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MPL Money Smart Week April 21-28, 2018

money smart 2018


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Teen Resume Workshop @ Pop White Library 4/28


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Take Back Your Life! Credit & Money Management Workshop 2/20/18

Take Back Your Life! Credit & Money Management Workshop
Presented by Operation Hope

Tuesday, February 20, 2018
5:30-7:30 PM

Benjamin L. Hooks Central Library
3030 Poplar Ave.-Room L-56
Memphis, TN 38111

Are you interested in budgeting, paying off debt, starting a savings plan, establishing or rebuilding your credit, but don’t know where to start? This is the workshop for you. Tracy Harmon, Financial Well-being Counselor with Operation Hope, will discuss these topics and more.

For more information, please call (901) 415-2734 or (901) 318-1264, or register online.

Take Back Your Life FEB 20 2018

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ServiceMaster Custodian Hiring Fair 2/21-2/22/18


Must Complete application online at

Apply online at

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Compose Yourself: Writing Workshops

compose yourself

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Small Business Programs at Central Library this Winter & Spring



Winter and Spring 2018

 Business and Sciences Department – Third Floor – 3030 Poplar Avenue

SCORE Seminars–First Floor, Meeting Room C—3030 Poplar Avenue


Programs are on Mondays and Thursdays at 6:00 pm

 January   4       Is the 8(a) Program Right for Your Small Business

                          United States Small Business Administration

 January 11        How to Start a Small Business

                          Tennessee Small Business Development Center

 January 18       Seven Steps to Grow Your Business Using Social Media


 February 1        What is a Hubzone                 

                          United States Small Business Administration

 February 5        Bookkeeping and Taxes with QuickBooks


 February 8        How to Start a Small Business

                          Tennessee Small Business Development Center


February 15      Enhance Your Capacity to Create Wealth



March 1             Understanding Government Contracting

                           United States Small Business Administration


March 5             ADP (Automated Data Processing) for Small Business



March 8             Developing a Winning Business Plan

                          Tennessee Small Business Development Center


March 15           Simple Steps: Starting Your Business



April 2               Simple Steps: Business Plan



April 5                How to Market Your Business to the Federal Government

                           United States Small Business Administration


April 12             How to Start a Small Business

                          Tennessee Small Business Development Center


April 19             Simple Steps: Finance




May 3                 How to Conduct Market Research for Federal Requirements

                           United States Small Business Administration


May 7                 Simple Steps: Sales and Marketing



May 10               How to Start a Small Business

                           Tennessee Small Business Development Center


May 17               Doing Business with the Government


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City of Memphis Job Openings

City of Memphis Job Opportunities:

  • Customer Service Administration Specialist-Parks & Neighborhoods
  • Grant Administration Specialist-Parks & Neighborhoods
  • Employee Development Coordinator-Human Resources
  • Engagement & Brand Coordinator-Human Resources
  •  Engagement & Brand Analyst-Human Resources
  • Senior Investment Analyst-Finance & Administration


  •  Library Delivery Clerk-Library

Please apply online at

For a complete description of positions, click here: COM_12132017 Job Postings

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Questions to Ask People in Your Network

Family members, friends, and your associates are all people in your career network.  They can be valuable sources of information and advice when you are searching for work.  The Muse has put together several suggestions to ask career questions of the people in your network.

