Salary and Job Satisfaction Are Not Related

Dana Manciagli in The Memphis Business Journal writes that a study by Sokanu, “a career-discovery platform designed to help people find their ideal careers,” shows there is no correlation between salary and job satisfaction.  Other categories that play an important role in a person’s job satisfaction are, “[s]kill utilization, work environment, personality fit, interest, and overall fit.”

The data collected by Sokanu from their surveys of more than 35,000 people allowed Sokanu to create “a ranked list of nearly 300 careers with the highest and lowest levels of satisfaction.  The authors found that a higher salary did not correlate to job satisfaction.  “…careers that don’t necessarily promise wealth often end up making us happier.”

Here is the list of the 10 jobs with the highest “career satisfaction:

1. CEO
2. Film director
3. Author
4. Singer
5. Entrepreneur
6. Art director
7. Filmmaker
8. Career counsellor
9. Industrial designer
10. Musician

The common denominator between the careers that ranked highest seems to be creative expression and a high degree of control. By way of contrast, careers that ranked lowest were found primarily in service and clerical professions. Here is the list of 10 careers that ranked lowest (starting with lowest-ranked):

1. Janitor
2. Quality control inspector
3. House cleaner
4. Retail salesperson/ cashier
5. Delivery service driver/food delivery truck drive
6. Bank teller
7. Food server
8. Financial clerk
9. Shipping/receiving clerk
10. Barista”

What can be learned from this information?  As the president of Sokanu suggests, choosing a career means taking time to research many career paths, using many tools like the Internet and libraries to locate information.  Think about your career interests, but also think about other work factors such as “environment and personality fit.

“It’s important not just to research these differences, but to be honest with yourself about your personality strengths and weaknesses and the kind of environments you thrive in. The best career fit tends to come from a match of what interests you, what you are good at, and what the market needs.”

For more information and the list of “Satisfaction by Career”, see the entire article here


Source: Manciagli, D. (2017 January 17). Study shows there’s no correlation between salary and satisfaction. The Memphis Business Journal. Retrieved from

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Ways to Be More Visible On LinkedIn

If you’re using LinkedIn for your job search, there are two ways you can increase the chances of employers viewing your profile and hiring you.

An article by John Nemo in the Memphis Business Journal states that LinkedIn users can figure out which audiences they want to reach by targeting a few of those audiences.  Translation to job-seekers:  your audiences are employers.  Know what you have to offer in terms of skills, knowledge, and abilities, and then pursue some key employers who want those skills, knowledge, and abilities.

A second way to get noticed on LinkedIn, reports Nemo, is to “become … an expert on a certain type of service or product that appeals to clients in numerous industries.

A great example of how this can be done successfully is taking a look at high-level business coach and consultant John Hawkins.

Rather than targeting a few industries or audience types, he decided to dominate the “leadership” niche and appeal to a wide variety of audiences — from casinos to churches to companies and individuals — looking for leadership consulting and coaching.

“When you provide a service and you help people where they’re at, with what they need, versus what you think they need, all kinds of doors get opened and all kinds of people become interested,” Hawkins told me during a recent podcast conversation. “I’ve worked with casinos, auto manufacturers, schools, hospitals, churches and more.”

To see the full article, click here

Source: Nemo, J. (2017, January 17). 1 simple strategy to make you stand out on LinkedIn. The Memphis Business Journal. Retrieved from

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Dave & Buster’s to Come to Memphis Toward End of 2017

The Commercial Appeal reported that Dave & Buster’s, the restaurant and gaming place for adults, will open near the end of 2017.  The site of the building will be in the space formerly occupied by Sports Authority in “The Commons of Wolfcreek”.

For more information, see:  Bailey, T. (2017, January 13). Dave & Buster’s headed to city. The Commercial Appeal, 176(13), pp. 1A, 2A.

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New Restaurant Opening on Highland Street

According to the Memphis Business Journal, Newk’s Eatery will open a location at 431 S. Highland St.on Monday, January 23, 2017.

