

CLIMB Job Fair May 2018

C.L.I.M.B.(Creating Lifetime Independence Moving Barriers) will host a Spring Job Fair, Friday, May 4, 2018, from 9:00AM to 2:00PM and a Youth Forum/College Fair, Saturday, May 5, 2018, from 9AM-12PM at Riverside Missionary Baptist Church, O.D. White Family Life Center located at 3560 South Third Street, Memphis, TN 38109.

This unique 2-day collaborative effort among various community partners and businesses is free and open to the public. The weekend is designed to help all job seekers with employment opportunities and the youth explore educational avenues. The second-day youth will attend workshops on cyberbullying, mental health, and issues in the community. Also, local area colleges and trade schools will speak with students about the postsecondary experience.

C.L.I.M.B’s 3rd annual Spring Job Fair will assist those who are seeking new employment, additional income, or a career change.  The event will feature nearly 50 employers seeking talented candidates in numerous industries. Attendees should bring a current resume, dress professionally, and be prepared to network with area employers. FedEx Express, Waffle House, Facilities Performance Group, Durham School Services, Methodist Healthcare, and many more will be in attendance covering various career fields. A full list of employers will be released by Monday, April 23, 2018.

“This event is truly unifying the spirit of our community,” said CLIMB program director and founder, Amber Covington.  “We are proud to help bring solutions to the needs of local businesses as well as to our citizens.  And, by including the youth, we are helping to grow a strong workforce that will assist with Memphis and Shelby County future growth.”

C.L.I.M.B., a workforce, and economic development program; mission is to alleviate suffering, poverty, and oppression by helping build secure, productive, and just communities by promoting career and economic growth in 38109 and 38116. C.L.I.M.B. provides free services, resources, and tools to assist both job seekers and employers with the entire job search process, hiring and employment needs which include workshops on job searching, resume writing, and interviewing techniques.

Contact or 901-646-1342 for more inform

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Multicultural & International Career Expo – 3/19/18

multicultural expo 2018




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American Job Center – Hickory Hill Career Readiness Day 2/22/18

career day

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Winter Career Development Symposium 2/17/18

winter career joint heir

Joint Heirs With Christ

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Compose Yourself: Writing Workshops

compose yourself

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FAFSA completion events aim to help students as deadline looms

Source: FAFSA completion events aim to help students as deadline looms

The state deadline for Financial Aid to attend college for the 2017 to 2018 school year is January 17.

To help you in that process, there will be several FAFSA completion events around the city on Saturday, January 13, and Sunday, January 14.

You will need the following to fill out the FAFSA:

  • Social Security Number
  • Federal Income Tax returns, W-2s, and other records of money earned
  • Bank statements and records of investments (if applicable)
  • Records of untaxed income (if applicable)

FAFSA Assistance Day Events

Locations Dates & Times Phone Number
Bert Ferguson Community Center Jan. 13, 2018
Douglass Community Center Jan. 13, 2018
Gaston Community Center Jan. 13, 2018
Glenview Community Center Jan. 13, 2018
Hickory Hill Community Center Jan. 13, 2018
Hollywood Community Center Jan. 13, 2018
Katie Sexton Community Center Jan. 13, 2018
Orange Mound Community Center Jan. 13, 2018
Pine Hill Community Center Jan. 13, 2018
Riverview Community Center Jan. 13, 2018
Whitehaven Community Center Jan. 13, 2018
Junior League of Memphis
3475 Central Avenue, Memphis, TN 38111
Jan. 14, 2018






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“Why Can’t I Get a Job” Forum 12/11 @ Seedco

seedco forum

This event will allow people to come and ask ANY QUESTION they want and get real answers from real Human Resource Team Members from SheratonLockers MFGFEDEXLEDICServiceMaster, andMORE!!

