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Openings @ Madden Phillips Construction

Madden Phillips Construction

  • Heavy Equipment Operator – Must have 3-5 years Heavy Construction experience – Operating Trackhoe, Backhoe, with experience around overhead electric lines, working around underground utilities, and loading dump trucks.
  • Pipe Foreman – Employee must have 3-5 years experience installing sewer/drainage/water pipes. Must have experience supervising 3-6 employees.  Operating equipment a plus.  
  • Pipe Laborer – Employee must have some working knowledge of installation of sewer/drainage/water pipes.  Concrete experience preferred.
Work Hours are Monday - Friday 7AM - 5-6 PM occasional Saturday.  Weather/work load will designate exact work times.
Pay is based on experience. 

Applications Accepted M-F 9 AM - 11 AM and 1 PM - 4 PM.
Resumes/Qualifications may be emailed to MPC@MADDENPHILLIPS.COM
Madden Phillips Construction is an Equal Opportunity Employer.  
Minorities and Females are encouraged to apply.   
Madden Phillips uses the government program E-Verify to confirm eligibility after an employee is hired.   
All employees must  pass these requirements in order to continue their employment with Madden Phillips Construction.  

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AdKore Staffing Group is looking for Heavy Equipment Mechanic

AdKore Staffing Group has an immediate need for a HEAVY EQUIPMENT MECHANIC.
This position is with a client who is contracted with the railroad nationally and involves repairing Gantry cranes, side loaders, heavy forklifts, and diesel yard hostler trucks. This is a fulltime, permanent, secure opportunity with a solid company that provides EXCELLENT wages and benefits.

-Qualified candidates should have a minimum of 5 yrs experience working on Cranes, heavy forklifts and/or heavy construction equipment.
-Electric and Hydraulic troubleshooting experience required.
-PLC experience preferred
-Strong troubleshooting skills on electric controls and drive issues
-Candidates cannot be afraid of heights.
-Must possess your own tools.
-All candidates must be able to pass a federal background check and have a valid driver’s license and clean driving record
-Must have a whatever it takes attitude.
-Hours are Monday through Friday days, on call, possibly some weekends and overtime.

Please call 423-468-3003 and reference “heavy equipment mechanic” – ask for Fred Hawkins or reply to this ad with your resume. This position needs to be filled ASAP.

Location: Memphis

Compensation: $25 – 30 p/hr

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City of Memphis Job Listings


CITY OF MEMPHIS                                     JANUARY18, 2012-JANUARY 27, 2012


For a complete listing of job openings please visit web site at





POSITIONCONCRETE FINISHER(1 Opening) Annual Salary: $57,197.14; Bi-weekly: $2,199.89

                       General Services/Property Maintenance;   J.O. #12-005


ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS:  Works under the supervision of an assigned supervisor in the General Services Division.  Responsible for pouring and finishing various types of concrete, including but not limited to setting and tying reinforcing steel, establishing grades, setting wood and metal forms, operating various types of equipment. Estimates labor and material costs, determines types and quantities of supplies/materials needed for the construction, rehabilitation, and maintenance of various concrete structures such as aprons, slabs, driveways, curbs, gutters, ramps, manholes, catch basins, footings, foundations, walls, etc. Maintains accurate records and provides reports on all construction and maintenance activities. Directs small crews. Utilizes specialized tools and equipment related to concrete rehabilitation, installation, and finishing; uses pneumatic tools to break out asphalt and concrete. Interprets blue prints and engineering drawings. Drives vehicles to work site and transports materials, supplies, and equipment. Performs routine checks on equipment and vehicles. Uses mobile radio to communicate with coworkers, supervisors, and dispatcher. Removes and replaces inlet grates, rims, and manhole covers.

POSITIONENGINEER DESIGNER-A(1 Opening) Annual Salary: $44,796.54 – $71,864.00; Bi-weekly:

                      $1,722.94 – $2,764.00;   Public Works-Stiles/North Plant   J.O. #12-006


ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS: Works under the supervision of an Environmental Engineer and is responsible for performing basic engineering review and design responsibilities. Conducts inspections to maintain compliance with local, state and federal regulation by monitoring the discharge into the sewer system by industrial users, waste haulers and food establishments. Collects and inputs basic data into the computer system in order to maintain records and retrieve data to compile engineering design reports. Provides assistance in the preparation of Discharge Agreements with Industries and issues notices of violation to industrial users, food establishment and waste haulers for non-compliance of established regulations. Reviews, interprets and maintains documents and files on current regulations concerning federal pretreatment requirements and remains informed on updated regulations. Performs field work and inspections of the collection system at industrial locations, wastewater treatment plants, rivers, lakes etc. Travels and operates a standard vehicle or truck daily to various works sites within the City of Memphis, Shelby and northern Mississippi counties. Reviews data and sewer plans to locate and recommend actions to be taken to correct problems in the sewer system that may cause overflows and problems that may be detrimental to the treatment plants.


