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Job Openings With West Memphis National Guard

Dozens of Job Openings With West Memphis National Guard.


Reported by: RandyWimbley

Email: RWimbley@abc24.com

Published: 5:28 pm

Updated: 6:43 pm

WEST MEMPHIS, AR (abc24.com) – Need a job? Uncle Sam can

help. The Army National Guard is recruiting for hundreds of

openings. Many are right here in the Mid-South.

From tuition assistance to low cost health insurance, there are

several benefits that come along with the dozens of job openings

with the National Guard in West Memphis. But there are strings

attached. Or more fittingly, one really long one.

“It’s very important with the economy we’re in today to have a steady

job to know that you’ve got a paycheck coming in,” Staff Sergeant

Charlie Williams said.

With a nearly nine percent unemployment rate, the Mid-South knows

that all too well.

The 1123rd Transportation Company in West Memphis is looking for cooks, mechanics and truck drivers.

“Here there are over 50 slots available so it’s a great opportunity to grow, great opportunity to serve your community and be part of

something that’s better than yourself,” Williams said.

The Arkansas National Guard offers to help pay tuition or repay loans for college students and graduates. Those who haven’t

made it that far are still encouraged to apply.

“We have had somebody that actually got their bachelors degree and graduated with their master’s and that’s in the Army

National Guard and this person only started off with no GED coming into the military,” said Sergeant First Class Shonnon Sims.

All the jobs require eight weeks of basic training in boot camp. After that guard members work just 39 days a year plus


“If you like physical activities, you like to challenge yourself, we want you,” Williams said.

Guard members are paid for training and can also get bonuses while on the job. They have to commit to a six year enlistment

plus two years of inactive service.

“We like to always say we’re trying to save the world one enlistment at a time,” Sims said.

“If you’re 17 years of age up to 35 years of age we’d love to talk to you,” Williams said.

For more information call (870) 735-6920.


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