  1. Ask your networking contacts to introduce you to someone who works at a company at which you may want to work.  Having this company contact gives you a real-life person who may be willing to speak with you about your career interests and skills, and provides information about how the company matches with your interests and goals.
  2. “If you don’t have any particular person in mind that you’d like to meet, it can still be helpful to see if your professional contacts have ideas for others with whom you should connect. Tell them the types of people you’re hoping to meet, and there’s a solid chance they know at least one person who would be interesting for you to chat with.”
  3. Ask your contacts if they know about certain companies.  You could ask, for example, “… is there a certain company in your industry that is doing well but has a reputation for being a terrible place to work?”
  4. Ask your network for recommendations “for industry events and conferences”.  These events and conferences provide valuable opportunities to meet people who work in companies at which you would like to work.
  5. Ask people in your target companies for an informational interview.  They will be able to provide information about the company you cannot get anywhere else, and may also provide names of other people with whom you can speak or job leads.  Alternatively, you can ask people in your network to refer you to someone in those companies to have an informational interview with you.
  6. Ask your network to read over your resume and cover letter and make suggestions.  They can provide valuable suggestions for improvement.
  7. Ask any of your contacts to help prepare you for interviews by having them drill you on common interview questions.  Memphis Public Libraries have a wealth of interview books for this purpose that you can give to your contacts so they can quiz you on the questions in these books.
  8. If you are debating between multiple job offers, asking people in your network to look at the offers may “help you figure out which option to go with … or at least point out some different things for you to think about.”
  9. If you’re stuck in your job search, call on your network to provide a different way of looking at things or solving problems.
  10. If people in your network are in a career field in which you’re interested, ask them to tell you about their career path.  This information provides insight on how to get through difficulties.
  11. Asking your network if there was anything they would have done differently in their careers if they could do them all over again provides ways to “avoid certain pitfalls … [and] it can also give you things to consider that you might not have before.”
  12. Ask your contacts about reading recommendations in the field that interests you and with which they are familiar.  Reading sources can be “newsletters, websites, and magazines ….”  These resources help you stay on top of your field by keeping up with the latest skills, trends, and developments.
  13. Ask only reliable people in your network to serve as a reference for you.  This tip is especially helpful if you are out of work, but looking to get re-employed.  Frequently employers ask for references, so having a list of people who have agreed to be references is a strong asset.
  14. If you use LinkedIn, professional contacts on that site are able to “illustrate that they support the work you do without too big of a commitment.”  You can contact them on LinkedIn and ask if they will show their support for you on that website.
  15. Remember to ask your networking contacts if they need anything from you.  Don’t make networking “a one-way street” for you only.  “… look for ways that you can help them, too.  Regularly giving to others will ensure that they’re always happy to return the favor.”


Source: Herman, Lily. “21 questions you haven’t been asking your network (But really should).” Daily Muse, Inc., Accessed 14 November 2017.

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Project H.O.M.E. Workshop November 14

Are you afraid of losing your home because you are delinquent on your property taxes?

Project H.O.M.E workshops provide free financial and budget counseling taught by qualified banking and consumer finance professionals. Attendees are provided a personal spending plan and learn the importance of budgets, establishing credit and understanding their credit score. A certificate of completion is provided. This workshop is open to ANY delinquent taxpayer that would like payment plan options for their County AND City property taxes.

This event facilitated by Bank On Memphis and the Shelby County Trustee’s Office will take place at the Benjamin L. Hooks Central Library at 3030 Poplar Avenue on Tuesday, November 14, 2017 from 6:00 – 8:00 PM in Meeting Room A. You may register online HERE.

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Raleigh Concerned Citizens Cleanup 10/28


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Take Back Your Life! Credit & Money Management Workshop October 24

Are you interested in budgeting, paying off debt, starting a savings plan, establishing or rebuilding your credit, but don’t know where to start? This is the workshop for you. Tracy Harmon, Counselor with Operation Hope, will discuss these topics and more.

This event is part of the Thinking Money: A Financial Expedition exhibit events. Thinking Money was developed by the American Library Association Public Programs Office in collaboration with the FINRA Investor Education Foundation, whose support made this exhibition possible.  Please visit our exhibit webpage at



5:30 – 7:00 PM
Classroom L-56

Benjamin L. Hooks Central Library
3030 Poplar Ave.
Memphis, TN 38111

For more information, call (901) 415-2734 or (901) 318-1264. You may also register online by using the link to the form below.

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Whitehaven Library offers Resume & Application Assistance on Mondays


For More Information: Call Whitehaven Branch Library @ 901-415-2781.