POSITION: HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATOR          – (1 Opening) Annual Salary: $55,532.36; Bi-weekly:

                      $2,135.86;      Public Works/Heavy Equipment    J.O. #12-007


ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS:  Works under the general supervision of an assigned supervisor in the Public Works Division.  Performs heavy construction work including major earth work, bridge repair, sewer and drain construction and repair:  Operates all types of heavy equipment, including but not limited to crawler tractor, loader, hydraulic excavator and dragline, with a high degree of skill and proficiency; engages and disengages attachments to equipment using construction tools; moves construction materials from path of equipment; daily inspects equipment and performs routine maintenance such as, lubricating, fueling and cleaning equipment.


POSITIONPAINTER (1 Opening) Annual Salary: $57,197.14; Bi-weekly: $2,199.89; General Services

                       Property Maintenance    J.O. #12-009 


ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS: Works under the general supervision of an assigned supervisor in General Services.  Paints parts, equipment, interior and exterior of buildings, parking lots, playing fields, etc. Cleans and prepares surface for painting by smoothing surface and removing old paint using paint remover, scraper, sand blasters, etc. Requires ability to apply primer, various types of paint, varnish, glaze, etc., using brush, spray gun, roller, airless sprayer, etc. Fills in cavities and dents; muds, tapes, sands sheet rock and various types of other material. Selects matches and mixes coating liquid to produce desired color, cleans painting equipment and brushes with appropriate cleaning solvents and by proper method. Maintains accurate records and reports on construction/maintenance and repairs, estimates labor and material costs, determines types and quantity of materials to be used in repair, construction and maintenance of City facilities, materials and equipment. Drives truck to haul materials and equipment, performs routine check of truck equipment, checks fluids, and fuels truck. Uses mobile radio to communicate with supervisor and other workers.

POSITIONSR ACCOUNTS PAYABLE TECHNICIAN(1 Opening) Annual Salary: $29,778.40 –

                       $46,508.80; Bi-weekly: $1,145.32 – $1,788.80   Finance/Accounts Payable   J.O. #12-010


ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS:  Works under the general supervision of the Accounts Payable Supervisor.  Assists with training and directing daily activities of the Accounts Payable Technicians; monitors and reviews contracts and payments for proper documentation and authorization; processes City financial obligations; reviews and prepares data for Accounts Payable Technicians to process; verifies available funds in the financial system including encumbered line, service center, account and contract balance; works with various divisions to assist in resolving contract, purchase orders and check request discrepancies; assists Purchasing Department in monitoring and tracking new contracts and changes to existing contracts; processes retainage payments based on established policy and contract; posts payment amounts to the Retainage Control Record, and releases retainage payments based on pre-final or final contract payment; converts retainage to certificate of deposit or escrow accounts, forwards appropriate information to the bank and reconciles quarterly the account balance with Accounting Department and bank; maintains vendor information and research discrepancies; establishes and makes requested changes to petty cash accounts; audits travel expense reports to ensure compliance with the City of Memphis’ Travel Policy; posts travel journal entries; distributes American Express card applications to authorized employees and maintains record of accounts and card numbers; reconciles American Express statements monthly and prepares the check request for payment; performs monthly field audits and reconciliation of petty cash funds; processes authorized journal entries relating to Accounts Payable; prepares various reports and spreadsheets.