For more information, see the full article here


Source: Nichols, M. (2017, January 12). Opening announced for Highland Row restaurant. The Memphis Business Journal. Retrieved from


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Job and Career Readiness Conference 2/25/17

Registration is Open for the

The 2017 Job and Career Readiness Conference @

Gaston Park Community Center

1046 S. Third @ Walker · Memphis, TN 38106

Saturday, February 25, 2017  9 am – 3 pm

The conference is facilitated by the Gaston Park Library and the JobLINC Mobile Career Center. Meet and learn from employment recruiters and experts in the workforce development field. Call 415-2765 or 415-2769 to register


Printable Version: job-and-career-conference_gpk_jl_final

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Latino Memphis Hiring for Event Planning & Production Manager

LM Logo.png


Event Planning & Production Manager

Latino Memphis


“Memphis is not a melting pot, but rather a salsa. You can combine all kind of ingredients and these don’t lose their essence. The Bluff City is a story of diversity, flavor and celebration.”

Join the dynamic Latino Memphis team, a group of diverse individuals passionate about Memphis and devoted to connecting, collaborating, and advocating for Latino Memphians. The work of Latino Memphis is a collective approach that aims to create a vibrant Latino middle class in Memphis; a concept that will not only impact Latinos, but the entire community. Latino Memphis remains more committed than ever to raising the voice of Latinos in our region and working toward building a vibrant city.

●     The largest Latino-serving nonprofit in West Tennessee

●     Latino Memphis has become the go-to organization for issues impacting the Hispanic community in the Mid-South.

●     Latino Memphis has over thirty happenings unique to the organization including three large events, the Latino Memphis Festival, Congreso: The Latino Memphis Conference, and Day of the Dead Fiesta.



The Event Planning & Production Manager is responsible for assisting in the creation, development and implementation of special events & projects at Latino Memphis.

Reports to: Director of Marketing
Job Classification: Full-time

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

●      Assist in the coordination, planning and management of special events including but not limited to the Latino Memphis Festival, the multi-day Latino Memphis Conference, the Day of the Dead Fiesta, Turkey Tamales and 20 other happenings.

●      Develop a master project plan for each event that details event objectives, enforces and tracks resource requirements, event timelines, details regarding ticketing, schedules, staffing, talent, equipment needs, budget & event status

●      Own all logistics of each event, including but not limited to permits, transportation, vendor relationship, safety and risk management, talent management, volunteer management, on-site supervision/coordination, etc.

●      Ensure that permits, contracts, deposits, insurance coverage and all event-related documents are properly processed

●      Coordinate with other departments to ensure successful delivery of each event

●      Research and stay up-to-date on event trends

●      Solicit input from community leaders, partners, businesses and sponsors

●      Build and maintain strong relationships with event vendors

●      Work closely with the Director of Marketing and Director of Development to develop new events that generate revenue and awareness for Latino Memphis

●      Perform other duties as assigned by the Director of Marketing

Qualifications and Requirements

Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Hospitality, Entertainment, Marketing & Communications, or commensurate experience.

Experience: 3+ years’ experience producing and managing large events



●      Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English and ideally in Spanish

●      Able to connect with other local organizations and nonprofits to bring awareness about events and increase community engagement

●      Able to negotiate contracts and agreements

●      Excellent organization skills and experience with managing multiple priorities

●      Must be available to work some nights and weekends

●      Proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel, Google Docs, and Social Media Platforms

●      Able to thrive in a dynamic, fast-paced environment under tight deadlines

●      Able to work independently and as a team player

●      Excellent Problem analysis and problem solving skills

●      Strong consideration given to bilingual candidates (Spanish)

●      Share a passion and commitment to our mission and clients


Compensation: TBD, based on experience.
To apply: Email resume to by Friday, February 3, 2017.

Latino Memphis is an equal opportunity employer.

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Shelby County Government Jobs


Apply online by going to:

An online application must be submitted for all job openings in order to be considered for a position.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact Human Resources Employment at (901) 222-2327.