They will also provide job tips, hiring secrets, and so much more This is your opportunity to ask any questions you want real answers to from HR professionals…


 Monday Dec.11, 2017 – 5100 Poplar Ave – 1stFloor Conference Room

 We have 2 times that you can attend.. do your best to dress business casual and no children will be allowed at this event

1st Session  – 10am to 12pm

2nd Session – 12pm to 2pm

We will have some representatives from Dress for Success to educate people the process to get FREE business attire for job interviews.  We will have giveaways and other promotions to motivate you to come out to get some GREAT INFORMATION.

Also for the first 40 people that attend the forum and download the MemphisWorks App ( will get PRIOR ACCESS to our City Wide Job Fair on 12/14/17 .

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Career Transition Group @ Temple Israel 12/3/17

ctg temple israel

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Career (Occupation) Trends for TN & US

Career (Occupation) Trends for Tennessee and the United States
Compiled by Daren Djirikian, former JobLINC Staff Member
November 2017

The first tab contains the State Profile for Tennessee. Every other tab is for the U.S.
The State Profile tab contains jobs based on education levels in Tennessee (overall, high school/equivalent, some high school, etc). Some categories have up to 50 jobs listed, while others have fewer.

Please Click Here to Access the Document

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Tennessee Correctional Services Resource Event – Nov. 22 & Nov. 29


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Questions to Ask People in Your Network

Family members, friends, and your associates are all people in your career network.  They can be valuable sources of information and advice when you are searching for work.  The Muse has put together several suggestions to ask career questions of the people in your network.

  1. Ask your networking contacts to introduce you to someone who works at a company at which you may want to work.  Having this company contact gives you a real-life person who may be willing to speak with you about your career interests and skills, and provides information about how the company matches with your interests and goals.
  2. “If you don’t have any particular person in mind that you’d like to meet, it can still be helpful to see if your professional contacts have ideas for others with whom you should connect. Tell them the types of people you’re hoping to meet, and there’s a solid chance they know at least one person who would be interesting for you to chat with.”
  3. Ask your contacts if they know about certain companies.  You could ask, for example, “… is there a certain company in your industry that is doing well but has a reputation for being a terrible place to work?”
  4. Ask your network for recommendations “for industry events and conferences”.  These events and conferences provide valuable opportunities to meet people who work in companies at which you would like to work.
  5. Ask people in your target companies for an informational interview.  They will be able to provide information about the company you cannot get anywhere else, and may also provide names of other people with whom you can speak or job leads.  Alternatively, you can ask people in your network to refer you to someone in those companies to have an informational interview with you.
  6. Ask your network to read over your resume and cover letter and make suggestions.  They can provide valuable suggestions for improvement.
  7. Ask any of your contacts to help prepare you for interviews by having them drill you on common interview questions.  Memphis Public Libraries have a wealth of interview books for this purpose that you can give to your contacts so they can quiz you on the questions in these books.
  8. If you are debating between multiple job offers, asking people in your network to look at the offers may “help you figure out which option to go with … or at least point out some different things for you to think about.”
  9. If you’re stuck in your job search, call on your network to provide a different way of looking at things or solving problems.
  10. If people in your network are in a career field in which you’re interested, ask them to tell you about their career path.  This information provides insight on how to get through difficulties.
  11. Asking your network if there was anything they would have done differently in their careers if they could do them all over again provides ways to “avoid certain pitfalls … [and] it can also give you things to consider that you might not have before.”
  12. Ask your contacts about reading recommendations in the field that interests you and with which they are familiar.  Reading sources can be “newsletters, websites, and magazines ….”  These resources help you stay on top of your field by keeping up with the latest skills, trends, and developments.
  13. Ask only reliable people in your network to serve as a reference for you.  This tip is especially helpful if you are out of work, but looking to get re-employed.  Frequently employers ask for references, so having a list of people who have agreed to be references is a strong asset.
  14. If you use LinkedIn, professional contacts on that site are able to “illustrate that they support the work you do without too big of a commitment.”  You can contact them on LinkedIn and ask if they will show their support for you on that website.
  15. Remember to ask your networking contacts if they need anything from you.  Don’t make networking “a one-way street” for you only.  “… look for ways that you can help them, too.  Regularly giving to others will ensure that they’re always happy to return the favor.”