               POSITIONSUPERVISING AUDITOR(1 Opening) Annual Salary: $50,172.93 – $81,016.00; Bi-weekly:

                      $1,929.73 – $3,116.00;   Executive/Internal Audit   J.O. #12-011


ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS: Works under the direction of the City Auditor to perform advanced professional auditing activities in accordance with established auditing standards and principles to plan, develop, administer, and report results of major financial, operational, and information systems auditing projects. Assists the City Auditor with managing the overall daily operations (administration, budgeting, training and development, etc.) Performs all preliminary planning activities that will become the annual audit plan. Gathers and analyzes various records, data, and other documentation, interviews audit-related personnel, conducts surveys, and determines compliance with established policies and procedures and legal requirements, and prepares reports and/or presentations to communicate findings. Performs quality assurances activity for each audit engagement. Assists with City-wide risk assessment. Coordinates and provides leadership to staff in performing audit assignments, preliminary fieldwork, audit programs, and exit conferences. Supervises the work of the Internal Auditors, which includes assigning and reviewing the work for professional judgment, compliance with instructions, overall quality and providing constructive feedback. Conducts performance evaluations. Coaches and mentors Internal Auditors; as well as, administers disciplinary action. Gathers information from and provides feedback to Division Directors and/or management regarding auditing needs or the status of audits being conducted.  Coordinates with external auditors in conducting financial audits and provides information and/or responses to questions. Serves intermittently in the absence of the city auditor.

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City of Memphis Job Openings


CITY OF MEMPHIS                                     JANUARY 11, 2012 –  JANUARY 23, 2012


For a complete listing of job openings please visit web site at http://www.memphistn.gov




POSITION: HEAVY EQUIPMENT SUPERVISOR(1 Opening) Annual Salary: $50,172.93 – $81,016.00

                      Bi-weekly: $1,929.73 – $3,116.00;    Public Works/Heavy Equipment    J.O. #12-001

ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS:  Works under the general supervision of an assigned supervisor.  Directs and coordinates work of subordinate personnel responsible for the maintenance and operation of all types of heavy equipment used in various City construction/maintenance projects or emergency response situations:  Reviews and prioritizes work request received from various City departments; determines equipment to be used and manpower needed by reviewing work request, construction plans, blue prints, and surveys; schedules work crews and coordinates work activities with supervisors of inter-related activities within other departments or agencies; inspects work site to evaluate work activities and work requirements; insures that government regulations are adhered to in applicable work situations such as disposal of hazardous materials; prepares budget estimates and monitors daily expenditures; prepares reports for supervisor; evaluates worker performance and recommends or initiates personnel actions; processes or attempts to resolve employee grievances according to union contract procedures; and supervises clerical personnel in payroll, bookkeeping, record keeping, and dispatching activities.


1. Performs additional functions (essential or otherwise) which may be assigned from time to time.

TYPICAL PHYSICAL DEMANDS:  Requires ability to inspect work area which may involve walking on uneven surfaces, across ditches, and river bank areas Requires ability to communicate with staff, management, other City department supervisors, and public.  Requires ability to operate automobile.

TYPICAL WORKING CONDITIONS:  Majority of work is performed outdoors to periodically inspect work activities and to respond to problem situations.

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS:  High school graduate and six (6) years experience in heavy construction including infrastructure construction and  maintenance with three (3) of the six years in a supervisory capacity; or any combination of training and experience which enables one to perform the essential job functions. Must possess a valid Tennessee Driver’s License.  (PROOF OF DRIVER’S LICENSE REQUIRED)


POSITIONPARKING ENFORCEMENT TECH (1 Opening) Annual Salary: $22,318.40 – $32,364.80;

                      Bi-weekly: $858.40 – $1,244.80;   Engineering/Traffic   J.O. #12-002


ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS:   Works under the general direction of an assigned supervisor to enforce City parking ordinances. Travels within the city limits, including driving a vehicle, to enforce parking violations such as overtime parking, parking meters, loading zones, parking restrictions, etc. on public streets and alleys, through the issuance of hand written or electronically generated citations or applying a “boot” to the wheels of the car. Provides information regarding parking violations/citations or directs individuals to alternative sources of information regarding parking regulations and resolution of related fines. Interacts with business owners, couriers, construction contractors, service providers, and materials delivery truckers regarding City parking regulations.  Ensures proper permits are displayed in vehicles parked on the Main Street Mall. Logs and maintains required records, including parking tickets and parking enforcement activities on a daily basis. Investigates and answers complaints regarding contested parking citations. Identifies and reports vehicles to be towed and impounded due to parking violations or outstanding traffic violations. Notifies Traffic Engineering regarding damaged, missing, and needed parking signs, street markings, parking lines, parking meters, and traffic signals. Observes and reports hazardous conditions posing danger to the public, vehicles, and property. Works under the direction of Police Services or Traffic Engineering to provide targeted parking enforcement. Identifies streets, buildings, and points of interests. Assists citizens with directions, addresses, and other information, as needed. Tests handheld parking enforcement devices by entering and retrieving information pertaining to vehicle registration and status regarding unpaid parking tickets and reports findings.