Job Title:  Accountant B
Job #: 17-15433
Department: Codes Enforcement
Job Status: Open
Open Until: 01/27/17

Job Title:  Appraiser
Job #: 17-15470
Department: Assessor
Job Status: Open
Open Until:  02/24/17

Job Title:  CHOICES Program Outreach Coordinator
Job #: 17-15377
Department:  Aging Commission
Job Status:  Grant
Open Until:  01/20/17

Job Title:  Clerical Specialist
Job #:  17-15410
Department:  Corrections
Job Status:  Open
Open Until:  01/20/17

Job Title:  Deputy Court Clerk
Job #:  17-15358
Department:  General Sessions
Job Status:  Open
Open Until:  01/20/17

Job Title:  Volunteer Coordinator
Job #:  17-15361
Department:  Juvenile Court
Job Status:  Open
Open Until:  01/20/17


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City of Memphis Job Openings


Apply online at

Works under the general supervision of the Manager – Operation of City Hall in the General Services Division.  Operates and maintains all heating and cooling equipment in city facilities which includes the repair and replacement of pumps, valves, motors and any other building equipment; maintains repairs on all HVAC equipment; makes maintenance and emergency calls; responsible for the smooth operation of the building and equipment.  Supervises night watchmen and janitorial personnel. Responds to emergency calls in the City Hall building. Acts as liaison between janitorial services and the building engineer. Maintains chemical system for water treatment. Monitors dry valve systems at other city facilities. Oversees the garage parking during off shifts or special events.

  • Assistant Treasurer – 1 opening
    • Memphis, TN
    • Civil Service – $68,061.86 – $100,391.25 annually
    • Category:  Administration

Works under the general direction of the Treasurer in the Finance Division: Manages the day to day operations of the tax office including Real Estate Tax, Personalty Tax, Hotel/Motel Tax, and Franchise Tax to ensure accurate and efficient billing, collections, and posting procedures.  Verifies all City financial deposits through the Treasury Department.  Supervises, assigns tasks, and reviews the work performance of the Taxpayer Services Supervisors and Treasury Analysts, and supports staff by providing direction and guidance for assigned activities, monitoring progress of assigned tasks, and compliance with City-wide and departmental policies, City Ordinances, and Tennessee State Code Annotated.  Responds to taxpayers via telephone, written communication or in person to resolve account concerns and to explain payment processing.  Interacts with delinquent collection attorneys and the Accounting department to reconcile accounts and to assist with maximum collection efforts.  Verifies and approves all vendor invoices for payment and balances external electronic tax payment deposits with bank and vendor’s deposit report.  Reviews and approves all refunds and periodically performs cash audits. Prepares and reviews financial reports.

  • Auto Mechanics Foreman – 2 openings
    • Memphis, TN
    • Civil Service – $53,660.36 – $82,638.40 annually
    • Category:  Management / Maintenance

Works under the general supervision of the assigned Fleet Administrator within the General Services Division. Directs and coordinates the activities of workers engaged in the daily operation of one of the City’s vehicle repair facilities. Supervises and coordinates all vehicle maintenance and preventive maintenance services. Prepares work orders and obtains necessary materials. Inspects completed repairs to ensure their conformity with accepted or established standards. Maintains material inventory and records transactions. Inputs data in computer, such as, parts inventory and employee records. Maintains shop operational budget and personnel productivity reports. Conducts operation and safety inspections by driving to various vehicle maintenance facilities across the City.

  • Concrete Worker – 3 openings
    • Memphis, TN
    • Civil Service – $26,692.12 – $35,391.72 annually
    • Category:  Maintenance

Works under the supervision of a maintenance foreman in the Public Works Division.  Performs semi-skilled manual work in assisting in the repair and maintenance of the city’s sanitary or storm sewer system. Mixes concrete or mortar by hand or a portable mixer.  Makes connections and minor repairs to ditches and other structures by applying concrete, mortar, or sealant to cracks, seams, and tie-ins when assigned. May assist in building various concrete structures, such as retaining walls and head walls.  May pour, work, and broom concrete if assigned. Utilizes hand and power tools to excavate, level, and condition soil. Utilizes air hammer to break out asphalt and concrete. Cleans drainage structures such as inlets and culverts using hand tools which include shovels, rakes, wheelbarrows, etc.  Lifts and carries materials, tools, and supplies, including loading and unloading trucks.  Removes and replaces inlet grates, rims, and manhole covers.