Source: Herman, Lily. “21 questions you haven’t been asking your network (But really should).” Daily Muse, Inc., Accessed 14 November 2017.

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9 Job Search Strategies

  1.  Apply to jobs by making connections.  “Your goal should be to speak with someone before applying so that you can send your application directly to a person—not through an automated system that prompts you from an organization’s website….” –  Avery Blank
  2. Skills and personality are equally important.  “What they taught you at the college career center is true: You must be good at what you do and be able to showcase your credentials to an employer. But you need much more than that. If you really want to get ahead, you’ve got to know how to impact and influence people, navigate relationship dynamics, and add value far beyond what’s detailed in the job description.” – Melody Wilding
  3. Don’t stay at one company too long.  “… if you don’t have room to grow, don’t waste too many years in one place in one role; keep your eye on the market and don’t let better opportunities pass you by! Being nimble and jumping is often the name of the success game today.” – Annie Nogg
  4. Negotiate the job offer.  “When I started out, I was told to be grateful for my first job offer. I was instructed not to show disrespect by trying to negotiate. Boy, is that so off-base, particularly for women who face a wage gap. The gender wage gap costs a full-time working woman a lot of money over the course of her career, and it starts with her first job. Always negotiate on principle, especially if you’re a woman.” – Alexandra Dickinson
  5. Don’t apply to every job you see.  “Today, job seekers are much better off targeting specific brands or companies in a more strategic fashion and starting a conversation rather than blanketing the universe with resumes. It will payoff to have the right start to your career in the long run than throwing your hat in the ring for every opportunity that comes along.” – Kelly Poulson
  6. Don’t show up unannounced to meet the hiring manager.  “… showing up unannounced demonstrates a lack of respect for the hiring manager’s time, and puts the person on the spot, forcing them to engage in a conversation they may not be prepared for. It frankly also demonstrates a lack of understanding about modern office etiquette.” – Angela Smith
  7. Don’t always try to follow the straight and narrow.  “The way to your dream career is not always a straight path—what’s important is that you’re traveling in the right direction. In today’s market, you may not land the job of your dreams right away. Use creativity to find a role in an alternative field that’ll help you grow relevant skills and qualifications. It’s perfectly OK, maybe even common, to take a few random turns on the way to your ideal job.” – Ryan Kahn
  8. Send a specific resume for each job to which you apply.  “Gone are the days when you can rely on crafting one perfect resume. Think about it: Are you not a good fit for so many different jobs? Likely you are. And these positions all have different keywords in their job descriptions. So you must customize your resume, or create a new version to fit each job you’re applying for. Keyword optimization is a critical first step to avoid being shut down by an applicant tracking system, too.” – Theresa Merrill
  9. Network.  The odds of getting hired just by applying online are very small.  “What you want to focus on is building relationships with people who work at the company, used to work at the company, or are somehow affiliated with the company. You can do this [by] tapping your network (alumni, friends, family, associations, etc.) or using LinkedIn to identify key people. Remember, it’s not who you know, it’s who knows what you want.” – Antonio Neves


Source: Lastoe, Stacey. “9 popular job search tips you should definitely ignore.” Daily Muse, Inc., Accessed 14 November 2017.

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Apprenticeship Event Today



November 13, 2017      1 pm till 2:30 pm


Will be taking applications for electrical apprentices.


If you every wanted a high paying career but you have no skills and don’t have the money or time for the education, here is your chance to become an electrician. A career that will always be in demand with great benefits for your future.

If you have good math skills, driver’s license, drug free and a GED or High School Diploma, you may qualify for an exciting career as an electrician.

Divine Electrical apprenticeship program is designed to assist felons.

This program is available to men and women, veterans, and high school graduates

Come to:

A1 Electrical

1721 September, Memphis, TN 38116

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