1.  Assists with parking meter collections, as necessary.

2.  Performs additional functions (essential or otherwise) which may be assigned.


TYPICAL PHYSICAL DEMANDS: Must be able to communicate clearly both verbally and in writing. Requires the ability to operate handheld electronic device and the ability to prepare handwritten citations. Requires the ability to operate radio and/or cell telephone. Must be able to operate an automobile. Must be able to traverse public streets, sidewalks, and alleys to various locations throughout the City and patrol for the duration of the day. Must be able to transport, lift, and apply a “boot” weighing up to 30 pounds to the wheel of vehicles.


TYPICAL WORKING CONDITIONS:  Work is performed outdoors along city streets in urban areas exposed to dust, fumes, heat, and inclement weather. Involves contact with general public, some of which may be irate. Work schedule may involve evenings and weekends.


MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS:   High school education or equivalent and one (1) year customer service or other work-related experience; or any combination of experience and training which enables one to perform the essential job functions. Must possess a valid driver’s license.  (PROOF OF DRIVER’S LICENSE REQUIRED)



POSITIONSR CRIME ANALYST(4 Openings) Annual Salary: $36,186.41 – $57,283.20; Bi-weekly:


                       $1,391.79 – $2,203.20;    Police/RTCC     J.O. #12-003


ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS: Works under the supervision of the Crime Analysis Supervisor to perform advanced functions in collecting, collating, analyzing and disseminating data relevant to actual and anticipated criminal activity. Supports police activities by providing highly detailed analytical information to Police Officers, Investigators, Administration and Command Staff in order to provide decision-supporting intelligence, which improves awareness and judgment. Contributes to intervention efforts, as well as supporting the investigative functions of Police Services by identifying and analyzing emergent crime patterns, trends, and series. Identifies, measures, forecasts, and recommends long-term public safety methods and related activities for the purpose of contributing to problem solving and reduction efforts. Provides information and analysis on police resources and actions and their consequences, including manpower, resource allocation, and potential focus areas. Researches, compiles, and interprets statistical data from a variety of sources including offense and arrest reports, census reports, etc. Participates in the development and maintenance of crime analysis programs including frequency, geographic factors, victims, targets, suspect descriptors, chronological information, suspect vehicle descriptions, modus operandi factors, and physical evidence information. Utilizes computer databases, quantitative and qualitative methodology, electronic spreadsheets, desktop publishing, word processing, and statistical applications such as SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences) and GIS (Geographic Information Systems) to manipulate, analyze and present data. Develops and maintains a working relationship with external law enforcement agencies, governmental agencies, and communities. Travels occasionally to police precincts and various locations for briefings.


1. Performs additional functions (essential or otherwise) which may be assigned.


Must be able to communicate both clearly verbally and in writing. Requires the ability to operate general office equipment such as a computer and telephone.

TYPICAL WORKING CONDITIONS:  Work is performed in an office environment and involves contact with staff and Police personnel



POSITIONMECHANIC HELPER(3 Openings) Annual Salary: $36,240.10 – $42,385.98 – Bi-weekly:


                       $1,393.85 – $1,630.23;   General Services/Fleet Management      J.O. #12-004

ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS:  Works under the supervision of an assigned supervisor in the Fleet Management Service Center.  Responsible for preventive maintenance inspections, repairs and lubrications on City owned vehicles.  Changes oil filters; lubricates wear points; replaces minor components; checks fluid levels; inspects various components and systems for safety, premature wear and other deficiencies; maintains vehicle related reports; performs tire repairs; changes tires.


1. Performs additional functions (essential or otherwise) which may be assigned.

TYPICAL PHYSICAL DEMANDSRequires the use of equipment, such as hand tools and power tools.  Requires lifting (approx. 50 lbs), stooping, bending, and reaching.  Involves contact with staff and City employees.

TYPICAL WORKING CONDITIONS: Work is performed in an automotive shop environment; exposed to noise, dust, grease, and fumes.  May be exposed to various weather conditions.

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: Ability to read, write and understand written instructions; knowledge of techniques involved in use of small tools and understanding of basic principles of mechanical trade; six (6) months automotive maintenance experience, or any combination of experience or training which enables one to perform the essential job functions.  Must possess a valid Class “B” Tennessee Commercial Driver’s License or obtain within six (6) months of employment as a condition of continued employment.  Must comply with Federal Department of Transportation (DOT) Alcohol and Drug Testing rules.


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