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Disability Pathfinder Job Posting – Nashville, TN

Tennessee Disability Pathfinder

Vanderbilt Kennedy Center

Nashville, TN


Name/Position: Activities Coordinator/Information & Referral Services Coordinator

The Activities Coordinator for Disability Pathfinder will be the primary information specialist for individuals contacting Pathfinder for information about disability-related services available in the state ofTennessee.

 Work Skills

  1. Primary person in charge of answering calls on HELPline. Responsibilities include assess, clarify and determine the needs of each caller. Information gathered will be used to identify appropriate resources and referrals in communities acrossTennessee. Must be able to think creatively when identifying community services and supports needed.
  2. Answers
    incoming calls to Pathfinder office
  3. Checks Pathfinder voice mailboxes- general, survey(s)- and ensures return of calls within 24 hours
  4. Checks Pathfinder e-mail account and responds to incoming messages
  5. Assess needs of each caller and identify a referral plan of action.
  6. Refer caller to community services and programs needed.
  7. Write up assessment summary and plan for each caller in Call Sheet records
  1. Supervisor of call center operations on a daily basis
  2. Ensures phone coverage- answering and/or securing backup for HELPline
  3. Supervises and assists with training student(s) answering Information & Referral calls
  4. Is a community resource for staff seeking specific information
  5. Responsible for follow-up survey activities as part of program evaluation:
    1.                                           i.    Request monthly call sheet report from VKC tech department
    2.                                          ii.    Training student/volunteer to do follow-up survey of callers to determine Pathfinder usefulness and gather demographic information needed by VKC.

3.   Organizational responsibilities in the office include:

    1. Assist with research on disability topics identified as needed and  write reports to be distributed
    2. Assist with research and identification of new community services  to be added to database
    3. Assist resource coordinator with database management
    4. Assist with training of Next Step student and other college students.

4.  Participate in selective community meetings to network and identify community resources.

  1. Write PATHFINDER NEWS section each quarter and possible articles for Breaking Ground magazine as needed.
    1. Responsible for managing all activities associated with Breaking Ground contract:
      1.                                            i.    Add and Delete mail recipients on the KC Database.
      2.                                           ii.    Ensure the data file of recipients is sent to the printer for each issue of Breaking Ground
      3.                                          iii.    Maintaining the new Breaking Ground website.
      4.                                          iv.    Coordinate and mail out Braille copies of Breaking Ground
      5.                                           v.    Training volunteers and students that assist with maintaining BG database
  1. Work collaboratively with staff inFamilyOutreachCenterand in otherVanderbiltKennedyCenterprograms.

Requirements: B.S. degree in Social Work (or counseling) with 3 years working experience with consumers and family members who have disabilities. In the office setting supervisory experience is needed along with staff training. Need to have a working knowledge of community resources and disability services available inTennessee for children and adults with disabilities as well as knowledge of government systems such as TennCare, Social Security Disability, Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Strong writing skills necessary and must be proficient in computer skills including Microsoft Access, Excel, Word, and Powerpoint.


Forward resumes to

Carole Moore-Slater, MS

Director, Tennessee Disability Pathfinder


April 2012


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