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Shelby County Child Support Services Job Fair October 6 at Central Library



Organizations scheduled to attend:

  1. Facilities Performance Group
  2. Memphis Police Department
  3. Adecco
  4. Memphis Light Gas & Water
  5. FedEx Express
  6. KPower
  7. JobLINC
  8. MAXIMUS Workforce Youth Program
  9. MAXIMUS Shelby County Child Support Services
  10. Durham School Bus Services
  11. Shelby County Government
  12. Provide Staffing
  13. FedEx Ground
  14. Staff Line

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City of Memphis Job Opportunities

Please apply online by going to:


Job Title: Treasury Tax Services Supervisor

  • Job Type: Civil Service 
  • Salary: $42,966.56 – $65,312.00 annually
  • Closing date: 10/9/2017 
  • Location:  Memphis, TN
  • Job number: 2017-00521

Works under the general supervision of the Treasurer.  Supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in resolving customer service inquires via phone, correspondence and walk-ins.  Prepares and directs preparation of all property tax refunds on the Tax System.  Computes amount of tax refunds manually or via Tax System including earned and prorated penalty and interest.  Executes all tax system errors and insolvencies adjustments.  Supervises supplemental tax adjustments.  Supervises and assists in disbursement and account reconciliation activities of related tax service or refund accounts.  Develops, implements, and coordinates operating systems to improve work procedures within all tax service and tax refund areas.  Develops and implements office policies and procedures.  Coordinates and supervises the computer and accounting applications relative to assessment changes and overpayment refunds.  Creates, maintains, and updates a manual relative to assessment changes and tax refund operations.  Supervises and provides electronic payment and Lock-Box processing system support and aids these operations as needed.  Coordinates miscellaneous and special tax collections, i.e., weeds, CBID, In-Lieu-of, Business Tax, etc., and other back office support functions as may arise.

Job Title: Traffic Signal Aide

  • Job Type: Civil Service  
  • Salary: $26,959.14 – $43,463.94 annually
  • Closing date: 10/9/2017
  • Location:  Memphis, TN
  • Job number: 2017-00483

Works under the supervision of an assigned supervisor in the Engineering Division to assist Signal Technicians in installing and repairing signal equipment:  Assists in installing signals, making electrical connections to units.  Performs routine maintenance and repairs on equipment.  Installs new bulbs and LED modules in traffic signals.  Digs holes, erects poles and wires lines to support traffic signals and related devices.  Disassembles, cleans, and reassembles lighting fixtures and equipment using hand tools.  Places warning signs, flags, or barriers at repair site.  Loads and unloads equipment, tools and supplies from truck.  Drives truck to and from various work sites.  Works from bucket and aerial platform trucks to perform daily tasks.  Maintains workshop in orderly condition. Performs locating duties for underground Traffic Signal/Fiber Optics wires/cables.

Job Title: Pipelayer

  • Job Type: Civil Service 
  • Salary: $26,692.12 annually
  • Closing date: 10/9/2017
  • Location:  Memphis, TN
  • Job number: 2017-00477

Works under the supervision of a maintenance foreman to perform skilled manual work in repair and maintenance which may include the City’s storm drain system and sanitary sewer system.  Installs pipe of various sizes and configurations. Makes tie-in to structure, outfall lines or interceptor lines. Applies cement or mortar to pipe to reconstruct pipe or seal cracks, sometimes from inside the underground pipe. Clears around pipe to make repairs. Signals equipment operators to facilitate alignment to remove pipe.  Arranges concrete bags to construct drainage facility walls.  Operates various types of trucks including tandem axle equipped with dump body, mower, and P.T.O sprayer, etc.  Transports and dumps various materials such as sand, crushed pavement, asphalt, and rocks.

Job Title: Recreation Program Manager  

  • Job Type: Civil Service 
  • Salary: $47,910.20 – $73,299.20 annually
  • Closing date: 10/9/2017
  • Location:  Memphis, TN
  • Job number: 2017-00529

Works under the general direction of the Director of the Parks and Neighborhoods Division or designee to manage, plan, develop, organize and schedule a broad range of general and special recreation programs and activities in assigned community centers. Manages new program activities, equipment and materials for staff. Studies and assesses national programs to identify opportunities to expand existing programs at the community centers. Monitors staff in the performance of assigned duties to ensure that programs are appropriately implemented.  Provides training, work direction, assignment of duties, evaluation of work performance, and discipline of assigned staff.  Prepares, processes, and approves payroll for assigned staff.  Processes and facilitates personnel transactions.  Establishes and maintains cooperative working relationships with public and media through travels to various neighborhood associations, businesses, etc.  Oversees condition of facilities and equipment, and reports condition to manager.  Maintains operating budget and prepares and submits budget proposals to Director.  Prepares various activity reports for  manager.  Studies recreational facilities and evaluates neighborhood recreational needs and programs by driving to community centers throughout the City, and develops recreational plans accordingly.