  • Diversity/Contract Analyst – 1 opening
    • Memphis, TN
    • Civil Service – $47,910.20 – $73,299.20 yr annually
    • Category:  Professional

Works under the direction of the assigned manager to promote diversity and compliance for all bid proposals and contracts for the division.  Works with the Office of Business Diversity & Compliance to identify diverse suppliers for increased participation.  Facilitates all aspects of the contracts process, including the procurement, administration, and contracting for goods or services for the division in accordance with City’s purchasing policies and procedures.  Prepares and distributes solicitations for Request for Proposals (RFP) and/or Request for Quotations (RFQ), contracts and related documents.  Reviews bid proposals and recommends approval or non-approval based on their compliance with bid specifications. Prepares change orders, amendments, extensions, encumbrances, and final payments in accordance with the budget, accounting procedures, and risk management insurance requirements. Monitors long-term contracts to assist with maximizing the most competitive pricing for the division.  Verifies fund availability in the financial system including encumbered line, service center, account, and contracts.  Conducts pre-qualification, re-bid, pre-award, and contract compliance review conferences with contractors. Assess all awarded contracts on an annual basis and prepares a compliance monitoring schedule.  Tracks and monitors contracts and projects for Minority and Woman Business Enterprise (MWBE) participation.  Reports information monthly regarding diversity programs to management as directed. Maintains, coordinates, and updates contracts scoring and ranking process, selection decisions and tracking system to ensure contract files are complete and fully documented.   Receives and responds to inquiries regarding contracting opportunities.   Develops timetables to ensure all work activities stay on projected implementation schedules.  Acts as the division liaison to ensure compliance with the city’s MWBE goals, strategies and standards. Conducts training for division’s staff members at various locations regarding MWBE opportunities, programs requirement, and related legal statutes.  Analyzes and prepares statistical and procurement–related documents of vendor spending for review, contract compliance, and evaluation of minority business participation.  Provides technical assistance and interprets contract provisions.  Closes out contracts in accordance with applicable policies and procedures.  Prepares and creates variety of reports and correspondences for management, vendor contact disputes, and other contact related issues and concerns.  May assist in supporting the division’s budget staff in managing contractual spending and preparing the annual budget.

  • Divisional Accountant – 1 opening
    • Memphis, TN
    • Civil Service – $38,701.52 – $58,448.00 annually
    • Category:  Professional

Works under the general supervision of assigned supervisors in maintaining, compiling, analyzing and preparing accounting documents for the Division. Verifies fund availability in the financial system, transactions from other systems and authorizations on accounting documents for sufficient funds and proper approval process. Monitors contracts for goods and services to ensure proper compliance with policies and procedures.  Prepares resolutions for allocation and appropriation of CIP funds for contracts and amendments, CIP budget preparation and updates.  Audits and/or prepares bid and contact sheets, check requests, journal entries, and inter/intra fund bills. Prepares billing request and other financial operation documents as needed . Prepare and process deposits with City Treasurer. Provides support and services as liaison to departmental and divisional personnel, other division and outside agencies regarding financial information, accounting policies and procedures. Creates, prepares and compiles correspondences, various reports, financial documents and spreadsheets utilizing various applications as needed. Compiles and analyzes financial information to maintain and monitor designated accounts.  Reconciles account discrepancies in accordance with accounting principles and Division guidelines. Communicates with service center staff to obtain or request information regarding accounting or budget activities.

  • Fire Hydrant Repairer – 2 openings
    • Memphis, TN
    • Civil Service – $48,367.80 – $51,031.76 annually
    • Category:  Maintenance

Works under the general supervision of the Manager of Apparatus Maintenance/Hydrant Repair to inspect, maintain, and repair fire hydrants. Conducts visual inspections to ensure all parts are intact, exterior is without damage, and paint is in good condition; checks working condition by testing water flow; maintains by lubricating fire hydrants and parts, replacing missing or damaged parts, and spray painting fire hydrants and parts; repairs by dismantling and removing fire hydrants from the ground, transporting fire hydrants to shop, repairing fire hydrants, and installing repaired or new fire hydrants; writes up work orders and daily report of transactions; prioritizes daily work schedule and provides timely response to emergency fire hydrant calls; performs inventory of parts in shop. Maintains and updates fire hydrant maintenance information and data, utilizing various computer software programs. Inspects, maintains, and repairs fire hydrants by driving to multiple locations daily.