Job Title: Youth Services Coordinator 

  • Job Type: Civil Service 
  • Salary: $38,701.52 – $58,448.00 annually
  • Closing date: 10/9/2017
  • Location:  Memphis, TN
  • Job number: 2017-00517

Works under the general supervision of the MPLOY Youth Program Manager in planning and coordinating various youth services programs providing educational, informational, and advocacy opportunities to meet the needs of the City’s youth and facilitate transition from high school to post-secondary options.  Provides guidance and work assignments to part-time staff directly serving, organizing, and teaching youth across the City in activities such as resume writing, college testing preparation, financial literacy, etc.  Develops and maintains systems and processes to track and monitor the progress of program participants from application through evaluation/requirements steps and through completion of various stages of the program.  Ensures all program policies and procedures are followed including the receipt and maintenance of all necessary participant documentation.  Works effectively with community groups and organizations and City divisions and service centers to deliver youth services activities including college preparation and life-building skills.  Provides various administrative services to the Office of Youth Services addressing various payroll and financial issues.  Monitors and maintains data input into the accounts payables/payroll System. Ensures record keeping systems are current and updated on a regular basis.

Job Title: Library Agency Manager III

  • Job Type: Appointed 
  • Salary: $42,966.56 – $65,312.00 annually
  • Closing date: 10/9/2017
  • Location:  Memphis, TN
  • Job number: 2017-00487

Works under the direction of a Regional Manager to manage the operations and maintain the safety standards of a level III agency. Performs adult, young adult, and children’s readers’ advisory and reference services. Identifies barriers to library services, such as illiteracy, homelessness, poverty, etc., that might prohibit learning within a library setting and recommends educational tactics/programs to enable learning. Manages the overall productivity, policies, goals, and objectives of a library agency. Manages and directs the work of subordinate personnel. Develops and uses instruments and procedures, such as community needs analysis, community scanning, community mapping, etc., for assessing the needs of the community and the library agency’s effectiveness within the community. Conducts trainings for staff development, provides work direction and assignment of duties, evaluates work performance, and in consultation with the Regional Manager, administers discipline, and makes hiring, promotion, and discharge recommendations for library agency personnel. Coordinates the collection of books, audio-visual materials, and magazines, etc., with system-wide, regional, and library agency staff; manages the library agency’s budget. Communicates information from meetings and other sources to staff; composes various written materials, such as policies, memorandum, agency reports; Makes oral presentations pertaining to library services. Serves as a liaison between the library and community organizations, schools, government boards, and commissions. Serves as a leader, facilitator, and/or member of various library committees; develops operational and strategic plans on behalf of the library agency. Implements systems for gathering statistics. Monitors the physical condition of facilities and equipment for damages, security, and safety standards and submits reports of impairment and safety, if necessary.












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College & Career Day at Whitehaven Library September 27

Whitehaven Library, located at 4120 Millbranch Road, will host its 1st Annual College and Career Day on Wednesday, September 27, from 11am to 4pm!

The following organizations are scheduled to be there:

  • Air Force
  • Army
  • Christian Brothers University
  • Empire
  • LeMoyne-Owen College
  • Marines
  • Maximus
  • Memphis Fire Department
  • Memphis Police Department
  • Mobile Career Coach
  • National Coast Guard
  • Philander Smith
  • Rust College
  • Southwest Tennessee Community College
  • Tennessee College of Applied Technology
  • Union University
  • University of Arkansas at Fort Smith
  • University of Tennessee at Knoxville
  • Vanderbilt



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