  • HCD Program Analyst – 1 opening
    • Memphis, TN
    • Civil Service Grant – $38,701.52 – $58,448.00 annually
    • Category:  Professional

Works under the direction of assigned manager in evaluating and analyzing all components of operational processes and their results.  Researches, analyzes, and compiles program data to support monthly draws.  Prepares and collects all material required for monthly, quarterly, and annual meetings as necessary.  Prepares and provides presentation information for outreach and education of programs.  Prepares pre and post audit information packages and brochures for auditors.  Coordinates client outreach and application intake.  Gathers income information from applicants for eligibility and prepares approved list of eligible applicants with auditors.  Assists applicants with the completion of their application as necessary.  Maintains files of program clients and enters data into the appropriate database.  Prepares and coordinates approved list of contractors for bids.  Assists with bid notices and prepares final results of bids. Monitors the performance of contractors and addresses deficiencies in performance.  Drafts contracts and supplemental documents between the City, contractors, homeowners, and tenants/landlords.  Assists with monitoring budget expenditures and processing monthly reimbursement expenses.  Coordinates with external consultants and suppliers to perform tests on new technology and integrated systems.  Collaborates with the finance/budget department to produce and design a budget for business processes.  Analyzes all business and financial information and identifies methods to recoup cost and forecast expenditures.  Provides assistance to Program Manager and Finance department in monitoring monthly expenditures and preparing various reports.  Processes all requests for payments.  Travels to various properties throughout the City and conducts on-site visits to survey and verify data.  Conducts outreach activities at various locations.

  • HCD Program Manager – 1 opening
    • Memphis, TN
    • Civil Service Grant – $53,660.36 – $82,638.40 annually
    • Category:  Management

Works under the direction of assigned supervisor in managing the administration of assigned program and grants.  Designs and monitors all program activities.  Coordinates internal and external communication with auditors, contractors, and outside technical assistance consultants to ensure compliance with policy guidance and regulatory requirements.  Conducts meetings with collaborating departments and community organizations to discuss project requirements and scope of work.  Prepares, reviews, and submits progress plans, reports, project reviews and cost estimates to management using the appropriate format.  Obtains required permits to perform operations compliant with federal, state, and local laws, codes, and regulations.  Ensures program client data entry into the appropriate program database.  Ensures the proper management of federal grant awards.  Prepares grant applications by providing program information as necessary to meet requirements.  Oversees project processes, including securing approvals for contractors and auditors.  Confers with external consultants and contractors to provide direction and resolve problems.  Prepares all contracts for consulting and program activities according to project scope, period of perform, and budget.  Coordinates consultant training and certifications as necessary.  Reviews bids and makes award selection recommendations.  Negotiates consulting fees and reviews all pay requests for contractors and consultants.  Interviews, hires, trains, and supervises staff and assigns work activities.  Addresses personnel issues including staffing needs and estimations.  Manages all fiscal responsibilities in accordance with program policies, procedures, and requirements.  Conducts site visits to ensure quality of work and compliance with program, state, and local regulations by traveling to various locations throughout the City.  Attends conferences and trainings as required.

  • Maintenance Helper – 2 openings
    • Memphis, TN
    • Civil Service – $29,141.84 annually
    • Category:  Maintenance

Works under the general supervision of a General Foreman/Stationary Engineer.  Assists stationary engineers in the maintenance and repair of machinery and equipment used in and around a flood control pumping station, and in maintaining levee, reservoirs, flood wall, and stop log storage house.  Assists with assembling and disassembling equipment using various hand tools.  Furnishes Engineer with proper tools and parts.  Performs routine repairs and preventative maintenance as directed.  Performs welding to fabricate parts.  Cleans tools, parts, and work area with appropriate cleaning solvents. Drives equipment from work site to shop or to installation to be cleaned and for maintenance.  Maintains workshop in orderly condition

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Private Duty Caregiver / Personal Assistant Job

Private Duty caregiver/personal assistant needed for adult male. 

Part-time, 15-20 hours per week.

Applicant needs own transportation, valid driver’s license and vehicle insurance

Basic First Aid/CPR required

Call (901) 348-4507.

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Bartlett Church Looking for Custodian

A church in Bartlett, TN has a custodian job available.  If interested in the Custodian position, send your information to

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iHeartMedia Stations Hiring for Account Executive

Media – Journalism – Newspaper

Account Executive



Current employees and contingent workers click here to apply and search by the Job Posting Title.

iHeartMedia Stations 

Job Summary:

Identifies and develops new business opportunities; keeps and grows existing client relationships; offers solutions that help clients achieve their business goals; closes business; meets set sales targets. 


• Identifies and solicits new business through prospecting and cold calling; builds and maintains a full pipeline of sales prospects.

• Services and grows relationships in existing client base.

• Identifies client/agency needs and develops persuasive proposals to meet needs and opportunities.

• Delivers creative and effective sales presentations.

• Steers clients based on market, platform and station information.

• Maintains client communication and ensures client satisfaction.

• Monitors competition to continually find new account leads.

• Negotiates rates based on iHeartMedia’s budgets.

• Works collaboratively with internal partners to drive revenue.

• Ensures prompt payments.

• Follows all station procedures for preparing orders, resolving billing issues, submitting regular reports regarding sales, pipeline lists, forecasts and competitive analysis.

• Creates effective marketing campaigns in cooperation with iHeartMedia resources.

• Generates revenue and meets/exceeds established sales targets.


• Proficient in Microsoft Office suite and social networking platforms

• Adept at prospecting and using effective consultative selling principles and practices

• Strong client service relationship-building skills

• Ability to plan and organize, set priorities and multi task in a fast-paced environment

• Negotiation and closing proficiency

• Persuasive communication skills: verbal, written and presentation

• Independent; self-motivated; competitive; assertive

• Strong problem-solving and analytical skills

• Understanding of market dynamics including demographics

• Stress tolerance especially with tight deadlines and financial pressures

• Flexibility and creativity

• Professional appearance

• Strong interpersonal skills

Work Experience

• 1-2 years’ sales experience

• Experience in Media/Advertising Sales with proven success is preferable


• 4-year college degree, preferably in a related field


• None required



Memphis, TN: 2650 Thousand Oaks Boulevard, Suite 4100, 38118 

Position Type


The Company is an equal opportunity employer and will not tolerate discrimination in employment on the basis of race, color, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, religion, disability, ethnicity, national origin, marital status, protected veteran status, genetic information, or any other legally protected classification or status.


Our organization participates in E-Verify.  Click here to learn about E-Verify.


Current employees and contingent workers click here to apply and search by the Job Posting Title.

Vacancy Type:
Full Time
Date Posted:
Closing Date:
Memphis – 38118
Please click here to apply for this job.
This fax or email has been sent using the services provided by Broadcast1Source.

If you do not wish to receive future mailings, please click here to unsubscribe.

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Mark Your Calendars for Baby-Palooza March 17 at Central Library


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by | January 12, 2017 · 8:59 AM

MLGW Hiring Manager in Procurement and Contracts


Apply online by going to

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MLGW Hiring Drafter


Apply online by going to

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Student Trainee – U.S. Attorneys Office-Western District

The Western District of Tennessee has an opening for a Student Trainee  (GS-0399-02). Please see the link below for more information.

USAJOBS – Job Announcement

Student Trainee (Clerical)

Executive Office for U.S. Attorneys and the Office of the U.S. Attorneys

Salary Range  vacancy in the following locations:

  • Jackson, TN
  • Memphis, TN
Work Schedule is Part Time 30 hours – Internships NTE 1 Year

Opened Monday 1/9/2017 (2 day(s) ago)

Closes Friday 1/13/2017 (2 day(s) away)

  • $11.48 to $11.48 / Per Hour
  • Series & Grade – GS-0399-02/02
  • Promotion Potential – 02
  • Supervisory Status – No
  • Who May Apply – Student/Internship Program Eligibles
  • Control Number – 461760200
  • Job Announcement Number – 17-TNW-1861913-PP

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